Dynamic Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this affect season ticket prices?
A: No. Dynamic Pricing will apply only to single-game prices. Purdue season ticket holders are guaranteed to pay the lowest price.

Q: Will this affect 4-Game Mini Plan prices?
A: No. Mini Plan prices will not be subject to price increases.

Q: What is dynamic pricing?
A: The act of changing the prices over time based on various factors which include supply and demand, opponent, time, etc.

Q: What is the best way to know the current prices?
A: Ticket prices can change at any time. The Purdue Athletic Ticket Office (800-49-SPORT) and this webpage will always have the most up-to-date pricing. As always, John Purdue Club members have the first opportunity to purchase tickets each year.

Q: How often will ticket prices change?
A: Prices can change at any time based upon various factors but will not change more than five times in one day.

Q: Will there only be one dynamic price?
A: No. Prices can vary by category (i.e. Prime, Sideline, Touchdown, North End Zone, South End Zone) based upon factors of supply and demand.

Q: How do I know I am getting the best price?
A: Purchasing season tickets is the only way to guarantee you are getting the best price. For single-game tickets, fans are encouraged to buy early as prices will only increase.

Q: Will dynamic pricing affect premium seating?
A: No. Premium seating areas such as the Shively Club, Buchanan Club and Suites will not be affected. For more information on premium seating, please call 765-494-3248.

Q: Will dynamic pricing affect other promotional pricing?
A: No. Promotional pricing for family four packs, Boiler Kid's Club, etc. will not be affected; however, seat availability for promotionally priced tickets could be limited.


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