Mackey Seat Reallocation Update
A recent aerial view of the Mackey Complex project.

May 20, 2011

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Survey Says 86 Percent Of Customers 'Happy' With Seat Reallocation Communication

As part of the Mackey Arena seat reallocation process, Ballena Technologies is conducting a short survey on behalf of Purdue, asking ticket buyers about their experience.

Of nearly 300 respondents thus far, 83 percent completed their seat selection online by themselves, 10 percent in person at the Athletic Ticket Office and 7 percent via telephone.

Some 88 percent said the Seat Reallocation webpage was "user-friendly," while 77 percent described it as "easy to navigate" and 63 percent as "fast."

Nearly three quarters of the respondents said they watched the instructional video before their selection time, and 92 percent of them said it was "helpful." More than half said they logged on to the selection site between three and nine times prior to picking their seats.

Eighty-six percent said they were "happy" with the communication of the seat reallocation process, and 83 percent said they preferred online reseating to inperson.

More than 90 percent rated the online reseating system as good (13.5 percent), very good (37.2 percent) or excellent (39.7 percent), with 4.8 percent calling it "fair" and 4.5 percent "poor."

The survey is ongoing.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - As the Mackey Arena seat reallocation process concludes its fourth week, the Purdue athletics department and the John Purdue Club provides the following update:

At this juncture, while there are John Purdue Club members who did not get the seat location they desired, it is anticipated that all members who ordered season tickets last year will be able to do so for the 2011-12 season. A limited supply of tickets, if any, may be available for non-members to order.

The average order size for John Purdue Club members who have ordered for the 2011-12 season is 3.77 tickets. This compares with 3.23 tickets for John Purdue Club members last season, representing just over a half-ticket increase.

The average number of years the members that have already selected their seats have been purchasing lower arena tickets is 20 years.

Club and courtside seats remain available to John Purdue Club members at the All-American and higher level for men's basketball and to all members for women's basketball. Below is the number of premium seats that have been sold for the 2011-12 basketball season.

Men's Club: 480 of 556 sold (86 percent) Men's Courtside: 45 of 66 sold (68 percent) Women's Club: 375 of 556 sold (67 percent) Women's Courtside: 61 of 66 sold (92 percent)

A couple of reminders about the new capacity for Mackey Arena:

* The overall seating capacity has been reduced by 917 seats or 6 percent of capacity.

* Seats available to the public dropped by 1,333 seats overall (14 percent) - 815 in the lower arena (24 percent) and 518 in the upper arena (8 percent).

* Seats available to the Paint Crew dropped by 193 seats overall (4 percent) - 44 in the lower arena (8 percent) and 149 in the upper arena (3 percent).

* To better assist fans and meet state and federal codes, ADA compliance seating increased from 16 to 78 seats, representing nearly a 500 percent increase.

Historically, the capacity of Mackey has been 14,123. This figure represented the number of seats available to be sold, not the total capacity of 15,157, but because it became an iconic figure was not altered. With the current renovation, the capacity will reflect the total seats available: 14,240. As in Ross-Ade Stadium, both tickets sold and total people in the venue will be tracked, with the latter figure reported as the attendance.