What's Your 20?: Big Ten Tournament Edition
First baseman Ashley Courtney and the Boilers are heading to the Big Ten Tournament after wrapping the regular season at home last weekend.

May 8, 2013

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Each week throughout the 2013 season, senior Ashley Courtney has brought you updates and a sneak peak behind the scenes into the world of Purdue softball. This week, she comes to you live from the bus, which is driving through Iowa on the way to the Big Ten Tournament in Lincoln, Neb. She recaps senior weekend, reflects on her best Purdue softball memories and more. I am writing to you from the Purdue bus headed to Lincoln, Nebraska, because your Boilermakers are headed to the Big Ten Tourney!! We are so excited to have this opportunity as this is the first year in quite some time that softball has had a conference tourney. We drew Michigan State in the first round and we will playing on Thursday at 8 p.m. Make sure to cheer from afar as we take Lincoln by storm!

This past weekend we celebrated the three seniors on our team. If you follow Purdue Sports then you know the games did not go as well as we would have liked. Regardless, Erika, Maia, and I still felt special because of the support from our fans and the love of our teammates. It has been a crazy four years, but it has been worth it every step of the way. We constantly get questions about what our favorite memories are but honestly it is hard to narrow it down. Looking back, these five are some of the best:

1) This year at practice, I ran into the net and fell to the ground when I was going after a foul ball. Erika also took a fall in centerfield when she tripped over her own feet.

2) Last year at practice, the infield played the outfield and the outfield played the infield. It was nice to see someone else's perspective, and it was definitely entertaining.

3) Sweeping IU this season!!!

4) Sophomore year, we played in a preseason tournament at Miami of Ohio. We were playing Ball State and the game went into extra innings. Ball State had runners on first and third with no outs. We pulled off a very nontraditional triple play and then in the bottom of the inning, one of our freshmen hit a walk off home run. It was definitely one of the most exciting games I have been a part of.



5) Throwing the first pitch this past Sunday with two of my closest friends by my side. Maia, who plays left field, threw a strike. I threw a strike and I play first base. Erika, who pitched before breaking her foot, threw a ball in the dirt. She claims it was an 0-2 count waste pitch. Luckily, it was better than her mom's first pitch on Breast Cancer Day, the one that went straight up and straight back down.

This past Sunday, we had our postseason banquet. Each year there is a video recap with game footage, photos, and a senior tribute. Tanya, our academic advisor, always assigns an animal to each senior. She always says why she gave a person that particular answer and it is always one of the favorite segments of the night. I was definitely looking forward to finding out what animal Tanya thinks I am most like. But, just our luck, the video did not copy all the way and we still do not know what animal we are!!! I am very anxious to find out, but I also want to know if you have any guesses. Tweet @purduesoftball or comment below with your best guess of what animal Erika, Maia, and I are.

Don't forget to stay updated with our Big Ten Tourney quest by looking for updates on purduesports.com or Twitter. If you really want to show your Boilermakers spirit, you could always hop in the car and meet us in Lincoln!

-AC #20


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