Ten From Tom: Christy Riggle

Christy Riggle

Sept. 22, 2006

What is your favorite sport to watch or play besides soccer?
Basketball. I love to play. Last year, our soccer team set up an intramural squad that had half the team on it. The other half of the team was always there to cheer, coach, and manage us. We ended up winning the championship.

What was the last song you heard?
I would have to go with that new Shakira song. But, I am usually a fan of classic rock such as The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, The Beatles, and The Eagles.

How were the hotel arrangements on your last road trip?
They were really good. The hotels are usually pretty good. We did stay in somewhat of a scary place in Cincinnati. But, other than that everything else was fine.

Do you play any games on road trips?
Not so much, most of us usually do homework or watch TV whenever we have downtime. Many of us will sit in a room, watch TV, and just talk. Sleep is also a major priority.

What do you do to pass the time between classes?
I have an excellent schedule this semester so I don't really have time between my classes. I start class everyday at 10:30 a.m. and practice starts at 2:30 p.m. So, I'll sleep in a bit and just do some homework between classes when I have time.

Do you play any musical instruments?
No, I don't. I would love to learn to play the harmonica though.

What is your favorite part about the fall?
Bonfires, s'mores, and tailgating. I also love camping. My boyfriend and I found this A-OK campground around here last year. We talked about getting the team together and going camping but everyone's schedule is pretty hectic this fall. Hopefully we can plan something in the spring.

What has been your most successful accomplishment while with Purdue's soccer team?
Well, last year we placed second in the Big Ten. This was a huge accomplishment for us because no Purdue team has ever placed that high before. We were second last year and hopefully we will be first this year.

You went to the same high school as Rebecca (Robison). What is it like to be on the same team with someone for so long?
It's great. When I came in as a freshman, I was a little nervous and it helped to know someone on the team before I got here. Last year our high school team was in the state finals so we went back together for the game. We know a lot of the same people and many of the fans. She was a major factor in recruiting me to come to Purdue.

You are halfway through the season, how would you rate the team's success so far?
I would say really well. 7-1-2 is the best we have ever done. We could have won the two ties, but we put ourselves in a great position to win the Big Ten Championship. We have Ohio State on Friday and we'll see how we play.

Is there anything else that we should know about you?
I love movies. I am a huge movie buff. I would consider myself a cult movie fan. I love offbeat movies like Pulp Fiction, Lucky Number Slevin, and Reservoir Dogs. I really enjoyed Sin City as well.