The Comisar Journals

June 16, 2004

I was pretty surprised when I was asked to take over the soccer team's online journals. Let me start off by saying that I am in no way a journalist. Hopefully, I can offer to the ten people that even read this thing some amusing insights on our summer workouts and whatever else the summer soccer crew is up to. This just couldn't be safe ... my own open forum to talk and say what I'm doing. When Shannon Bradbury heard I'd be doing this, she replied "Great, it's going to be a whole journal of inside jokes and shout-outs." My only response to that is, "maybe it will be and MAYBE IT WILL BE!"

Now onto business ...

1.) Summer Workouts

So while I'd love to be telling everyone how I'm doing our killer sprint workouts, I can't due to a fractured bone in my foot. Instead, I'm limited to lifting three days a week and lots of pool workouts. (Oh, and I'd like to take this chance to thank my parents, Becky and Steve-O for the quality genetic coding. Three sisters playing college soccer has added up to three ACL surgeries, two arthroscopic surgeries, one patellar relocation and a broken foot. I guess we're built like my dad, who whenever he is told that he looks young, responds bitterly with "Well, I look 40, but I feel like I'm 100." Encouraging.)

The lifting program has been tough, like it always is. (Arin) Yarc, (Crystal) Rivas, Mo (Carey), Licht (Kristin Lichtenberg), and I do it in IAF (Intercollegiate Athletics Facility), which has been re-opened after getting the floors redone. I had always wanted to feel like a stud and lift in the huge, sweet-looking weightroom in Mollenkopf, but after lifting in there for a week, I did not feel studly at all. It's just a little blow to the self-esteem when massive football players are lifting about a million pounds while I can't even find what I'm looking for in there yet.

The only person who probably feels at home in there is Crystal (I taught her all she knows about lifting). The other girls who aren't out-of-order, are working their butts off. They've already done cones a couple of times along with all the sprints they do. It really is encouraging to see them working so hard already. They will definitely dominate the fitness tests in preseason. They even join me once in a while for my pool workouts, which aren't easy either. The faster I sprint, the less ground I cover. It's a good thing I'm doing sprint workouts in there thought...the only thing I've mastered is probably the doggie paddle (look out Purdue Swimming).

2.) Social Time

So almost as important as the workouts, is the cookouts! Every week, Lichtenberg pulls out Emeril-like acts of cooking. From grilled chicken breast to marinated steaks to tacos, this girl makes great food for like 15 people every week (and I think she likes doing it!). This has led me to conclude two things about her: 1) She will most likely drop out of Purdue University to pursue an education elsewhere in the culinary arts and 2) she will have about 40 kids someday. Seriously though, all the cooking is appreciated, and I'd also like to thank Yarc and Zack for cooking and my second family (who gave me my first Easter), the Rivas'.

So I could probably talk forever (weird, I know) but I just wanted to tell all the girls to keep up the hard work and do your thing in rehab if you are injured. It isn't easy to do all this, which is why not everybody gets the chance to play college sports. We control our own progress. I think the deepest thing Arin Yarc has ever said was "We may not win every game, but we have the best team." I couldn't agree more, judging from our team's work ethic and team chemistry. BOILER UP!




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