Tales From Europe: Day 13 - Back in the USA
On the final night in Paris, some of the tour group checked out the Eiffel Tower and its nighttime light show.

May 24, 2013

Somewhere Over The Ocean - The Boilermaker volleyball team wrapped up its 13-day European Tour when it returned home to the USA on a flight from Paris Friday afternoon. Kate Workman offered a midflight update to cap the trip.

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Hello Boiler Nation!!

As of right now we are returning home from the trip of a lifetime we had in Europe. None of us can really believe it has come to an end. It feels like we were just packing yesterday. Not many people will be able to say that they went to five countries in just 12 days. We are extremely grateful for the experience!

Last night we got to enjoy some of Paris one last time before we departed back to the U.S. this morning. Some of the team went to see the Eiffel Tower light up the city while others, including myself, got to stroll the streets of Paris at nighttime. This was an absolutely beautiful night in the city.

This morning we woke up and packed up everything we had obtained the last week or so into our suitcases. Souvenirs, clothes, and food seem to be popular items in the bags of the girls...and the adults as well! Annie Drews and I were talking this morning how excited we are to see the faces of our family and friends when we give them the items we got for them while being overseas.

We had to be down in the lobby before 10 to eat breakfast and many of us ate the chocolate croissants that the French culture seems to be so famous for. In my opinion, Paris was my favorite city of them all! I speak a bit of French because I took it as my foreign language all through middle school and high school so I thoroughly enjoyed being able to speak with some of the people of Paris. I loved being able to find small little "hole-in-the-wall" cafes to eat and just enjoy the company of my teammates. It truly is something that I will always remember.



After we ate breakfast this morning we loaded ALL of the luggage onto the bus and got ready to go through all of the security and chaos of the airport. The airport we departed from was extremely nice and I enjoyed a Starbucks with some of my leftover euros (hence why I'm wide awake on this 9 hour plane ride). As much as we loved the experience of the European Tour, we are all happy to be back home with our families and friends. It's safe to say it was a once in a lifetime experience for many of us and the memories made together in the cities was something very special.

Au'revoir Paris! Hello USAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

-Kate Workman


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