All-Big Ten

All-Big Ten

2001 Elise Berry, Defensive Back (1st)
2002 Elise Berry, Defensive Back (1st)
 Jessica Baumhoff, Midfield (2nd)
2003 Annette Kent, Forward (1st)
 Lauren Sesselmann, Forward (1st)
 Mary Masck, Defensive Back (2nd)
2004 Meghan Dybvig, Defensive Back (1st)
2005 Lauren Sesselmann, Forward (1st)
 Jessica Okoroafo, Forward (2nd)
2006 Parrissa Eyorokon, Forward (1st)
 Lauren Mason, Goalkeeper (1st)
 Jordyn Shaffer, Midfield (2nd)
2007 Parrissa Eyorokon, Forward (1st)
 Shauna Stapleton, Midfield (1st)
 Jordyn Shaffer, Midfield (1st)
 Kira Bilecky, Defensive Back (1st)
 Christy Riggle, Defensive Back (2nd)
 Jenny Bradfisch, Goalkeeper (2nd)
2008 Loredana Riverso, Forward (1st)
 Lauren Montenegro, Midfield (2nd)
 Jessica Stellhorn, Defensive Back (2nd)
2009 Sylvia Forbes, Defensive Back (1st)
 Lauren Montenegro, Midfield (1st)
 Liz Secue, Defensive Back (2nd)
2010 Liz Secue, Defensive Back (1st)
 Lauren Montenegro, Midfield (2nd)

Big Ten All-Freshman Team

2003 Lauren Mason, Goalkeeper
 Sharon Pagorek, Defensive Back
2004 Parrissa Eyorokon, Midfield
2005 Jessica Okoroafo, Forward
2007 Jessica Stellhorn, Defensive Back
2008 Lauren Montenegro, Midfield
2009 Vanessa Ibewuike, Forward

Big Ten All-Tournament Team*

2000 Annette Kent, Forward
2001 Elise Berry, Defensive Back
2002 Annette Kent, Forward
2003 Mary Masck, Defensive Back
2004 Jayme-Lee Biamonte, Midfield
2005 Zarinah Blockton, Defensive Back
2006 Shauna Stapleton, Midfield
2007 Jessica Okoroafo, Forward
 Jordyn Shaffer, Midfield
 Shauna Stapleton, Midfield
2008 Liz Secue, Defensive Back

* - Following the 2008 season, the Big Ten Tournament was placed on a two-year hiatus by a vote of the conference's coaches. The Big Ten Tournament is scheduled to return in 2011.


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