What's Your 20?
First baseman Ashley Courtney talks about the LSU Tiger Classic, team bonding and Mardi Gras in this week's blog.

Feb. 12, 2013

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Each week throughout the 2013 season, senior first baseman Ashley Courtney will give an inside look behind the scenes with Purdue softball in this blog. Stay tuned for fun, facts and feelings from #20.

Weekend one at LSU is in the books. Our 2-3 record doesn't reflect our potential. We did some great things defensively. We show a lot of promise in the circle. Our bats are there.

First, the question of the weekend: Would you be a vampire or a werewolf given the choice? The argument for werewolf is being able to age and function in the real world more normally, while savaging around in your spare time. Those who say vampire are pulling for speed, strength, and immortality. Personally, I'd fall on the vampire side for the ability to climb at a rapid pace and, of course, the impeccable skin. (Disclaimer: this conversation did not stem from talking about Twilight). Give us your vote with a comment here or a tweet @PurdueSoftball.

After four years of traveling with Purdue softball, I have visited a lot of airports. Typically we have study tables, a quick layover, and lots of naps on the plane. We look ridiculous carrying so many bags up to the check-in desk. And we always get asked the question, "What sport do you play?" It never fails. No matter how short we are, we are always asked if we are the basketball team. It's February and people just aren't ready to accept that fact that it is softball season in Indiana. That's why we fly south for the winter.

Softball season opens up the first weekend after the Super Bowl. The past three years, we have taken off that particular weekend and built up a little more eagerness to play. This year, Coach Maher did not think that was necessary because we have all been chomping at the bit to get back on the field since May. Opening at LSU was exciting for us because the juniors and seniors have played there before and we knew how great their facilities are. After being inside for four months, we haven't seen a bad hop from a ground ball because of the turf field. LSU has a great field so it was a nice transition. Plus, it's time for Mardi Gras!!! Friday night after a late game, all we wanted to do was get to Wendy's for our food and get to the hotel for a shower and bed. However, the fine people of Baton Rouge thought we should experience the culture of the south and trapped us in a parade. Trying to get four vans through a parade of people was not exactly easy. No beads for us, but it was a great people watching experience.



Next week, we are back in action at the University of Arizona. Five more opponents to play, including Nebraska, one of the Big Ten's own. Next weekend's opposition went 13-12 during the first round of games, but it will be about us. We are one victory away from #600 in program history. Check out purduesports.com for updates and follow @PurdueSoftball on twitter.



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