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Dec. 4, 2010

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2010 NCAA Tournament First Round
Purdue vs. Louisville
Belin Court at Holloway Gymnasium
West Lafayette, Ind.; December 4, 2010

Purdue Head Coach Dave Shondell

Opening Statement
"It hasn't quite sunk in yet. It has been one of our goals, first to get into the tournament, then to win a sub-regional and advance to the Sweet 16. We knew when the draw was made that it would be tough to get out of this with Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, and Louisville. Those are all three teams that are used to going to the tournament. They weren't going to be fazed by coming back here because they have been here before, not just to the tournament, but to Purdue to play. I just felt like it was going to be a tough challenge, but our players responded just beautifully like they have all year. This has been a team that has not been inconsistent. We play well just about every night. I thought Louisville did some things tonight that made it very difficult for us. Louisville is a very talented team. They are simple in what they do, but they are very good at what they do. They had some great arms, some big arms. We are just thrilled to still be standing. We are looking forward to going to Austin. We are not sure who we play yet, but we are looking forward to going there and we will be ready to play when we get there."

On his team's leadership...
"I've been proud of this team all year. They have evolved each week to do an even better job than the week before. Certainly they were big tonight. To be able to come back like we came back tonight from an injury and being behind 15-7 (in the second set) is more than senior leadership. It is a team that believes in themselves and they believed in Katie Griffin. That's what is unique about this team is that they really believe and that's the one thing we really felt we needed coming into this season."

On the changes he made for the fourth set...
"Well, we weren't playing very well. We really weren't playing that well in the first two sets except for the runs that we had. The run to come back was a great run. To be able to go up 2-0 going into the locker room when you should be 1-1 or maybe even down 0-2, that was a big thing. We really weren't playing very well. We were fighting it all night long. Give credit to Louisville because they did some things that made it really tough and they have some big arms. I felt like we had to make some changes and fortunately it worked out pretty well."

Katie Griffin, Freshman Outside Hitter

On being prepared to play when Anna Drewry got injured...
"Mentally, I am always supposed to be ready to play. Our outsides have been playing really well. Both of them have been doing a good job. I was ready to cheer for them and do what I needed to do. I was definitely not expecting what happened."

Tiffany Fisher, Junior Outside Hitter

On coming back from a 15-7 deficit to win the second set...
"That was really huge. The pressure was on me when I was serving. It was really great. It just showed how much of a team we have become throughout the entire season. For us to come back from that deficit, we were down quite a few and we came back to take the lead. It was really great to see how much we have come together and how well we can play."

Kristen Arthurs, Senior Middle Blocker

On winning her last game at Belin Court...
"You can't beat that. Going out with a win is really special. I couldn't ask for a better senior season or a better team to go out with. Everyone is just having so much fun right now and I want to keep it going on for everybody as long as possible."

Louisville Head Coach Leonid Yelin

Opening Statement
"Tonight, we got beat by a better team. Purdue played better, and I wish them good luck."

On the emphasis on trying to win the second set...
"It was in our favor to stretch the match. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. The first two games were decided by only two points. Obviously, [Purdue] pulled their three games, but I think we had the same chance [of winning] as they did."

On Louisville's defensive performance in the third set...
"They did a great job. But still, you had to get loose. You cannot stay tight for the whole game. It looked like in the third game that they got looser and started communicating with each other. Therefore, we had more blocks than the two previous games. Overall, I was very pleased."

Gwen Rucker, Junior Middle Blocker

On Purdue's comeback in the second set...
"In volleyball, we make runs. They had their run. We made our run. They just happened to make more of run than we did."

On her team's performance in the third set...
"We were originally more focused on not losing the game instead of winning the game. We just switched it up and decided that we wanted to win."

Amanda Simmons, Senior Middle Blocker

On Purdue's depth and preparing for Katie Griffin...
"For the most part, we definitely focus on people who are playing. But, it just comes down to heart. Hitters hit the same shot down the line and across. I don't think it was that much of a difference. She (Griffin) was just another hitter."




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