Tales From Europe: Day 12 - Paris
Catherine Rebarchak visited the Louvre and "put her finger atop" one of the pyramids.

May 23, 2013

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PARIS - On the final full day of the volleyball team's European Tour, the team spent time taking in the sights and shopping in Paris. Redshirt senior Catherine Rebarchak offers a look at her day, including a couple of mishaps, delicious food and more.

Today was officially our last full day on the tour and we got to spend the day in Paris!! This was the first time we had no set schedule and were free to spend the entire day however we pleased. After seeing the Eiffel Tower yesterday we planned to see the other major attractions of Paris today. The first stop was Notre Dame. It was very beautiful and intricate; it amazes me how detailed every square inch of these cathedrals are. After seeing all the other cathedrals throughout this European tour I have to say that Notre Dame was my least favorite thus far.

Next, we ventured towards the infamous lock bridge, but were suddenly stopped by the pouring rain. We were all freezing and decided it was time to stop for lunch. We went to this little café along the river called Trabec. It was an adorable little local café and served authentic French food; it was delicious. I had a little incident while we were there; the restrooms were in the basement and the only way to get there was to go down the circular windy staircase, which I happened to nail my head on and fall completely off my feet. All the French waitresses and waiters rushed to me to check and see if I was OK, and luckily I was. After the rain settled, we were off to the Lock Bridge. Several of the girls who have significant others (cough cough): Rachel Davis, Kiki Jones, Amanda Neill, Annie Drews, and Hilliary Fox, were so pumped to put their lovers' locks on the bridge and kiss the key goodbye into the river.

The Louvre museum was our next stop, which was perfectly placed right across from the Lock Bridge. We were unable to go into the museum because we were pressed for time and we had other places that we wanted to see, but we definitely captured several funny pictures in front of all the pyramids. Next, some of the group wanted to see the Arc de Triomphe, while others were ready to shop. I had to see the Arc, so a few of us decided to take the metro over there. I had to capture the perfect picture of the Arc, which unfortunately placed me in the middle of the street; no big deal. We wanted to get a better view of the Arc so Ray, Foxy, Griff, Neill, and I thought it was a good idea to just cross the five or six lanes of traffic. Ha ha, wow was that an experience! Later we learned, after the French Police approached us, that there was an underground tunnel that you we were supposed to take to the Arc, whoops stupid Americans. We later just ventured down Avenue des Champs Elysees, which had the famous six-story Louis Vuitton store, Dolce& Gabana and Cartier along with hundreds of other stores and cafes. It was close to 5 and everyone was getting pretty tired so we decided to head back to the hotel. Everyone was showered and ready for dinner by 7; we went to this cute local café that was only 2 or 3 blocks from our hotel. Ray and I decided to split the tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil appetizer. I had the Hawaiian Pizza which was sooooo amazing!! Later, Ray and treated ourselves to the chocolate mousse, talk about delicious!

I could not have asked for a more perfect way to end this 2013 European Tour! We are truly blessed! Thanks to all who made the trip possible, you are AMAZING!!!!!

Catherine Rebarchak




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