10 Questions With ... Doug Withstandley

Feb. 23, 2005

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Each week throughout the 2004-2005 wrestling season, one wrestler has been chosen at random to answer 10 equally random questions developed by Purdue's Sports Information office. The 2004-2005 season's last random wrestler is junior 149-pounder Doug Withstandley, interviewed by student assistant Erin Myers.

1. I talked to your fishing buddy Ben Wissel for last week's segment, but I figured I would ask you where your favorite fishing hole is located and if you have any good fishing tales for me.
I like fishing on the Tippecanoe River at the Oakdale Dam and Norway Dam. I have a bunch of fishing stories, but everyone thinks I make them up. They're the truth, though, although I do exaggerate sometimes. Probably the best time I had fishing was when I went with Rene (Hernandez) at the Norway Dam and I caught a nine-pound walleye last April. That was pretty awesome.

2. The regular season is now over and I know you're preparing for the upcoming Big Ten Championships in Iowa City, Iowa ... what is your favorite memory from this past season?
Beating Michigan State was a lot of fun and it was pretty thrilling. I also loved the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational ... it's a fun tournament and I like (Las) Vegas.

3. I don't know how much time you have to read, but what is your favorite book or magazine?
When I was younger, I used to read a lot of novels and short stories, but ever since coming to college, I've gotten out of it a little bit. I enjoy reading a lot of magazine articles, mainly fishing articles in "In Fisherman" magazine. I also have to read this book about Andrew Carnegie for class and it was pretty interesting.

4. Paris Hilton's T-Mobile phone book was just hacked into this past week ... what do you think about that and what do you think should happen to the hacker?
That's pretty funny. I would probably congratulate (the hacker) ... that's a pretty good prank. I've always been into goofing around and stuff and it's hard to imagine taking that so seriously. Who cares? Those people could just call in to their phone company and get their number switched; it's not a big deal and it will only take a minute. It's not the end of the world.

5. The 2005 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue just hit the stands recently ... do you think you'll buy it?
I'm sure someone will buy it and I'll end up looking at it, but I won't actually buy it myself.

6. What is your favorite home-cooked meal?
My favorite home-cooked meal when I was younger was definitely pot roast with potatoes and vegetables and stuff, and it still is, actually.

7. Madame Tussaud's wax museum was in the process of making a model of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston embracing, but since the announcement of their separation, the two will have to be split ... literally. What do you think of the breakup?
Brad Pitt has always been one of my favorite actors and Jennifer Aniston is beautiful, but I don't believe in divorce or agree with it. Celebrities get married and take it as seriously as getting a phone number. It's just not right ... they don't honor marriage at all.

8. The end of the season is in sight ... what are you looking forward to the most? Do you have any big off-season plans?
I'm just looking forward to going home because I haven't been home in awhile. It won't be right after season; it'll be in May right after school gets out. I think it will just be nice to spend some time on the beach and spend some time with my mom and my sister.

9. Chris Rock, who will be hosting this year's Oscar ceremony, made the comment that only gay men watch the Oscars ... what is your take on it?
I don't watch it either, actually. Sometimes I'll watch the Oscars and the Grammys or something just to see what all the celebrities are wearing, but not the actual show. I like to see the celebrities all dressed up and stuff, although more specifically, I like to see all the women dressed up and looking nice.

10. Annoying icon of the 90s, Pauly Shore, will be returning to television with his own reality TV show on TBS in the coming months ... how does that make you feel? Will you watch the show?
No, that guy always annoyed me. I thought he was a goofball and I didn't find him that terribly funny, so no, I definitely won't watch his show.




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