Big Ten Medal Of Honor

The Big Ten Conference endowed a Medal of Honor in 1914 to be awarded annually at each university to the student-athlete demonstrating the greatest proficiency in scholarship and athletics. Beginning in 1982, the award went coed as each school named a male and female student-athlete.

YearAthlete (sport)
1915Harry Routh (football)
1916Paul Walter (football, basketball, baseball)
1917Melvin Proud (football)
1918Herb Hart (football)
1919Bob Markley (football, basketball, baseball)
1920Paul Church (football, basketball)
1921Cecil Cooley (football)
1922Cliff Furnas (cross country, track & field)
1923Bill Swank (football)
1924Ed Dye (football, wrestling)
1925Fred Wellman (football, basketball)
1926Don Cunningham (football, track & field)
1927Jim Little (cross country, track & field)
1928Harry Kemmer (basketball, baseball)
1929Clyde Lyle (basketball, baseball)
1930Elmer Sleight (football)
1931George Van Bibbler (football, baseball)
1932John Wooden (basketball)
1933Roy Horstmann (football)
1934Dutch Fehring (football, basketball, baseball)
1935Carl Heldt (football)
1936Bob Kessler (basketball)
1937Glynn Downey (basketball)
1938Marty Schreyer (football)
1939Joe Mihal (football)
1940Dick Potter (football)
1941Bill Neff (football)
1942Paul Anthony (track)
1943Allen Menke (basketball)
1944No award
1945Joseph Collings (football)
1946Tom Hughes (football, baseball)
1947Merwyn Anderson (basketball, baseball)
1948Hank Stram (football)
1949Keith Carter (swimming)
1950Norbert Adams (football, baseball)
1951Neil Schmidt (football, basketball)
1952John Durham (football)
1953Walt Viellieu (football, wrestling)
1954Gene Mathews (track)
1955Dennis Blind (basketball, baseball)
1956Joe Sexson (basketball, baseball)
1957Joe Campbell (basketball, golf)
1958Royce Stroud (baseball)
1959Walt Eversman (swimming)
1960John Konsek (golf)
1961Bob Orrill (basketball)
1962John Vogel (swimming)
1963Ron Meyer (football)
1964Mel Garland (basketball, baseball)
1965Bill Howard (football)
1966Dave Schellhase (basketball)
1967Bob Griese (football)
1968Jim Beirne (football)
1969Chuck Kyle (football)
1970Mike Phipps (football)
1971George Faerber (basketball)
1972Bob Ford (basketball)
1973Jamie Pratt (baseball)
1974Jeff Bolin (track & field)
1975Larry Burton (football, track & field)
1976Ken Novak (football)
1977Bruce Parkinson (basketball)
1978Noel Ruebel (track & field)
1979Joe Menzyk (track & field)
1980Ken Loushin (football)
1981Brian Walker (basketball)
1982Anne McMenany (volleyball)
 Tim Seneff (football)
1983Jane Neff (volleyball)
 Jack Farson (cross country, track & field)
1984Jan Hoosline (volleyball)
 Adam Abele (tennis)
1985Annette Bauer (volleyball)
 Steve Reid (basketball)
1986Cheryl Flowers (volleyball)
 Jim Everett (football)
1987Karen Moschetto (field hockey)
 Kevin Gregory (tennis)
1988Sharon Versyp (basketball)
 Bob Stolz (cross country, track & field)
1989Barb Meeker (volleyball)
 John Stein (cross country, track & field)
1990Lori Overturf (cross country, track & field)
 Stephen Scheffler (basketball)
1991Joy Holmes (basketball)
 Dave Barrett (basketball, baseball)
1992MaChelle Joseph (basketball)
 Craig Riley (basketball)
1993Heidi Reynolds (swimming)
 Brian Daly (swimming)
1994Kim Fritsch (swimming)
 Ron Gabrisko (baseball)
1995Katy Koonz (track & field)
 Cindy Lamping (basketball)
 Jon Pergande (track & field)
1996Corissa Yasen (track & field)
 Chris Kessick (baseball)
1997Jannon Roland (basketball)
 Matt Brown (swimming)
1998Marisa Watts (swimming)
 Chad Austin (basketball)
1999Stephanie White (basketball)
 Vilmos Kovacs (swimming)
2000Carri Long (track & field)
 Brian Cardinal (basketball)
2001Camille Cooper (basketball)
 Drew Brees (football)
2002Kelly Komara (basketball)
 Travis Dorsch (football)
2003Lindsay Lange (swimming)
 Gene Mruczkowski (football)
2004Shereka Wright (basketball)
 John Standeford (football)
2005Andrea Hillsey (softball)
 Louis Paul (swimming)
2006Carrie McCambridge (diving)
 Giordan Pogioli (swimming)
2007Katie Gearlds (basketball)
 Mike Otto (football)
2008Shauna Stapleton (soccer)
 Jared Armstrong (football)
2009Kara Patterson (track & field)
 Jake Patacsil (wrestling)
2010FahKara Malone (basketball)
 Chris Kramer (basketball)
2011Allie Smith (swimming)
 Kyle Adams (football)
2012Brittany Rayburn (basketball)
 Robbie Hummel (basketball)
2013Ariel Turner (volleyball)
 Robert Maci (football)
2014Casey Matthews (diving)
 Matt Friede (swimming)
2015MacKenzie Tweardy (diving)
 Jamie Bissett (diving)

Athlete Of The Year

In 1982, the Big Ten Conference began selection of an Athlete of the Year based on athletic performance, leadership and character. After one year, the award went coed. Now, each university selects its male and female Athlete of the Year, and they are candidates for the conference award.

YearAthlete (sport)
1982Keith Edmonson (basketball)
1983Jane Neff (volleyball)
 Alvin McNair (football, track & field)
1984Sybil Perry (track & field)
 Jim Rowinski (basketball)
1985Yvonne Netterville (track & field)
 Jim Everett (football)
1986Marianne Smith (volleyball)
 Jim Everett (football)
1987Cathey Tyree (basketball, track & field)
 Rod Woodson (football, track & field)
1988Sharon Versyp (basketball)
 Troy Lewis (basketball)
1989Jamie McNeair (track & field)
 Brian Kiser (track & field)
1990Jamie McNeair (track & field)
 Stephen Scheffler (basketball)
1991Joy Holmes (basketball)*
 Jimmy Oliver (basketball)
1992MaChelle Joseph (basketball)*
 Charles Jones (wrestling)
1993Heidi Reynolds (swimming)
 Glenn Robinson (basketball)#
1994Kim Fritsch (swimming)
 Glenn Robinson (basketball)
1995Corissa Yasen (track & field)
 Cuonzo Martin (basketball)
1996Corissa Yasen (track & field)
 Mike Alstott (football)
1997Jannon Roland (basketball)
 Matt Brown (swimming)
1998Stephanie White (basketball)
 Brian Alford (football)
1999Stephanie White (basketball)*
 Rosevelt Colvin (football)
2000Katie Douglas (basketball)
 Drew Brees (football)
2001Katie Douglas (basketball)*
 Drew Brees (football)
2002Serene Ross (track & field)
 Lee Williamson (golf)
2003Andrea Hillsey (softball)
 Chris Fleeger (wrestling)
2004Shereka Wright (basketball)
 John Standeford (football)
2005Carrie McCambridge (diving)
 Taylor Stubblefield (football)
2006Onnarin Sattayabanphot (golf)
 Giordan Pogioli (swimming)
2007Amanda Miller (diving)
 Anthony Spencer (football)
2008Maria Hernandez (golf)
 Dustin Keller (football)
2009Maria Hernandez (golf)*
 David Boudia (diving)
2010Maude-Aimee LeBlanc (golf)
 David Boudia (diving)
2011Numa Gulyanamitta (golf)
 David Boudia (diving)#
2012Ariel Turner (volleyball)
 Kevin Plawecki (baseball)
2013Casey Matthews (diving)
 Geoff Davis (track & field)
2014Dani Bunch (track & field)*
 Raheem Mostert (track & field, football)
2015Devynne Charlton (track & field)
 Steele Johnson (diving)

* Big Ten Female Athlete of the Year.
# Big Ten Jesse Owens Male Athlete of the Year.

Varsity Walk Award

Bob Verplank, a 1957 Purdue graduate, was the originator of the idea of Varsity Walk. It was the project of the Purdue Reamer Club spring pledge class of 1956. The walk was located in the Purdue Mall with the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering buildings to the south and the Physics and Chem-Met buildings to the north. The Varsity Walk Award is presented each spring to the outstanding senior who has participated as a varsity athlete and brought national recognition to Purdue. An awards tower listing all the recipients stands at the northwest corner of the Materials and Electrical Engineering buildings.

YearAthlete (sport)
1956John Bartlett (tennis)
1957Lamar Lundy (football)
1958Mary Croake (swimming)
1959Paul Coward (soccer)
1960John Konsek (golf)
1961Bernie Allen (football)
1962Terry Dischinger (basketball)
1963Roy Walker (football)
1964Nate Adams (track & field)
1965Terry Winter (golf)
1966Dave Schellhase (basketball)
1967Bob Griese (football)
1968Jim Beirne (football)
1969Leroy Keyes (football)
1970Rick Mount (basketball)
 Mike Phipps (football)
1971Terry Wedgewood (baseball)
1972Bob Ford (basketball)
1973Otis Armstrong (football)
1974Frank Kendrick (basketball)
1975Larry Burton (football, track & field)
1976Alan Housner (wrestling)
 Ken Novak (football)
1977Bruce Parkinson (basketball)
1978Noel Ruble (track & field)
1979Jerry Sichting (basketball)
1980Joe Barry Carroll (basketball)
1981Mark Herrmann (football)
1982Keith Edmonson (basketball)
1983Jane Neff (volleyball)
1984Jim Rowinski (basketball)
1985James Bullock (basketball)
1986Marianne Smith (volleyball)
1987Rod Woodson (football, track & field)
1988Troy Lewis (basketball)
 Todd Mitchell (basketball)
 Everette Stephens (basketball)
1989Anne Kvachkoff (basketball)
1990Stephen Scheffler (basketball)
1991Joy Holmes (basketball)
1992Charles Jones (wrestling)
 MaChelle Joseph (basketball)
1993Jeff Zgonina (football)
1994Kim Fritsch (swimming)
1995Cuonzo Martin (basketball)
1996Mike Alstott (football)
1997Corissa Yasen (basketball, track & field)
1998Brian Alford (football)
1999Ukari Figgs (basketball)
 Stephanie White (basketball)
2000Brian Cardinal (basketball)
2001Drew Brees (football)
 Katie Douglas (basketball)
2002Kelly Komara (basketball)
2003Shaun Guice (track & field)
2004Stuart Schweigert (football)
2005Kyle Orton (football)
2006Ben Wissel (wrestling)
2007Katie Gearlds (basketball)
2008Shauna Stapleton (soccer)
2009Kara Patterson (track & field)
2010Chris Kramer (basketball)
2011JaJuan Johnson (basketball)
 Ryan Kerrigan (football)
2012David Boudia (diving)
 Robbie Hummel (basketball)
2013Ariel Turner (volleyball)
2014Courtney Moses (basketball)
2015Raheem Mostert (football, track & field)

Big Ten Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

Beginning in 2003, one member of each varsity sports team on every Big Ten campus is chosen by the institution as a Sportsmanship Award honoree and, from each university's list, two Outstanding Sportsmanship Award winners are selected. All of the Sportsmanship Award honorees have distinguished themselves through sportsmanship and ethical behavior. In addition, theses student-athletes must be in good academic standing and must have demonstrated good citizenship outside of the sports-competition setting.

YearAthlete (sport)
2003Angi Roembke (softball)
 Kenneth Lowe (basketball)
2004Carrie McCambridge (swimming & diving)
 Paul Rose (tennis)
2005Carrie McCambridge (swimming & diving)
 Kyle Ingraham (football)
2006Onnarin Sattayabanphot (golf)
 Ben Wissel (wrestling)
2007Erika Peterson (softball)
 Pariya Junhasavasdikul (golf)
2008Brooke Beier (tennis)
 Jaycen Taylor (football)
2009Kristen Phillips (cross country)
 Andre Koop (swimming & diving)
2010Kristen Arthurs (volleyball)
 Jacob Palmer (track & field)
2011Jaclyn Hart (volleyball)
 Ryan Kerrigan (football)
2012Ashley Courtney (softball)
 Joe Haase (baseball)
2013Courtney Moses (basketball)
 Jakob Engel (track & field)
2014Maia Monchek (softball)
 Adam Schenk (golf)
2015Krisztina Kapitany (tennis)
 Matthew McClintock (cross country)