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PURDUESPORTSDOTCOM Here we go again. The Boilermakers, Illini, Badgers and Golden Gophers clash this weekend in's Meet of the Week.
Here we go again. The Boilermakers, Illini, Badgers and Golden Gophers clash this weekend in's Meet of the Week.

Feb. 1, 2008

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - With four nationally ranked swimming and diving teams coming to the Boilermaker Aquatic Center this weekend, has designated the annual Big Ten Tri/Dual as its Meet of the Week.

On the men's side, Purdue is ranked 12th and Minnesota is up to No. 8. Wisconsin is receiving votes.

The young Boilermakers' women's team will face its biggest challenge of 2007-08 with the Golden Gophers ranked ninth and the Badgers ranked 20th. Illinois completes the quadrangular format.

The official preview from Swimming World Magazine's web site is listed below.

Meet of the Week Preview: Purdue Quads

By Jason Marstellar
Managing Editor, Sports Publications International

PHOENIX, Arizona - A Big Ten brawl starts off the February Meet of the Week slate as Purdue hosts Minnesota and Wisconsin in a co-ed tri meet, while Illinois sends its women's team on Feb. 2-3 in West Lafayette, Ind.

Here is a quick preview of the match-up:

Date and Time: Friday, February 1 at 6 p.m. and Saturday, February 2 at Noon. Location: West Lafayette, Indiana Facility: Boilermaker Aquatics Center

Purdue's Last Time Out:
On Jan. 19, Purdue's swimming and diving teams had their way with Miami University Saturday at the Boilermaker Aquatic Center. The two teams combined to win 30 of 32 events. The 12th-ranked Boilermaker men won 202-91. The women outscored the Redhawks, 195-100. Of the 36 student-athletes on the men's roster, 16 of them earned one or more victories. Andrew Langenfeld, John Schmitt, Jin-Soo Kim and Sam Wilcher were among the handful of multiple-event winners.

Meanwhile, the women have been in action since then as the team lost to archrivals Indiana, 186-114 on Jan. 26 in West Lafayette. The Boilermakers won five events, including the 3-meter and platform. Freshman Kara Cook led a Purdue sweep of the top three spots on tower, scoring 293.55 points. In the pool, Purdue received wins from Allie Smith in the 200 back (2:02.11), Ariel Martin in the 50 free (23.65) and Nicole Weatherman in the 1000 free (9:57.44).



Looking forward with Purdue men's head coach Dan Ross:
Generally, I don't want our swimmers to think about the competition until the day of the meet, but this weekend is an exception. We're No. 12, Minnesota is No. 8 and we know Wisconsin is greatly improved. I want my swimmers to enjoy this meet, have fun and be proud of what they've accomplished this year. Minnesota is the standard by which all other Big Ten teams are measured. They have great coaches and are equally good in a dual meet as they are in a championship environment. This could very well be a close meet between all three teams or a Minnesota blowout if we don't stand up and race. Either way, win or lose, it's going to be a great test.

Looking forward with Purdue women's head coach Cathy Wright-Eger:
Last week we swam against the defending Big Ten champion (Indiana) and this week we'll swim against a Minnesota team who I think will win this year's conference title. We've competed against several top 25 teams this season and I know we're better because of it. I like the format of this meet with two heats for each event carried over two days. This is a great way to prepare our young team for the Big Ten Championships.

Minnesota's Last Time Out:
Minnesota's last competition also had the spotlight of the Meet of the Week status. The men overcame Arizona State, 173-110, while the women upended the Sun Devils, 170-129, in Minneapolis on Jan. 19.

Looking forward with Minnesota head coach Dennis Dale:
We appreciate that we have the chance to swim against Purdue at this point of the season. They will be the best team that we have competed against Florida and that will be a great test for us. Our guys are really looking forward to this meet. There are four relays and we want to win all of them. There are 17 events all together and between Purdue, Wisconsin and ourselves, we hope to win at least 10. We definitely have some goals to accomplish at this meet. We know that Purdue is looking forward to this meet and they have an excellent team this season. They haven't beaten us in a number of years and I know that they are looking forward to a chance at that this year. In our last meet against Arizona State, our sprinters swam very well, as did our middle distance. However, our distance guys did not have a great meet and I hope that they will come along.".

Looking forward with Minnesota co-head coach Kelly Kremer:
The Quad Duals is always a very competitive meet and this weekend will be no different. Every event should provide opportunities for each athlete to compete at a high level. Individually, we are going to learn everything we can from each race and make the changes we feel necessary heading into the Big Ten Championships later in February.

Wisconsin's Last Time Out:
The Wisconsin men's swimming and diving team defeated Hawaii 181.50-117.50, while the Badger women's swimming and diving team improved to 6-1 in dual meets this season with their 183-107 on Jan. 12. Overall, the teams claimed 24 titles at the dual meet.

Looking forward with Wisconsin head coach Eric Hansen:
I'm just looking to see the progress that we've made since the Texas Invite. I was really happy with our Christmas training camp and feel that we've made a great deal of progress in our preparations for NCAAs. March is right around the corner, as well as Trials, so I'm hoping to see the details and consistency of what we've been doing help us to take that next level.

Illinois' Last Time Out:
On Jan. 19, the Illinois swimming and diving team fell to the Iowa Hawkeyes, 179-120, in Iowa City on Saturday. Fighting Illini swimmers grabbed three event titles at the dual meet. Junior Marissa Clapp led the Illini, once again, with multiple victories. She won the 200 IM and 200 breast events. Her victories mark the seventh time in nine meets she has won an event title this season. Sophomore Cece Marizu provided the most impressive performance of the meet for the Illini. Marizu stepped up and won the 200 back with a career best time of 203.60. Her performance ranks as the seventh best in Illinois swimming history.

Looking forward with Illinois head coach Sue Novitsky:
The meet this weekend is going to provide another opportunity to compete against some of the best teams in the conference and in the country. We are going to keep the focus on ourselves and continue to work on improving are areas of strengths and bringing up our weak areas. The goal is to continue to put together complete races and a complete meet as a team. I am looking forward to one more weekend with the chance to challenge our athletes in a very competitive environment.

Top 2007-08 Times Comparison:
50 Free
PUR: 20.35, Andrew Langenfeld
MIN: 20.15, Mike Woodson, Colin Lee-To
WIS: 20.35, Mike Desautels

100 Free PUR: 45.05, John Schmitt MIN: 44.49, Tyler Schmidt WIS: 44.27, Phil Davies

200 Free PUR: 1:38.82, John Schmitt MIN: 1:37.85, Tyler Schmidt WIS: 1:38.99, Phil Davies

500 Free PUR: 4:29.76, Matt Stewart MIN: 4:22.42, Ray Betuzzi WIS: 4:34.21, Mike Hopkins

1000 Free PUR: 9:27.72, Matt Stewart MIN: 9:10.60, Mike Holmes WIS: 9:34.07, Luke Lengfeld

1650 Free PUR: 15:48.62, Matt Stewart MIN: 15:23.43, Mike Holmes WIS: 16:13.33, Luke Lengfeld

100 Back PUR: 49.76, Ilia Ayzenshtok MIN: 47.75, David Plummer WIS: 50.75, Mike Hopkins

200 Back PUR: 1:46.71, Ilia Ayzenshtok MIN: 1:45.00, David Plummer WIS: 1:47.38, Mike Hopkins

100 Breast PUR: 55.86, Jin-Soo Kim MIN: 54.08, Jon Roberts WIS: 55.41, Eric Johnson

200 Breast PUR: 2:01.63, Jin-Soo Kim MIN: 1:58.12, Jon Roberts WIS: 2:03.41, Eric Johnson

100 Fly PUR: 48.44, Andrew Langenfeld MIN: 48.96, Mike Woodson WIS: 48.16, Scott Rice

200 Fly PUR: 1:48.17, Sam Wilcher MIN: 1:47.12, Alex Wold WIS: 1:45.15, Scott Rice

200 IM PUR: 1:50.90, Romain Maire MIN: 1:46.88, Russ Payne WIS: 1:49.71, Scott Rice

400 IM PUR: 4:00.19, Andre Koop MIN: 3:48.94, Russ Payne WIS: 4:00.06, Brett Koerten

200 Free Relay PUR: 1:21.84 MIN: 1:20.04 WIS: 1:20.46

400 Free Relay PUR: 3:00.43 MIN: 2:57.55 WIS: 2:57.87

800 Free Relay PUR: 6:40.00 MIN: 6:31.74 WIS: 6:37.78

200 Medley Relay PUR: 1:30.78 MIN: 1:28.63 WIS: 1:29.93

400 Medley Relay PUR: 3:17.75 MIN: 3:12.81 WIS: 3:17.99

1M Diving PUR: 341.55, Zach Schultz MIN: 320.55, Cole Young WIS: 348.23, Caleb Percevecz

3M Diving PUR: 366.30, David Colturi MIN: 388.35, Cole Young WIS: 356.18, Caleb Percevecz

Women: 50 Free PUR: 23.65, Ariel Martin MIN: 22.93, Stacy Busack WIS: 22.91, Jackie Vavrek ILL: 24.22, Kellie Stevens

100 Free PUR: 51.39, Leah Henninger MIN: 49.26, Stacy Busack WIS: 50.39, Maggie Meyer ILL: 52.90, Kellie Stevens

200 Free PUR: 1:51.90, Lisa Butler MIN: 1:46.77, Jenny Shaughnessy WIS: 1:48.10, Jen Illescas ILL: 1:52.94, Kellie Stevens

500 Free PUR: 4:51.59, Nicole Weatherman MIN: 4:41.09, Yuen Kobayashi WIS: 4:48.31, Jen Illescas ILL: 5:01.66, Lindsey Shirley

1000 Free PUR: 9:57.44, Nicole Weatherman MIN: 9:46.99, Yuen Kobayashi WIS: 9:59.81, Gabby Maddalena ILL: 10:21.35, Amy Forsberg

1650 Free PUR: 16:43.33, Nicole Weatherman MIN: 16:06.36, Yuen Kobayashi WIS: 16:34.07, Gabby Maddalena ILL: 17:10.72, Lindsey Shirley

100 Back PUR: 55.93, Allison Smith MIN: 55.06, Roxane Akradi WIS: 55.32, Maggie Meyers ILL: 58.50, CeCe Marizu

200 Back PUR: 2:01.21, Allison Smith MIN: 1:58.71, Roxane Akradi WIS: 1:59.25, Candice Peak ILL: 2:03.60, CeCe Marizu

100 Breast PUR: 1:04.18, Jennifer Lavers MIN: 59.82, Jillian Tyler WIS: 1:03.23, Rosie Morahan ILL: 1:05.36, Marissa Clapp

200 Breast PUR: 2:18.13, Jennifer Lavers MIN: 2:10.44, Jillian Tyler WIS: 2:18.15, Rosie Morahan ILL: 2:17.33, Marissa Clapp

100 Fly PUR: 56.60, Lauren Hyman MIN: 54.43, Megan Braun WIS: 54.92, Katie Imhoff-Smith ILL: 57.79, Ali Keehn

200 Fly PUR: 2:03.40, Lauren Hyman MIN: 1:58.86, Molly Belk WIS: 1:59.33, Jen Illescas ILL: 2:05.23, Jen Ivarson

200 IM PUR: 2:05.96, Allison Smith MIN: 1:58.97, Jillian Tyler WIS: 2:04.55, Candice Peak ILL: 2:04.21, Marissa Clapp

400 IM PUR: 4:29.70, Stacie Lesneski MIN: 4:14.95, Jenny Shaughnessy WIS: 4:23.98, Libby Brooks ILL: 4:23.19, Marissa Clapp

200 Free Relay PUR: 1:35.27 MIN: 1:31.16 WIS: 1:30.71 ILL: 1:38.48

400 Free Relay PUR: 3:28.05 MIN: 3:20.76 WIS: 3:21.58 ILL: 3:33.19

800 Free Relay PUR: 7:35.41 MIN: 7:13.78 WIS: 7:23.23 ILL: 7:40.61

200 Medley Relay PUR: 1:45.20 MIN: 1:41.26 WIS: 1:39.94 ILL: 1:48.50

400 Medley Relay PUR: 3:48.39 MIN: 3:39.40 WIS: 3:42.83 ILL: 3:53.46

1M Diving PUR: 286.58, Ashley Karnes MIN: 271.75, Jacqueline Schroeder WIS: 314.93, Ciara Rinaudo ILL: 237.90, Kyla Bachtell

3M Diving PUR: 322.35, Ashley Karnes MIN: 298.28, Jacqueline Schroeder WIS: 316.65, Ciara Rinaudo ILL: 231.35, Kyle Bachtell

* - denotes meter conversion