The Comisar Journals: Week Two Recap

Sept. 9, 2004

We're finally up for some home games this weekend against Miami University and Wright State University after a bunch of traveling last week. We played away at West Virginia and Nebraska, and while we lost both games, it was good for everyone to gain some experience against some nationally renowned teams.

Hopefully, the team will rebound this weekend and send us into the Big Ten season on a winning streak. Plus, I don't think I'll ever be able to show my face at home again if my sisters' team (Wright State) beats my team. Trust me, my one sister, Steph, would definitely rub it in my face forever. So come out and support us this weekend at the Clash of the Conferences!

Now here's a little taste of what went on through all the traveling last week ...

We've all played "20 Questions" before, but Amber Henkle's 20 Questions Ball was definitely better than playing it the old-school way. You think of an object, and the little electronic ball asks questions and usually correctly guesses what it is. The team was pretty amazed. Some people even thought the ball had a mind of its own. When I asked Crystal Rivas what object she had in mind, she secretly pointed to an aluminum can, as if the inanimate electronic ball would possibly see or hear her. It was so smart; it guessed everything from unicorn to diapers. The team would burst into cheers in the middle of the airport if the ball (which we named Spunky) was right. It was exciting every time, even though it is probably intended for kids under 12.

We went to this great restaurant in Nebraska called Fireworks. Afterwards, the team is sitting outside and waiting for the bus to pick us up. Our Sports Information Director, Mark Leddy, had the lone task of calling the bus driver to come get us when we were done. Problem was, Mark planned for a little too much time to eat and we had to wait awhile before the bus would get there.

No harm done Leddy ... (head coach Rob) Klatte spotted an ice cream place across the street and the whole team headed there for some dessert while we waited. Now, I don't know if Mark was just trying to absolve himself from any future responsibility or if he secretly knew there would be ice cream in it for the team. Either way, well played Mark. You can call for the bus anytime.

There is just a couple of other notable experiences outside of soccer to speak of. First, there was seemingly innocent assistant coach Sue Moynihan watching freshman Kira Bilecky look all over for her plane ticket when Sue deviously had it with her the whole time. This is very unlike Sue because she is one of the nicest people ever, which made it that much more entertaining.

Another occurrence was Coach Klatte giving a fast food place a piece of his mind when they wouldn't serve us because we had too many people and they didn't want to deal with us that late, even though it was still open. The team couldn't help but laugh as we watched our coach stand at the drive-through window and, as Arin Yarc would say, give the manager "the business."

Don't worry, Mark Leddy took pictures of the whole incident.

Oh, and to Chelsea Ferrie, it's called toast with strawberry jam, NOT "strawberry jam toast." Honestly, who says that?

Of course, I have to give shout outs. To Brian Wang, I'd just like to say that "I told you so!" Don't ever challenge the unbeatable duo of Jayme-Lee Biamonte and me at BW3's trivia. We will win every time.

I'd also like to express how happy the team is to have Arin Yarc back and practicing again. It's nice to see her practicing and asking a hundred questions, just like old times.

Last, but not least, Shannon (Bradbury), Licht (Kristin Lichtenberg), (Crystal) Rivas, and I would like to thank Scott Byrnes for the life lessons he has taught us. Saying "Looking Good!" to any and every stranger is completely necessary because it helps people feel good themselves. You are a regular Mother Theresa.




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