Hitting The Shops and Courts

PURDUESPORTSDOTCOM The entry to the Charles Bridge is shown here. The bridge takes one across the river into a web of shops and restaurants.
The entry to the Charles Bridge is shown here. The bridge takes one across the river into a web of shops and restaurants.

May 15, 2008

Photo Gallery Days 3-4

PRAGUE - Each day during the volleyball team's European Tour a different player or coach will provide an inside look at the day's happenings.

Wednesday began with a tour of the Charles Bridge, which was commissioned by Charles IV when Prague was the capital of the European empire. The group then split up for a few hours of shopping in downtown, before returning to the apartments to rest up for their evening match.

The Boilermakers faced off with Olymph Praha, a club team that won the Czech Republic's First Division title. In a very close match, Olymph Praha won 3-1 by scores of 25-20, 25-20, 14-25, 25-22.

Setter Jaclyn Hart's view of the day follows.

Day 4 - Prague

As we woke up this morning we became excited for a day of shopping. Before we went shopping we took another tour with Jirka. Today's tour consisted of some stories of the Charles Bridge and the Clock (in Old Town Square). When the clock was built it was the biggest in the world.

It was now time to go our own ways and find the best stores in Prague. Seven of us took off in one directions, searching for stores to start our European fashion. At first, we had no luck and were probably headed away from the popular areas, but, at last, we came across the clothing store, Zara. The store was enormous and had us all working on our math trying to figure out the prices in a different currency. While in Zara, we received a call from (Lisa) Pierce's parents telling us about this great mall we should go to. As we went outside, we were instructed to look for a green dome and a tall black tower. We all looked to our right and saw some thing that might resemble what we were looking for, so we headed that way. While walking down the street looking for the mall, we heard a huge boom. Kelli and I had no reaction, probably not a good thing. Lynch, however, was a little freaked out, and kept saying people are running, people are running. (It's okay Lynch, it's just the construction.)



An hour later, still not finding what we were looking for, we learned that we didn't look to the left, we had just walked out of the store. (Good one, girls.) Once at the mall, we found some great shops and some gelato of course. Unfortunately, we were pressed for time and had to back at the hotel in about 30 minutes. We just so happened to not know exactly where we were, however, we did know one thing, we were not close. While we were walking we had some wonderful direction from Lynch. This consisted of a "shhhhh sssssshhh thing" that helped us a lot. We did find our way back to the clock and then the bride and after the bridge, just a straight shot up the hill!! We were rather impressed with our navigational skills and fast walking skills to make it back on time. We got a little nervous once we got to the dreaded hill, but we have become masters at it after only a few short day. After a long day of shopping we took a little rest and got prepared for our match. While on our break, I sat in our little window just enjoying the view of Praha. As we sat there, Mandy, Lisa and I talked about how this doesn't even seem real. This is definitely one of the best views of the city.

Once again, we got on the tram to get to the game. It was extremely packed, making it all that much more of an adventure. After the game, we went to an amazing dinner at a local restaurant. We were able to experience the culture since this was not a touristy restaurant (Thanks to Jirka). Our dinner consisted of the largest ham I have ever seen and an enormous turkey. To accompany the turkey and ham, we ate a Czech tradition of pickles, bread and horseradish. The environment was so happy and exciting. It helped that the Czech hockey team was playing Sweden in a close game (in the semifinals of the World Championship). It was wonderfl to see all the locals get into the game and support their team. Not to mention, we were of course having a great time cheering for the Czech team. To top off dinner, we had dessert -- crepes and ice cream. There is always room for dessert.

But, before dessert, Corey, our tour guide, decided it was time to learn all of our names. Yay. I am no longer "setter," at least for tonight. Who know what he will call me tomorrow. As we headed back to our adorable apartments, we were sad to the see the stay had ended. We walked across the Charles Bridge, taking in the beautiful scenery for the last time and we walked up the infamous hill for one final time before we head off to Brno in the morning. Once back at our apartments, we got together to talk and reminisce on our one of a kind day in Prague.

It is time to pack up our things and get ready to leave for our next adventure, however, Kelli, D-D (Danita), Stephanie and Kristen can not get their washing machine to stop or open after two hours. This could be a problem since their jerseys are in there. After this experience, Kelly and Arty have decided to open their own business since they already finished the rest of the laundry. Time to go enjoy our view and our stay in Prague a little longer. We will miss Prague.