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Dec. 4, 2007

Hello all...

I apologize for not writing sooner but ties with the CIA have kept me pretty busy these last couple of weeks. Oh, and then there is that whole finals thing that is sweeping through the team like the plague. The freshmen are a little nervous, but us veterans are keeping our cool, mostly because the average temperature lately has been in the 30s and 40s. It's supposed to snow tonight so we are pretty excited about that. If classes get cancelled, I will probably be upset about it and then remember that means I don't have to go to class. Then I will be over it and will go sledding (but without Jenna because she is injury prone).

Other terrible news is that we have been running 300 shuttles for the last couple of weeks to make our times. I think some of the stopwatches have been tampered with and I am looking into it. We also have to make times when we get back from break so that means I will not be partaking in my Granny's pies for at least one meal. Also, our team is no longer having team practices and I know some of my teammates are taking it hard not being able to see me as often as they would like. But, dry your tears team, we will all be together again after break for Winter Clinics, where we can impart our knowledge and skills on young minds. The line for my station will form to the right and it is expected to fill pretty quickly, so I would get there early.

We also are busy getting ready for Christmas. Our tree is up in our house and it kind of reminds me of the sickly little one they pick in Charlie Brown's Christmas Movie, but it does the trick. One word to describe the decorations on the tree...AMAZING. Coach Garza is planning a team Christmas EXTRAVAGANZA next week and a couple of us have a little somethin, somethin planned so I will give you the updates soon. We almost dressed as Pilgrims and Indians for Thanksgiving, but I was unable to find the right shoes. We have been spending a lot of time without the coaches and Kelly Miller especially is taking it hard. They have been gone quite a lot for recruiting, but they have left me in charge so everything has been running smoothly.



My roommates and I made a big addition to the family a couple of weeks ago. We rescued four fish (from Wal-Mart) and brought them to their aquarium paradise in our house, complete with glow-in-the-dark plants, a log bunk house, and a waterfall as one of our friends called it (it's really a filter but waterfall sounds way cooler).We named them Bryan Fellows, Harry Carrey, Bogate, and Whoop Whoop. The first few hours we got them were trying as we had to keep an eye on Bogate after he tried to jump out of the tank when we transferred him. He is still on house arrest, but is doing much better I am happy to report. They are fitting right in and next week we are going to try to teach them to fetch and play sushi.

As far as updates on our team challenges team, as I promised, has now taken its rightful place in first. There are only a couple more challenges left so if anyone would like to send congratulatory gifts to my team, they can start now. Well I am off to study in the library all night and all tomorrow and all this weekend...that was for you mom.

Whoop Whoop from West La La...

Candace #24


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