The Comisar Journals: Weeks Three and Four

Sept. 22, 2004

I've been keeping pretty busy since the last journal entry. In between doing homework and studying for tests and quizzes, there's soccer practice, weightlifting, physical therapy, and, of course, just hanging out (and dancing) at the apartment.

Big Ten play started this past weekend, and we started out great by coming away with a pair of victories against Iowa and Minnesota. We have some pretty tough competition in Ohio State and Penn State this weekend, but hopefully on Monday there will be a victory for my 21st birthday after it's all over.

I'll start off this week's entry with a little soccer summary from the weekend ...

Everybody really stepped it up against Iowa and Minnesota, and it was quite an accomplishment that our defense allowed no goals this weekend. While there is still plenty of room to get better, it was an encouraging start.

In game one, Kristin Lichtenberg came up with a huge head-ball goal off of a corner kick. I just can't say enough about her ability to win balls in the air.

Against Minnesota, freshman Kira Bilecky stepped it up at center back, not only coming up with some huge tackles, but also scoring the game-winning goal.

Also, Kira was given our newly developed "Crunch Award" for the hardest tackle of the game. It definitely came at a price though as she ended up breaking her nose in the process. It looks awesome, aside from the fact that the swelling impedes on her vision and that she will now have to wear a face mask.

Don't worry Bilecky; I guess you can be the next Richard "Rip" Hamilton. It's like one of my favorite quotes says, "There comes a time when you would rather injure your body than injure your pride."

With fans like we have, playing at home is quite an advantage these days. These guys are at it every home game with their well-designed posters and sweet pirate costumes.

EVERY time Shauna Stapleton (No. 2 on our team) gets the ball, a long, drawn-out "DEUCE!" cheers follow. I'm not sure what the deal with the pirate costumes is, but it's hilarious and the random "Aargh!" yells from the fans were pretty entertaining.

To thank them for a weekend of superior fan work, we went over to the guys after our game against Minnesota to shake their hands. All the force of the guys leaning over the fence to shake our hands eventually caused the fence to break and fall over, resulting in a waterfall of Purdooligans.

I think I laughed for ten straight minutes. Well done boys.

Now, on to a more social aspect of team life.

One day, Licht (Kristin Lichtenberg) and I were heading back from the training room and saw our friend's car parked behind us. We'll just call him Spunky. He leaves his car unlocked with the windows down, so how could I not punish him?

I have soccer balls that hang from my rearview mirror (similar to fuzzy dice), so Licht takes them and puts them in his car, and I take the baseball out of his console and put it in my car. So to get a little revenge, Spunky toilet papers my car a couple days later. My roommates laughed so hard when I screamed as we went down to my car to leave for team breakfast.

Shannon Bradbury and I went for a little minor retaliation. Spunky does not learn his lesson and still leaves the car open, so we take a couple pairs of sunglasses out of his car.

Who needs three pairs of sunglasses anyways? Aviators are no longer in style anyways, so really, we were doing him a favor.

Apparently, he did not think so, as evidence from a few shady calls I've been receiving asking if I am still selling my car. It seems that he put flyers on campus about the sale of a 2002 Mustang ... MY MUSTANG to be exact!

I have to admit, while I was not happy at the time, I laugh every time I tell someone about it now. Well played Spunky.

And as always, a few quick shout-out since this has been quite a lengthy journal. First off, happy birthday to freshman Shauna Stapleton from the team!

Being a fan of the Bengals and just the city of Cincinnati in general, I have to congratulate them on the huge win. WHO DEY!

Condolences go out to a certain gecko. Not that I have ever owned any geckos, but I'm pretty sure it died due to a lack of identity as it was never named.

Lastly, I have to praise Crystal Rivas for her documentary skills since she has been busting the camcorder out quite a bit lately. She caught Jayme-Lee (Biamonte) and me on camera dancing in the apartment doing everything from the running man to Riverdance.

"The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender"
-Vince Lombardi




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