Wrestling Gets Things Going With Annual Wrestle-Offs
Sophomore Cashé Quiroga had a pair of wins on the day, winning by fall and major decision.

Oct. 29, 2011

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - The Blake Wrestling Center was full on Saturday as the Boilermakers opened up the 2011-12 season with their annual intra-squad wrestle-offs. Head coach Scott Hinkel put together his initial depth chart of the season off the results as the Boilermaker competed in about 30 matches on the afternoon.

"It was a great afternoon for our guys," said Hinkel. "We got in a lot of matches and everyone competed hard."

The two large brackets on the day were at 157 and 165 pounds, where junior Tommy Churchard won the five-man bracket at 157 and freshman Chad Welch was victorious at 165. Churchard topped freshmen Doug Welch and Cody Robertson on his way to the finals, where he beat Robinson, 3-1, on a last-second takedown. Welch didn't give up a point on the day, beating sophomore Cameron Vlahos, 3-0, and sophomore Kyle Mosier, 2-0.

Some of the other thrilling matches on the day came at 174 and 285 as sophomore Patrick Kissel held off freshman Drake Stein at 174 and junior Adam Walls took a second tie-break win from senior Roger Vukobratovich, 5-3. Kissel had Stein under control, leading 10-1 going into the third, but Stein took Kissel to his back in the final period and nearly got the pin. Kissel fought off his back and held on for the decision. Walls and Vukobratovich went back and forth with escapes through 10 minutes of wrestling, but Walls managed to escape and turn straight into a double-leg takedown for the late win.

Pins on the day came from senior A.J. Kissel, sophomore Cashé Quiroga and freshmen Braden Atwood, Brandon Nelsen and Dominique Price, while sophomore Camden Eppert had a pair of technical falls. Patrick Kissel and junior Ivan Lopouchanski each had a technical fall and Quiroga, Mosier and freshman Doug Welch had major decisions.

"We want to thank everyone who came out today to watch and support our program," said Hinkel. "We're excited about this season and we're glad to see that our fans are too. It's going to be a great year."

The Boilermakers get their official season underway next Saturday at the Eastern Michigan Open.

2011 Purdue Wrestle-Offs

Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011

11 a.m. - Blake Wrestling Center


Match           Weight             Wrestlers                                                                                                        Result

1 -                   157                     Doug Welch vs. Tommy Churchard                                                       D 4-1

2 -                   165                     Cameron Vlahos vs. Andy Hoselton                                                     D 4-1

3 -                   125                     Luke Schroeder vs. Camden Eppert                                                     TF 18-2

4 -                   133                     Cashé Quiroga vs. Matt Fields                                                                MD 15-2

5 -                   141                     Jake Fleckenstein vs. Rusty Maness                                                    D 7-3

6 -                   174                     Patrick Kissel vs. Andy Wiseman                                                           TF 16-0

7 -                   285                     Roger Vukobratovich vs. Adam Walls                                                 TB2 5-3

8 -                   157                     Tommy Churchard vs. Cody Robertson                                              D 5-0

9 -                   157                     Dustin Schultz vs. Pat Robinson                                                             D 4-0

10 -                 165                     Cameron Vlahos vs. Chad Welch                                                          D 3-0

11 -                 165                     Kyle Mosier vs. Austin Kunze                                                                 MD 15-5

12 -                 141                     Rusty Maness vs. Brandon Nelsen                                                       Fall 2:12

13 -                 174                     Andy Wiseman vs. Drake Stein                                                              MD 19-8

14 -                 285                     Adam Walls vs. Alex White                                                                     D 3-2

15 -                 125                     Luke Schroeder vs. Dominique Price                                                  Fall 5:57

16 -                 133                     Matt Fields vs. Danny Sabatello                                                            D 4-2

17 -                 149                     Ivan Lopouchanski vs. Brock Norton                                                    TF 21-6

18 -                 157                     Doug Welch vs. Dustin Schultz                                                               MD 9-1

19 -                 165                     Andy Hoselton vs. Austin Kunze                                                           D 6-4

20 -                 184/197            Braden Atwood vs. Preston Quam                                                       Fall 4:37

21 -                 197                     Justin Dinius vs. A.J. Kissel                                                                       Fall 2:54

22 -                 141                     Jake Fleckenstein vs. Brandon Nelsen                                               D 5-2

23 -                 174                     Patrick Kissel vs. Drake Stein                                                                  D 12-7

24 -                 285                     Roger Vukobratovich vs. Alex White                                                   D 8-3

25 -                 125                     Camden Eppert vs. Dominique Price                                                   TF 18-2

26 -                 133                     Cashé Quiroga vs. Danny Sabatello                                                      Fall 1:09

27 -                 157                     Tommy Churchard vs. Pat Robinson                                                    D 3-1

28 -                 165                     Kyle Mosier vs. Chad Welch                                                                    D 2-0

29 -                 157/165            Cody Robertson vs. Andy Hoselton                                                      D 10-5



Winners in BOLD




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