Tales From Europe: Day 11
Day 11 of the European Tour brought the team to Paris and landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.

May 22, 2013

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PARIS - Day 11 of the Boilermakers' European Tour took the team to Paris on a midnight train and also featured a stop at the Eiffel Tower and quick bus tour past some other prime sights. Freshman Bridget Powell gives the play by play of her day in today's blog.

Today started off on a midnight train to Paris. No one knew what to expect because we could not imagine six people sleeping in a cabin on the train. It was very packed, but we all managed to fit in comfortably. Anyways, it was a tight squeeze. The train left 45 minutes late, but once it started going everyone fell asleep pretty easily. After a long nine hour train ride, we arrived in Paris!

When we arrived in Paris we drove straight to the Eiffel Tower. On the way there we passed beautiful buildings and Paris landmarks such as the famous lock bridge and Notre Dame. The Eiffel Tower was definitely a sight to see and everyone took a bunch of pictures. I have always imagined what it would actually look like in person and it exceeded my expectations.

Then, we boarded the bus and went to our hotel which is about a mile from the famous lock bridge. Once we unloaded our bags, we went to lunch at some cool fancy French restaurant. We had a lot of bread, spaghetti, salad, and chicken. It was very delicious.

After our lunch everyone went back to the hotel and was free to do whatever they wanted for the rest of the afternoon. All of the girls on the team went to go shopping and a few of us bought a few cute clothes from the store Woodstock, which was the only store to have reasonable prices. A few other people went to a bakery and got some croissants and some other desserts to snack on while we continued to shop. All of stores were very expensive and had very elegant clothing.

After a few hours of shopping we all decided to go eat at the restaurant Moses. We were all kind of sick of having pasta and pizza, so we decided to go eat some burgers. They were so good. This lunch turned into a real fun time because the workers started to play music and we all started singing and having a good time. Our quick dinner turned into a two hour ordeal.

When we decided to leave dinner everyone went to a café and enjoyed a few cappuccinos. It was a great time to talk about our day and figure out what we were going to see tomorrow. We were reminiscing about all of the memories we have had on this trip and everyone is excited for our last day of our European trip. After the café, we decided to go back to the hotel early and get a good night of sleep for our last day tomorrow.

Bridget Powell




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