Return Of The Comisar Journal

Oct. 27, 2004

I'd like to start off with a little apology for having taken so long for posting this journal entry. I appreciate having this opportunity to let people know what we are like outside the soccer field and I will be making much better use of it as the team reaches its potential at the end of our season.

The team is definitely coming together on the field, and there's no better time than right before we start the Big Ten tournament. But before we get to that, we have a couple of challenging matches against Oakland on Thursday and against Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Saturday. Now let me get to our successful weekend ...

Once again, Purdue has maintained control of the lovely Golden Boot trophy, which goes to the winner of the Purdue and Indiana game. Not only did we beat our in-state rivals, but we also secured ourselves a spot in the Big Ten tournament. Mo Carey had an amazing game in goal and I'd like congratulate her on receiving Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week honors. I've seen her get better ever year and she is at the peak of her game in her senior year. Becca Robison played well as always, coming up with a big game-winning goal.

We also won on the road Sunday against Indiana State. I'm sure people who had good games, such as Lori Arnold, Christy Riggle, and Amber Henkle, would attribute this win to the fact that our pre-game meal was eaten at Golden Corral. Putting our team in the same area as a dessert buffet is just asking the restaurant to go out of business.

Most people would classify Christmas as their favorite time of year (or Chanukah for us Jewish folk), but my roommates and I love the Halloween spirit.

Crystal Rivas did a great job carving her pumpkin. I was scared she cut her finger off when she started yelling in our apartment, but not to worry; it was just a scream of disappointment as one of the jack-o-lantern's teeth fell out. It's still a nice, snaggle-toothed creation.

Jayme-Lee and Chelsea had one job: cook the pumpkin seeds. It shouldn't be that hard to cook those things right? WRONG! After about ten minutes, they realized that they had forgotten them and we pulled a tray of little black seed remnants out of the oven. It looked like somebody came into our apartment with a fog machine.

The best part of Halloween is the costumes. Jayme-Lee, Crystal, Shannon, and I will be going as a group of long-time American heroes ... the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We have all the proper weaponry, now we just need a lot of green gear.

Crystal has unfortunately already broken her weapon. A friend hit her with it and the weapon broke. No surprise. What other time of year can you dress in green and carry nunchucks around? I love it.

First off, I'd like to thank our always dedicated Purdooligans for coming out to our game at Indiana State on Sunday, and for all they did for our seniors at the IU game, which was Senior Day. I know the Tark Sharks got a shout out in the school paper, but you guys are still the soccer team's favorite superfans.

To Dr. Tanya Foster, our academic advisor: not only do you keep our schedules straight, but you also have the best pre-IU bonfire every year. She makes the best cheesy chicken and potatoes, and smore (NOT SHMORE) making is always fun. Not to mention the singing of the little songs we made for the seniors to the tune of "Milkshake" by Kelis. We should be song writers.

To Jordan Shaffer, for keeping the other freshman in line: she could not have sounded more like my dad when she told the other freshmen, "Don't start!", as they were goofing around. You are mature way beyond your years, except when you do your Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air dance.

Congratulations to a couple of sports teams. The Boston Red Sox, which happens to be Shannon Bradbury's favorite team, are coming up big, beating the Yankees and are now taking it to the Cardinals. Shannon never lost faith.

And more importantly, WHO DEY! All the Bengal losses were erased from my memory as they came up big on Monday night. Way to go to my favorite hometown team on their one-game winning streak.




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