2003 Preseason Photos

Aug. 15, 2003

Athletic trainer Farren Nixon stretches out Kim Comisar before the start of practice. Chelsea Ferrie sits at left.

Team manager Brian Lafferty (far right) keeps track of Rebecca Robison's progress as she works on improving her vertical leap. Meghan Dybivg stands behind Robison awaiting her turn.

Heather Bogan sets up for her turn in the 40-yard dash. Arin Yarc (L) and Mary Masck lineup behind Bogan, as head coach Rob Klatte sets his stopwatch.

Sharon Pagorek camps out underneath the ball ready to make a play on it.

Mary Masck works on her foot-eye coordination as she juggles the soccer ball.

Head coach Rob Klatte calls a time out to address the team in midst of a practice drill.

Players pair up to improve their communication and ball-handling skills. The Mollenkopf Athletic Center is an indoor multipurpose facility, used by Purdue's women soccer and football teams.

With the dormitories still closed off to students, a couple of players looked anywhere and everywhere for a place to nap.

Kristin Lichtenberg maneuvers the soccer ball with ease around some obstacles.