Mackey Arena Seat Reallocation FAQs

Updated April 7, 2010

Why are we reallocating the seats?
Once the Mackey Complex Project is complete, many factors will combine to create a completely new manifest of seats in the arena. These changes include additional ADA seating, a new tunnel and premium seats. The sales capacity of the arena will also decrease. Therefore, the only fair way to determine seat locations after the renovation is to completely reallocate Mackey Arena for men's and women's basketball, based on your John Purdue Club priority points.

Will reallocation be based on priority points?
The basis for determining selection priority for the 2011 seat reallocation process will be the John Purdue Club's priority point system.

What are the priority point and membership deadlines?
Priorities for seat reallocation will be based on John Purdue Club members' priority point totals as of March 31, 2011. For more information regarding deadlines, please see the Mackey Arena Premium Seating & Reallocation Timeline on

How far am I likely to move when the reallocation takes place?
Several factors will determine where your seats will be located after the renovation. Obviously every effort will be made to inconvenience our fans as little as possible, while at the same time maintaining a fair process. All current season-ticket holders are likely to move, even if it is just a seat or a row because we will be working with a completely new seating manifest. Personal preferences such as aisle seating, number of stairs to climb or descend, etc., will determine your particular seat location.

What is the process?
Prioritizing Groups
John Purdue Club members, based on priority point totals, will receive first priority on ordering tickets. Non-John Purdue Club members will then receive priority based on years of consecutive season-ticket purchase. Purdue students will be handled as a separate group. Purdue faculty and staff will continue to receive discounted tickets, with assignment of priority according to their place in one of the above groups.

Seat Selection and Allocation Timeline
The seat selection and allocation phase will begin in April 2011.

Seat Selection
Individual seat selection is available for John Purdue Club members and may be done in one of four ways.

Online - Members can log on to a secure Web site. From this site, they will be able to select their seats. The site will also allow members a 3-D view of the court while selecting their seats.

In Person - Members can come to the Athletic Ticket Office and work with a staff member to select and pay for their seats.

Over the Phone - Athletic Ticket Office and John Purdue Club staff members will be able to help members choose seats and place their orders over the phone.

By Mail or Fax - Members can send their ticket orders and seating requests in to the Athletic Ticket Office. The Ticket Office staff will then assign the best available seating.

A deposit will be required at the time of selection.

Will a minimum annual seat contribution to the annual fund for scholarships be required in order to buy a ticket for basketball? Yes. The Legacy Fund is the next step for Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics toward the goal of national prominence and the "25/85 Club" while continuing to ensure financial self-sufficiency in future years. This investment will allow us to keep pace with escalating operating costs associated with supporting our 500 student-athletes. The Legacy Fund contribution is an annual per seat obligation in addition to the cost of the ticket and designated John Purdue Club membership requirements for seating.

The Legacy Fund donation for men's basketball will be $250 for each lower arena seat and $100 for each upper arena seat. The Legacy Fund donation for women's basketball will be $10 for each lower arena seat and $5 for each upper arena seat.

Ticket Limits
John Purdue Club members may purchase the following number of lower arena (premium seats and regular lower arena) men's basketball seats:

Champion - 12
Olympian - 10
All-American - 8
MVP - 4 - upper only
Captain - 2 - upper only
First Team - 2 - upper only

If a John Purdue Club member purchased greater than the limited number above during the 2009-10 men's basketball season, he/she will be allowed to order up to that same number in 2011-12, provided the member maintains or establishes membership at the All-American level or above for lower arena seats.

Grouping of Seats
All fans requesting to sit together will need to order as a group. The group's seat selection priority number will be determined by the member with the lowest priority point total.

Will we have ordering time slots based on priority points like we had for Ross-Ade reallocation?
Yes, John Purdue Club members will receive a mailing that will include ordering instructions and a specific time slot of when they will be eligible to begin purchasing season tickets. These time slots will be based on priority point totals.

Non-John Purdue Club members will be able to select their seats after all John Purdue Club members have ordered.

What if I miss my designated time slot for ordering?
The time slots for John Purdue Club members have a start date, but not an ending date. Therefore, members can select their seats any time after their designated start date, but not before that date.

What are my options for renewing my season tickets?
Information for men's and women's basketball season tickets for 2011-12 will be mailed to all members. Check the timeline on the premium seating Web site for more details. You can purchase your season tickets at the Athletic Ticket Office in person, call the ticket office to place your order, or order your tickets online. In order to select your tickets, however, you will need to have Internet access. All fans that have access to the Internet will be able to take advantage of an added online feature. Fans can view a map of the arena on the reallocation Web site that shows the seats in each section that are available. This map will be updated daily during the reallocation process to give fans a better idea of where their seats may be located.

I have had season tickets for years, but never joined the John Purdue Club. Will I have any reward for my loyalty?
An option that would allow you to capitalize on your loyalty to Purdue Men's or Women's Basketball through consecutive season-ticket purchases would be to join the John Purdue Club prior to the March 31, 2011, deadline. Doing so would activate the priority points associated with those ticket purchases. Aside from capturing the priority points for purchasing season tickets over the years, you also receive 50 priority points for joining the Club.

I have been sitting with friends for years. How do we ensure that our seats remain together?
Groups will be handled in a similar fashion as in the past. John Purdue Club members who wish to sit together will take the priority of the member with the lowest priority point total.

How can I learn more about Mackey Arena premium seating?
Click here to go to the Mackey Arena premium seating Web site.

Students don't accumulate priority points. How will their seating be handled?
The reallocation process will not affect student seating. A block of tickets will be reserved for the student section as it has in past years. Lower arena seating will be general admission for Paint Crew or Gold Mine members only.

How can I keep up-to-date on the reallocation process?
The most up-to-date information on the reallocation can be found by going to and clicking on the ticket or Mackey Project links. If you have a specific question related to the upcoming reallocation, please e-mail us at