Tales From Europe: Day 4
Freshman Annie Drews and the Boilers visited the Charles Bridge and took in some history lessons and shopping on Day 4 of Purdue Volleyball's European Tour.

May 15, 2013

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PRAGUE, Czech Republic -Each day throughout the volleyball team's European Tour, a different player will give her perspective on the day's events as well as the trip in general. As Wednesday night draws to a close in Prague, freshman Annie Drews discusses her top five things about Prague and the team's thoughts on the unbelievable things to come.

Hello Boilers!

We are just wrapping up day 4 of the European tour and I think it's safe to say we couldn't be having more fun! The sites in Prague are gorgeous, the food is unique and the memories we are making are never going to be forgotten. Right now, we just finished dinner and everyone is packing so we are ready to leave in the morning for our day trip to Vienna. Since we are at the end of our time in Prague, I made a list of the top moments from today and from our first destination in general!

1. Walking through the St. Vitus Cathedral. We got to light a prayer candle and soak in some of the most beautiful architecture we will ever see. It brought tears to some eyes! It's just amazing to see something that took 250 years to build- the planning and craftsmanship it must have taken is on a whole new level of talent.

2. Walking on the Charles Bridge that separates Old Town Prague and New Town Prague. It was a warm, sunny morning and the bridge was filled with venders, artists, musicians, and tons of statues that carried significance to the country's history. Below, there were boats and patio restaurants, as well as a floating dock that had people preparing for a concert on the water! It was so lively and happy. We also took my favorite picture of the team thus far!

3. Yesterday, we walked up a tower at the largest castle in the world to see the most complete and breathtaking views of the city. As much as I enjoyed it, I really enjoyed walking up the 285 stairs with Carly Cramer. I don't think either of us knew what we were getting ourselves into! We kept taking pictures and videos and laughing about how glad we were that we waited to go together! About halfway, I rocked my head against the concrete stairs while I was trying to count my steps. Ouch. I guess being 6-4 isn't always a good thing!

4. I tried gelato for the first time today! I was out of Czech money so it was a treat from one of my favorite little ladies, Bridget "BAP CITY" Powell. It was a small scoop of Dark Chocolate and I was in heaven! I have probably the biggest sweet tooth on the team.

5. We won today! The team played much better than yesterday and I think we all agreed with Dave when he said we made a step in the right direction. We ate dinner today with the Czech Junior National Team after our game. I think everyone was a little curious about how it would go because of the language barrier. Thankfully, a handful of them spoke English and were able to help us communicate. We talked about volleyball but I really liked hearing about their everyday lives too! We found out during the meal that the girl sitting next to me loves the movie Forrest Gump and her favorite show is Friends. Kate started laughing when she said that because those are my absolute favorites!

Overall, Prague has been an absolutely unforgettable trip. We all keep talking about how blessed we feel to be here and that we can't believe this is all happening! It's honestly a dream come true. Crazy to think we can have this much fun and there's still so much of the trip left to experience!

Well, I better play catch up and get to packing! We leave at 7:50 am for our 4 hour bus trip. Thanks for all of the support you all provide our team and for showing your interest in how we are doing over here!

Boiler Up!
Annie Drews, #18




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