Frequently Asked Questions

General Membership

How did the John Purdue Club get started?
In 1958, the Big Ten forever changed college athletics when it announced that member schools could raise money for athletic grants-in-aid. Athletic Director Guy "Red" Mackey, Purdue Alumni Association Executive Director Joe Rudolph and Purdue Alumni Scholarship Foundation Director C. H. "Cordy" Hall established the John Purdue Club in that same year. Since then, the Club has become the model that dozens of Division I schools' athletics fundraising programs emulate.

Who can join the John Purdue Club?
Anyone interested in the future of Boilermaker Athletics may join the John Purdue Club. Many of our donors attended Purdue, but you don't need to be a Purdue graduate or letter winner to show your support. Approximately 25% of John Purdue Club members are not Purdue Alumni. To apply for membership, download the application (PDF; Adobe Acrobat required), give online (specify the John Purdue Club) or contact the John Purdue Club office at (800) 213-2239 or (765) 494-3248. ("Online" link to: "application" link to:

Why is the John Purdue Club important?
The Purdue University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics receives NO funding from the University or the state of Indiana. The John Purdue Club is integral in maintaining the tradition of Purdue Athletics.

What is the function of the John Purdue Club?
Each year, all 18 Boilermaker sports programs benefit from the generosity of the John Purdue Club. The John Purdue Club is responsible for raising all of the funds necessary to cover the tuition, room and board, books and academic support costs of Purdue's 500 student-athletes.

How are John Purdue Club contributions used?
All of the gifts to the John Purdue Club support scholarships and academic support for Purdue's student-athletes and improvement to our athletic facilities. Donations are NOT used for administrative costs. Administrative costs are paid through a separate budget, based on ticket sales and radio and television revenue.

Does my gift make a difference?
Every gift, no matter the amount, brings us closer to meeting the total scholarship costs for dedicated Boilermaker student-athletes. The impact of your gift reaches beyond the playing field. For Purdue's student-athletes, an education at this prestigious university - made possible only through John Purdue Club contributions - provides the opportunity to prosper beyond athletics.

What is an endowed scholarship?
Members wishing to leave a permanent mark on Purdue Athletics may fully endow an athletic scholarship. When a member makes a contribution of $350,000, the Athletic Department places the funds in an endowment account and uses a portion of the fund's annual interest to pay for an athletic scholarship. Donors may choose to endow a general athletic scholarship or one for a particular sport, major or attribute.

What are the membership levels for John Purdue Club?
John Purdue Club memberships range from the First Team level to the Champion level and are based on annual giving amounts. Benefits, including priority ticket location and parking, a complimentary subscription to Gold and Black Illustrated and invitations to exclusive events, increase with both the level and duration of support. The six annual giving levels are First Team ($200-$499), Captain ($500-$999), MVP ($1,000-$2,499), All-American ($2,500-$$7,499), Olympian ($7,500-Champion), and Champion (the cost of an in-state scholarship for one year).

What other membership options exist besides the six annual levels?
In addition to the First Team, Captain, MVP, All-American, Olympian, and Champion levels of membership, we also offer life memberships at the Captain ($14,000), MVP ($25,000), All-American ($60,000), Olympian ($175,000) and Champion (endowed scholarship, $350,000) levels. The funds generated from lifetime memberships are placed in a separate account, and the Club draws only on the interest as long as the membership remains active. All memberships, including life memberships, are transferable only to the surviving spouse.

How do I renew my membership?
John Purdue Club memberships operate according to the anniversary date system, meaning your renewal date is 12 months from the date you join. At the beginning of each month, the John Purdue Club sends a letter to all members whose renewal date falls within that month. The letter provides an overview of the past athletic year and a reminder about the contribution given the year before. Renewals can be made online, over the phone with a credit card or mailed to the John Purdue Club in the postage-paid envelope enclosed with the renewal letter.

Does the John Purdue Club accept matching gift contributions?
Many companies match gifts to Purdue Athletics. Call the John Purdue Club office, check with your company, or use the University Development Office Web search engine to find out if your company has a matching gifts program.

Can memberships or tickets be willed to a friend or family member?
The John Purdue Club's long-standing policy does not permit tickets or memberships to be transferred from one member to another. Membership and benefits can be transferred only to a surviving spouse.

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Tax Benefits

Is my contribution tax deductible?
Yes. All gifts to the John Purdue Club are considered gifts to Purdue and are credited at full value in the donor's giving record to the University.

While gifts are tax deductible, the John Purdue Club will calculate the fair-market value of the benefits accompanying each level of giving. Each year, you will receive a description of your benefits and their value. Your tax deduction should be reduced by the value of these benefits.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, a contribution associated with the privilege of purchasing season tickets is deductible as a charitable contribution at 80 percent of the adjusted gift. The first $200 of your annual contribution places you in the John Purdue Club and gives you priority over the general public. Members also may choose to decline the benefits offered.

A special note for Indiana taxpayers: You are eligible for a 50 percent income tax credit for gifts up to $400 on joint returns or $200 on individual returns.

For those who lease premium seating or suites in Ross-Ade Stadium or Mackey Arena, 80 percent of annual payments (less the value received) is also tax deductible. Details on this deduction are sent to premium seat holders.

Please see your tax advisor for more information about the tax implications of your donation.

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Priority Points System

What is the priority points system?

The John Purdue Club uses a priority point system for the allocation of tickets for football, men's and women's basketball, volleyball and post-season competitions. The system recognizes both financial support and continuous loyalty to the John Purdue Club.

How does the priority points system work?
The priority point system uses many factors, including years as a season ticket holder, continuous years as a John Purdue Club member, President's Council member, varsity letter winner and/or Alumni Association member. JPC members also accrue points based on cumulative contributions, deferred gifts, premium seat/suite licenses, post-season competition ticket purchases and the recruitment of new members. Priority points are used to determine priority for new or improved seating assignments. There are two different categories of points: lifetime and annual. Lifetime points are non-cumulative and carry over each year; annual points are cumulative and are earned each year.

How are my points used?
An important objective of the point system is to properly mesh loyalty to Purdue Athletics with the importance of dollars given. The priority point system is primarily used to determine priority in the allocation of new or improved seating, in the assignment of single game tickets and in determining football bowl and basketball tournament ticket disbursement. Members who maintain their giving level may retain their current seats.

Does the points system recognize deferred gifts?
Yes. Members who make deferred gifts earn John Purdue Club points immediately, with one point awarded for every $500 dedicated to Purdue Athletics. For example, a member who establishes a $50,000 trust and makes John Purdue Club the beneficiary earns 100 priority points immediately. If the membership transfers to the surviving spouse, the spouse would receive additional points for cumulative contributions (one point per $100, less the number of points already awarded) once John Purdue Club receives the gift. In the above example, when John Purdue Club receives the $50,000 gift, the surviving spouse would receive 400 additional points. For more information and to discuss deferred giving options, please contact the John Purdue Club office at (800) 213-2239 or (765) 494-3248.

How often are points added to my total?
Annual points are accumulated by making yearly gifts to the John Purdue Club, season ticket purchase, new member recruitment and continuous years as a John Purdue Club member. The ticket office runs new totals at least three times a year. This is typically done before football and basketball tickets are allocated, and once in the winter. Points for annual giving are accumulated whenever a member earns them and are updated monthly. Members can call the John Purdue Club at any time for a points update, or by registering online to access a real time priority points update. Members also receive an update on their current points total in the mail at least once a year.

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Premium Seating - Ross-Ade Stadium

Do I have to be a John Purdue Club member to purchase premium seats?
All premium seat holders must be members of the John Purdue Club. For more information on membership level requirements, call (765) 494-3248.

Is it possible to tour the Pavilion to see what the Club areas look like?
Yes. To find out more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the John Purdue Club office at (800) 213-2239 or (765) 494-3248 or by e-mail at

What is the cost of premium seats in Ross-Ade Stadium?
For current pricing, visit the Premium Seating Web site or contact us by telephone at (765) 494-3248.

When will my annual payment be due each year?
You will receive your invoice in late February each year, with a due date of early April.

Are there tax advantages for purchasing premium seating at Purdue University?
Eighty percent of your charitable contribution, less value received, is tax deductible. Details on this deduction are sent to premium seat holders. Please see your tax advisor for more information about the tax implications of your donation.

How will I access my premium seats on game day?
You will access your premium seats via elevators from the Pavilion on the stadium's west side.

Is premium seating handicap accessible?
All premium seating is easily accessible for all persons.

Are my season tickets included in the cost of each premium seat license?
Premium seat prices include game tickets, parking and other amenities.

Will I receive a parking pass with my premium seat license?
All Club seat licenses include one complimentary pass for up to four (4) seats purchased. An additional parking pass is included for every four (4) seats purchased. Parking passes are allocated based on John Purdue Club membership level.

Is food included in the cost of the premium seating?
Complimentary food and beverages are available for all members of the Buchanan Club, while an expanded food and beverage menu is available for purchase in the Shively Stadium Club. Suite holders have access to a variety of menu items for purchase prior to game day.

How are premium seats in the Buchanan Club and Shively Club allocated?
As soon as you have paid your deposit and signed your premium seat license, you will be able to select your seats.

Where can I find out more information on the Premium Seating program at Purdue University?
You can find out more information on the Premium Seating program by visiting Ross-Ade Pavilion at 850 Beering Drive, West Lafayette, during regular business hours Monday through Friday, by calling the John Purdue Club office at (800) 213-2239 or (765) 494-3248, by e-mail at or by visiting our Premium Seating Web site. ("Premium Seating Website" link to:

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Gold and Black Illustrated

What is Gold & Black Illustrated?
All John Purdue Club members receive a complimentary subscription to Gold & Black Illustrated, a Purdue sports magazine published by Boilers Inc. (a company not affiliated with the Purdue Athletic Department). The magazine has 26 issues per sports season (August to June). Members receive their complimentary Gold & Black Illustrated subscription via third-class mail and can also access an online version of the publication. First-class mailing is available at an additional fee, paid directly to Gold and Black Illustrated.

How do I change my John Purdue Club and Gold & Black Illustrated mailing address?
You can contact the John Purdue Club office by phone, by e-mail or in person:

Sixth Level, Ross-Ade Pavilion
850 Beering Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2078
Phone: 1-800-213-2239 or (765) 494-3248
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

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Ticket Purchase

Where is the Athletic Ticket Office?
The Athletic Ticket Office is located on the first floor of the Intercollegiate Athletic Facility, just north of Mackey Arena. The Ticket Office is responsible for ticket sales for Purdue's 18 varsity sports, postseason competitions, and athletic banquets.

How do John Purdue Club members purchase tickets to Boilermaker athletic events?
Members should contact the Athletic Ticket Office to purchase tickets. The Ticket Office uses the John Purdue Club computer system, which automatically factors in ticket and parking priorities for the different membership levels. The Ticket Office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and at least one hour before the start of home football, basketball, and volleyball games.

How do I order season football and basketball tickets?
All John Purdue Club members receive season ticket applications for football, men's and women's basketball, and volleyball. For priority seating, applications MUST meet the deadline specified on the application. Applications received after the deadline will be assigned the best available seating.

How do I maintain my season ticket location from year to year?
The John Purdue Club will not move ticket locations for members who maintain their current levels of giving. If a membership lapses, it will be made inactive and tickets will be moved.

As a new John Purdue Club member who is purchasing season tickets for the first time, where will my seats be located?
Like all other John Purdue Club members, new members receive priority over the general public when they purchase season tickets.

In women's basketball, new members are seated in the top half of Mackey Arena's lower arena.

In men's basketball, new members are seated in the top half of Mackey Arena's upper arena. John Purdue membership is required for Mackey Arena's lower arena seating. Over time, seats gradually improve based on ticket renewal rates and availability.

The John Purdue Club sections in Ross-Ade Stadium have expanded greatly in recent years. On the stadium's west side, Club members stretch nearly from goal line to goal line. On the east side, the Club's section starts at the south goal line and reaches to the student section. New members can expect their tickets to be along the edges of the John Purdue Club section. As in basketball, gradual improvement comes with season ticket renewal and John Purdue Club membership.

Does the Club maintain a waiting list for sold-out football and basketball games?
If an event is sold out or there are a limited number of tickets available, members will have the opportunity to put their names on a waiting list. If tickets become available, they will be allocated according to the priority points system.

Because of the limited number of tickets available for selected football and men's basketball games, the John Purdue Club facilitates a ticket sharing program. Members are encouraged to call the office when they cannot attend a game. The office then gives wait-listed John Purdue Club members the opportunity to use the tickets. Tickets are distributed according to priority points totals and participation in the ticket sharing program.

Members who turn in their tickets will receive gift-in-kind credit. A receipt will be sent for the tickets, but no value amount will be specified.

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What kind of parking is available for John Purdue Club members at football and basketball games?
Only John Purdue Club members receive parking passes for football and basketball games. Parking is prioritized based on membership, not on the priority points system. Members who purchase season tickets receive first consideration for parking space.

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