Meet the Boilermakers: Courtney Moses
Moses is currently fifth all-time at Purdue with 176 three pointers.

Dec. 11, 2013

Interests / Hobbies: Intentional Relationships With: God, Family, & Small Circle of Friends/Purdue Basketball/FCA/Being An Outdoors Country Girl/Working Out/ Eating Healthy/Smiling & Laughing/Reading Encouraging Books

Nickname: C-Mo

One word to describe my game:  Peppy

Major (or plan to major in):  Human Services

Best Sporting Event Ever Attended: December 18, 2011, Purdue Women’s Basketball vs. Auburn at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN. Drey Mingo checked into the game in the second half surprisingly after fighting for her life battling bacterial meningitis just a few weeks before. [There was a] standing ovation from the crowd when she checked in.

Best Concert I Ever Attended: Jason Aldean & Jake Owen

Best Player I Ever Faced and When: Maya Moore, 2nd Round of 2011 NCAA tournament at UCONN my freshman year

Best Friend From Another Team: Lindsey Rains, Purdue Softball

Three Players on my Dream Team:  Tamika Catchings, Reggie Miller, John Wooden

Team I'd Like to See Added to the Schedule and Why: University of Hawaii, so we could visit Hawaii, duh!

Toughest Place I've Ever Played: 2nd round of 2013 NCAA tournament junior year at Louisville

Magazine Cover I'd Like to Be On: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Most Famous Person Ever Met: Everybody is famous in his or her own way.

If I could trade places with one teammate for a day, it would be (Name and reason): Torrie Thornton, so I could sing!

If I could be Coach Versyp for a day, I would: Take a vacation day to a beach, catch some rays while sipping on a cold Diet Coke with my toes in the sand, and eat a nice fresh seafood meal with my newly hired staff of: Jordan Delks, Josh Turner, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tim Tebow, Channing Tatum, Liam Hemsworth, Jake Owen, Eric Decker, Matt Leinart.



My favorite Coach Versyp saying is: Good Shot or Bad Shot?

Person I'd Like to Have Dinner With (dead or alive): My Grandma, Caroline Moses.

Place I'd Like to Visit: The Holy Land & Hawaii

Best Part About Purdue: The tradition of women’s basketball, FCA, and the lifetime relationships that are formed with quality people: coaches, teammates, athletic administrators, & friends

Best Moments at Purdue: Meeting the love of my life Jordan Delks at FCA my sophomore year, winning 2 B1G tournament championships, mission trips to: Haiti & South Africa, and meeting my best friend: Lindsey Rains (If you have to choose just one you can pick the first one…but all of these are the best moments!! So you can use them all too J)

My First Memory of Basketball: Dribbling a basketball as a toddler at our house in Sweetser, Ind.

My Dream Job is: Stay-at-home mom

I Would Have Liked to Have Witnessed (does not have to be sports-related): The lives of both of my parents, Tim and Cheryl Moses, during their childhood, teenage years, and their roaring 20s

My Hometown is Famous For: The Sweetser Switch Trail & The Annual Pumpkin Walk.

Favorite Musical Artist: Jason Aldean

Song I Have To Listen To Before Games:  I listen to the “How Bad Do You Want It (Success)” YouTube video by Eric Thomas

Favorite Food:  Anything off the grill: chicken, salmon, steak, shrimp

Favorite Sports Movie: Love and Basketball

Favorite TV Show: Family Feud

Favorite Pro Athlete in Different Sport: Tim Tebow

Favorite Pro Sports Team: USA in any sport at the Olympics

Favorite Website:

Favorite League Arena Other Than Mackey Arena: Williams Arena “The Barn” at Minnesota

Best Part about a Purdue Gameday: The energy, the band, & knowing my family will be there

Player to Surprise People Most This Year: Whitney Bays

Player That Will Be First to Get Married: Dee Dee Williams

Player That Will Be The Last To Get Married: Hayden Hamby

Player That Will Be a Head Coach Someday: April Wilson

Player With Strongest Accent: Hayden Hamby

Player That Wants to be a Reality TV Star: Camille Redmon

Most Competitive Player: KK Houser

Player That Dresses The Best: Torrie Thornton

Player That Dominates Video Games: Joslyn Massey

Best Trash-Talker: We’re Classy, Not Trashy

Best Singer: Torrie Thornton

Best Dancer: Dee-Camille Thornson (Dee-Dee, Camille, Torrie, & April)

Player I Would Not Want to Get in a Fight With: Dee Dee Williams, because if you’re getting in a fight with her then you’re getting in a fight with her fiancé BJ too; no thank you.

Player That Talks About High School Days The Most: Bridgette Perry

Funniest Player: Camille Redmon


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