Tales From Europe: Day 10
The Boilers spent Day 10 of the tour in Milan, including sightseeing, shopping and a match vs. the Italian Team.

May 21, 2013

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MILAN, Italy - The Boilermakers spent a second day in Milan on Tuesday, venturing out into the city one final time before facing off with the Italian National Team to wrap up the competition portion of the schedule. Senior Hilliary Fox talks shopping, food and the match in her Day 10 European Tour blog.

Hey Boilers,

Today started great for our team with a chance to sleep in a little this morning. We got a late start since we had a long night before. We got a quick breakfast and then a little free time to pack and get things organized before checking out of our rooms at noon.

Once we had things together, some of us went into the city to sightsee and do a little shopping. The group of wonderful girls I was with went to a store name Zara, to start off our time in the city. We all absolutely loved the style and fashion in the store. We spent a good hour looking around and trying things on. It was a blast seeing everyone trying out the European style. Once we all decided on what we wanted we headed off to walk around and look for a lunch.

It was one of the best lunches of the trip for some of us! We found a very cute local café. It was very small and a tight squeeze to find seats for all 6 or 7 of us, but it was so delicious. After a wonderful lunch we were off to find gelato. After a little search, we also found the best gelato we have had on this trip. Griff got dark chocolate gelato which was soooo good; probably my favorite flavor ever! After gelato, 2:30 had come around and we met all the other girls at the metro to head back. We arrived at hotel at 3 and loaded the bus for the game. We arrived a little early and watched the other team practice while we rested.

I believe we started the match off well. They had their runs and we had our times when we played well. It was definitely a different atmosphere than last night. Instead of 1500 people there was probably 30 people in the crowd. The six games on this trip have been a great learning experience for our team. We learned what we need to work on, while also showing off our strengths. We found both positive things and things we need to work on.

After the game we had dinner with the other team. The dinner was very interesting. A typical European dinner with a longer wait, family portion size, and different things to try.

After dinner we headed towards the train station for the midnight train to Paris!! Thank you to everyone who has made this trip possible!! It truly means the world to all of us! Boiler up from Europe!!

Hillary Fox #3




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