Meet the Boilermakers: Camille Redmon
Redmon looks to make an impact in the paint for the Boilermakers this season.
Redmon looks to make an impact in the paint for the Boilermakers this season.

Oct. 10, 2013

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Interests / Hobbies: Reading, spending time with friends

One word to describe my game: Physical

Major (or plan to major in): Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Best Sporting Event Ever Attended: WNBA Finals 2012

Best Player I Ever Faced and When: Chiney Oguimike in high school

Best Friend From Another Team: Madison Williams, Michigan State

Three Players on my Dream Team: Derrick Rose, Roy Hibbert, Courtney Moses

Team I'd Like to See Added to the Schedule and Why: Southern Methodist University

Toughest Place I've Ever Played: Nebraska

Magazine Cover I'd Like to Be On: Nylon

Most Famous Person Ever Met: Lisa Leslie

If I could trade places with one teammate for a day, it would be (Name and reason): Dee-Dee Williams, so that I can wear her shoes

If I could be Coach Versyp for a day, I would: Make out a check to Camille Redmon, and date it post-graduation

Person I'd Like to Have Dinner With (dead or alive): Dwight Howard

Place I'd Like to Visit: Barbados

Best Part About Purdue: The people are really nice

Best Moment at Purdue: Notre Dame football game 2013

My First Memory of Basketball: Mimicking my mom yelling at refs in the second grade

My Dream Job is: Head of purchasing and supply at a Disney Resort or Cruise line

I Would Have Liked to Have Witnessed (does not have to be sports-related): Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth in the opening tour of Wicked

My Hometown is Famous For: Being voted the most pleasant place to live in 2006

Favorite Musical Artist: Christina Perri







Song I Have To Listen To Before Games: Ya Gotta Be by Des'Ree

Favorite Food:  Seafood

Favorite Sports Movie: Glory Road

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite Pro Athlete in Different Sport: Destinee Hooker (volleyball)

Favorite Pro Sports Team: Minnesota Lynx

Favorite Website: IMDB (Internet Movie Database)

Favorite League Arena Other Than Mackey Arena: Minnesota

Best Part about a Purdue Gameday: Energy from the fans

Player to Surprise People Most This Year: Bridget Perry

Player That Will Be First to Get Married: Dee-Dee Williams

Player That Will Be The Last To Get Married: April Wilson

Player That Will Be a Head Coach Someday: Courtney Moses

Player With Strongest Accent: Hayden Hamby

Player That Wants to be a Reality TV Star: Ashley Morrissette

Most Competitive Player: KK Houser

Player That Dresses The Best: Dee-Dee Williams

Player That Dominates Video Games: Joslyn Massey

Best Trash-Talker: KK Houser

Best Singer: Torrie Thornton

Best Dancer: April Wilson

Player I Would Not Want to Get in a Fight With: Liza Clemons

Funniest Player: April Wilson




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