The Comisar Journals: July Edition

July 15, 2004

Summer, sadly enough, is flying by. There is only one more month until preseason. I've been kept busy lately with a couple of classes, workouts, and Purdue soccer camp, among other things. I know how everyone has been on the edge of their seats awaiting the next Comisar Journal entry (or not), so I'll just jump right into it...

Purdue Soccer Camp
What a week that was! I was so pumped when Rob Klatte asked me if my sisters would like to also work camp with me. Unfortunately, one of the twins, Kate, had to go off and copy her other two sisters and tear her ACL, so she couldn't come. Kate, a defender, and Steph, a goalkeeper, will be sophomores at Wright State.

(Purdue plays Wright State on Sept. 12 this year for a little Comisar showdown. The twins keep talking up that they will win because there is two of them and only one of me. I have nothing to say except that I'll gladly help up my little sister Steph up once she attempts to dive after a ball that I put in the back of the net. What can I say? We're a competitive family).

So I got the chance to run camp with Steph, as well as my teammates Crystal, Kristin, Mo, Becca, Chels, Shannon, Pagorek and Natalie, a goalkeeper from Iowa. Our ex-manager Brian and current manager Scott also worked camp along with an all-star line-up of coaches, who were some of the funniest people I have ever met.

At the end of camp, the kids got separated into teams and they played a little 4 vs. 4 tournament. Each team got to pick a country, so when a team was given the letter "U," coach Rob C. would try to get these kids to call their team Uzbekistan instead of the good old U.S. of A., or Botswana as opposed to Brazil and Mozambique instead of Mexico. Way to encourage an awareness of all geographic locations.

I was a ref on one of the fields, and coach Scott kept trying to get me to call "controversial" (or non-existent) fouls so we could watch a game-changing penalty kick. Since I have such integrity, I resisted the pressures, plus I didn't want 40 little kids jumping me after camp. Camp was great, and all the kids worked hard and provided an occasional laugh. Good times, great stuff.

Since I rambled on so much about camp, I'm just going to try to keep these other sections short and sweet. A little update on my broken foot: it is healing nicely and I've been keeping myself busy, with three days a week of lifting, pool sprint work-outs, elliptical, and bike.

My roommate, Crystal, has been doing the sprint work-outs and a healthy dose of our cones test every week, which is a set of 10 suicides that we have to make during preseason. I'm proud of her. It must take some determination to work claims all day at State Farm Insurance and then go running. Incidentally, be careful if you talk to her. She's gotten all business-like on me lately. She has to read all the books about injuries for her job, so she knows all the official terms for everything now. Instead of saying "I have a cut on my leg," Miss Big-League will say "I have a minor abrasion on my femur." Thanks, buddy. Now my brain hurts.

I would also like to give a shout-out to Meghan Dybvig who is playing in the W-League right now. Cones is a very hard endurance test, but Dybs ran it with the girls the other day, and was so fit that she was seeing if she could do parts of it running backwards or shuffling while everyone else is gasping for air. We'll just make her run it with 50-pound weights in each hand for preseason.

I could talk about my social life, but I think I have already rambled plenty. I'll just send a few shout-outs because, hey, this is my journal. Get well to all my buddies recovering from ACL surgery or preparing to have it. The process only makes you appreciate the game that much more.

Hello to Mrs. Tibbals, formerly Chrissy Creamer, a builder of our soccer program. Also, I would like to give props to all my miniature golfing buddies, and the members of the Hole-In-One Club. I think it took immense skill on my part to hit the ball in the water twice on one hole (I bet you didn't think that was possible on a 10-foot long, par-three hole) and then get a hole-in-one on the next hole. Lastly, thanks to a few friends for a great trip down the beautiful Tippecanoe River and some much-needed fishing lessons.

And I will just leave you all with this: "Achievement lies within the reach of those who reach beyond themselves."





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