Tales From Europe: Day 1
Freshman Faye Adelaja and the Boilermakers arrived safely in Prague on Monday morning, but the trip was a memorable one for a variety of reasons.

May 13, 2013

Day 1/2 Photo Gallery

PRAGUE, Czech Republic -Each day throughout the Purdue volleyball team's European Tour, a different player will offer her take on the day's events. Day 1/2 was tricky as the travel schedule essentially eliminated Sunday night for the team as morning broke in Amsterdam and Prague, just as Sunday evening hit the USA. There is so much more each player could share, but freshman Faye Adelaja will cover the travel portion of Day 1 and Kiki Jones will fill you in on the rest of our day after everyone has hopefully had a nap.

Hello Boiler Nation!!! It's Fayette Adelaja bringing you an update about our first day on our European tour and today was our travel day from West Lafayette to Prague. Now I'm just going to say that I love to travel whether it be flying, driving, whatever the distance or time, I absolutely love it. Now, even I, who loves traveling, am going to say that today was a very LONG travel day. Two hours on a bus from West Lafayette to Chicago, 7 and a half hours on a plane from Chicago to Amsterdam, and a little over an hour on a plane from Amsterdam to Prague.

I'm sure almost everyone will agree with me when I say it was kind of a rough day, especially with the fair share of mishaps that we had. One of the first was that one of our managers almost left his wallet on the bus in Chicago. Isn't it funny how just randomly checking your pockets could mean the difference between getting on a plane to Amsterdam and taking a shameful taxi ride back home to sit and wonder what could have been?

Another obstacle we encountered was the fact that our terminal only had ONE actual restaurant in it. Now this really could've ended up fine for most people, but the fact that there was an hour-long wait for food ended up decreasing its appeal. This was especially bad for me since I waited in the long line to get to the front only to be told that food I wanted was no longer being served. What a heartbreaker... I really wanted that smoothie... but it is alright. Luckily, I brought snacks with me in my backpack so I got over it pretty fast.

After all the stress, we finally got on planes and after about 9 hours finally landed in the beautiful city of Prague. Well, now I am at the end of my part for our blog and I feel that in the end there should always be a brief recap of the lessons that you learned. Here are my lessons for today:

1. Don't leave important things on a bus...

2. Always bring snacks when you're traveling...

3. Don't assume that busy airports have more than one restaurant in each terminal...

4. If you're going to wait in line for food, make sure that you ask them if they are still making what you want...

5. Being in a different country with a different culture is one of the best experiences I've ever had.

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