The Priority Point System

The John Purdue Club uses a priority point system for the allocation of tickets for football, men's and women's basketball, volleyball and post-season competitions. The system recognizes both financial support and continuous loyalty to the John Purdue Club.

The priority point system uses many factors, including years as a season ticket holder, continuous years as a John Purdue Club member, President's Council member, varsity letter winner, and/or Alumni Association member. John Purdue Club members also accrue points based on cumulative contributions, deferred gifts, premium seat/suite licenses, post-season competition ticket purchases, and the recruitment of new members. Priority points are used to determine priority for new or improved seating assignments. There are two different categories of points: lifetime and annual. Lifetime points are non-cumulative and carry over each year; annual points are cumulative and earned each year.

An important objective of the priority point system is to properly mesh loyalty to Purdue Athletics with the importance of dollars given. The priority point system is primarily used to determine priority in the allocation of new or improved seating, in the assignment of single game tickets, and in determining football bowl and basketball tournament ticket disbursement. Members who maintain their current giving level may retain their current seats.

Annual points are accumulated by making yearly gifts to the John Purdue Club, season ticket purchase, new member recruitment, and continuous years as a John Purdue Club member. The ticket office runs new totals at least three times a year. This is typically done before football and basketball tickets are allocated, and once in the winter.

Through a partnership between the John Purdue Club and Purdue's Alumni Web Community, our members have real time access to individual Priority Point status. To access your John Purdue Club Priority Points, click here.