The Comisar Journals: Preseason Report

Aug. 19, 2004

I knew this would be an interesting preseason as soon as I walked into the Hilton Garden Inn, which essentially becomes our home for about two weeks. There were enough new incoming freshmen to form a whole other Purdue Soccer Team. With a total of 12 of them making the team, I think we have already done a great job coming together. Here's a little wrap-up from the first week of preseason: SOCCER TIME!
So after three months of playing and preparing (or in my case, rehabbing) the first week was filled with testing, fitness, and lots of playing. Our team is quicker this year than in the past, and Coach (Rob) Klatte is doing his part to make sure that we are quick AND fit. We ran cones (similar to suicides), the Yo Yo recovery test (a set of short sprints with limited recovery time), and speed ladders (40-yard sprints) just to name a few. Luckily for us, Ol' Klatte has plenty of different conditioning "activities" in his bag of tricks. I guess it's like our Monday shirts are going to say: "Things don't get easier, you just work harder." The annual Black and Gold scrimmage was competitive, and it was nice to have a chance to go out and just play. Oh, did I mention my team won? Go Black Attack! Anyways, the next day we had off to rest, which was enjoyed especially by us old folks (I know, I'm only 20, but I swear every set of stairs I went up started to feel like a whole bunch of little backsquats) and then it was back to work today (Tuesday), with more fitness and ball work. The team is working hard to get ready for our preseason scrimmage against DePaul for a little rematch of our NCAA game last season. It will be a great chance to see the leadership and work ethic of the upperclassmen put together with an already impressive freshman class. TEAM-BONDING
Coach Klatte comes up with something crazy every year, and this year was no different. Everyone knows the classic game Pictionary, right? Well, combine that with your favorite first-grade toy (that my brother put in my hair once, by the way) and you have PLAY-DOH-TIONARY! First off, let me say that everything is super competitive on this team. We were all put in teams of four, and Rob would give us a word or two that we would have to form with the Play-Doh and get our team to guess what it was to earn a point. We are all forming Picasso-like structures and frantically guessing. For example, the first word was unicorn, and we got to see the winning group's creation which was more like a round, doughy mess with a spike on it ... more like a Blob-i-corn, if you asked me. My group got the most right, even though Jayme's group won since we went for a winner-takes-all on the last one. They earned it though. It was a little shady, but any group who can guess that her four-legged creation was supposed to be a "laughing hyena" deserves the title. A couple of awards must go out ... BEST DUO: Of course I'm biased, but my roommate Jill Sarbaugh and I connected three times with porcupine, eggbeater, and vacuum ... BEST GUESS: Definitely Mo Carey with her correct guess of Roman Coliseum to some shoddy, misshapen bowl figure ... BEST EFFORT AT CHEATING: You can't motion with the Play-Doh, but good thought by (Lauren) Sesselmann to click her red dough shoes together in order to get Wizard of Oz. SHOUT-OUTS
As always, I have to give shout-outs. We eat dinner with the football team at training tables, and I have to give credit to some freshman football player for pulling my roommate Jill out of her seat on the first day of camp and serenading her with Reuben Studdard's "Sorry 2004." It was totally fitting that this guy did a little Reuben, and I give him a 10 on the performance. I'm sure my roomie will never forget her first day here at Purdue. Chelsea Ferrie gets a shout-out for her commentary on the Olympics. About 10 of us were watching the men's gymnastics in Parissa's (Eyorokon) and (Sharon) Pagorek's room. She knew the names of the moves and the appropriate scores people should receive. I mean, obviously, when a guy does a spin around a bar with one hand it is called a "One-Armed Charlie." I feel that she has quite the future doing commentary for ESPN someday. Lastly, I would like to wish Arin Yarc a speedy recovery on her arthroscopic surgery. She is one of the toughest people I know, and after a few knee surgeries, she already knows how to get the rehab done. At least she is doing her rehab here and not back home on the farm, where she risks getting bit by one of her cows again. GET WELL FROM ALL THE PURDUE SOCCER GIRLS!




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