Meet the Boilermakers: Liza Clemons
Clemons has the most returning minutes of the Boilermaker post players.

Oct. 18, 2013

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NAME: Liza Clemons

Interests / Hobbies: Shopping, eating, sleeping

Nickname: Liz (pronounced Lees)

One word to describe my game: Finest/smooth

Major (or plan to major in): Human Services- Social Work

Best Sporting Event Ever Attended: Purdue football against Notre Dame, 2013

Best Concert I Ever Attended: Chris Brown my 8th grade year, I caught the towel he threw!

Best Player I Ever Faced and When: Liz Stratman in high school my junior year

Best Friend From Another Team: Lecretia Smith from Toledo, but she graduated this past year

Three Players on my Dream Team: Candice Parker, LeBron James, Elena Delle Donne

Team I'd Like to See Added to the Schedule and Why: Any team with one of my former AAU teammates because it would be fun to play against them

Toughest Place I've Ever Played: Louisville at Louisville

Magazine Cover I'd Like to Be On: Ebony

Most Famous Person Ever Met: George Hill

If I could trade places with one teammate for a day, it would be (Name and reason): C-Mo because she's always in a good mood.

If I could be Coach Versyp for a day, I would: Buy every player on the team a car, especially Liza Clemons (LOL)

My favorite Coach Versyp saying is: Gang

Person I'd Like to Have Dinner With (dead or alive): My granny

Place I'd Like to Visit: California

Best Part About Purdue: The support

Best Moment at Purdue: My freshman year when we chased KK around campus

My First Memory of Basketball: In elementary school, my mom had to pay me to dribble.

My Dream Job is: Doing nothing and getting paid for it

I Would Have Liked to Have Witnessed (does not have to be sports-related): My grandpa watching me play basketball

My Hometown is Famous For: The Coliseum

Favorite Musical Artist: Drake







Song I Have To Listen To Before Games: Just something to get me hype

Favorite Food:  Everything except for seafood

Favorite Sports Movie: Hurricane Season and Love and Basketball

Favorite TV Show: Scandal

Favorite Pro Athlete in Different Sport: Serena Williams

Favorite Pro Sports Team: Miami Heat

Favorite Website: YouTube

Favorite League Arena Other Than Mackey Arena: Minnesota

Best Part about a Purdue Gameday: Seeing my family

Player to Surprise People Most This Year: Whitney

Player That Will Be First to Get Married: Dee-Dee

Player That Will Be The Last To Get Married: April

Player That Will Be a Head Coach Someday: C-Mo

Player With Strongest Accent: Hayden

Player That Wants to be a Reality TV Star: Ashley

Most Competitive Player: KK

Player That Dresses The Best: Dee-Dee

Player That Dominates Video Games: Joslyn

Best Trash-Talker: Camille

Best Singer: Torrie

Best Dancer: April

Player I Would Not Want to Get in a Fight With: Myself

Player That Talks About High School Days The Most: Bridget

Funniest Player: Camille 




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