Tales From Europe: Day 9 - Milan
The Duomo cathedral was one of the main stops on Monday's tour.

May 21, 2013

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MILAN, Italy - Day nine of the volleyball team's European Tour featured sightseeing in Milan, including the Duomo Cathedral and Castello Sforzesco, as well as a match vs. the Italian Federation Team in Vigevano. Freshman Amanda Neill gives her take on the day's activities in today's blog.

After visiting four beautiful cities none of us are quite sure what could possibly come next. Our next stop was Milan, Italy. After getting in late last night, we got the chance to sleep in a little later than normal. We all got up and ate a great breakfast in the hotel to start the day. After we ate, it was time to hit the city.

We all got on the metro to take us to the region of Duomo. Here there was the Duomo Cathedral, which was exquisite, inside and out. After meeting by the cathedral, we all go to be adventurous. Some girls went to the Galleria, shopped the streets, checked out the castle or roamed around inside the cathedral. There was plenty of time for all of us to roam the city and explore what we wanted to. During this time, we had to get a good lunch in because had a big match against the Italian National team later that night. And, of course, gelato (ice cream) was a must a before returning to the hotel. After some time resting and preparing for our match, we loaded up the bus and headed out.

Tonight we played the Italian National Team. Having the opportunity to play such a good team as they are is definitely a once in a lifetime deal. They ended up being sixth in the Olympics. Who wouldn't want a shot at a team like that. The opportunity was made even better because we played in front of a huge crowd.

We had a rough start in Game 1, but gradually improved over time. The energy and the level that we ended up playing at is something to be proud of. Even though we fell short after taking them to four sets, we had to be proud of making big improvements. After the game, all of us were so hungry and tired, so we headed to dinner with the Italian team and then straight to bed.

Goodnight Boiler Nation.

Amanda Neill




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