Big Ten Championship Day 2 Quotes

March 4, 2012

Recap |  Notes

Championship Quotes

“It was a tough match; I knew he was going to try and push the pace and he got the early takedown. The biggest part of the match was probably when I was able to get the escape, takedown, and ride out. I think he was just upset. He’s a competitor and that’s all it was.” -Logan Stieber (Ohio State, 133) on his championship victory against Tony Ramos (Iowa)


“Going into it, I wanted to be more offensive and get my shots in. I’ve worked on it all year and as soon as I hit it the first time, I knew I was going to be able to get it more in the match. It’s been a great honor to win the Big Ten title all four years and to be the first person from Michigan is just awesome.” -Kellen Russell (Michigan, 141) on his championship victory against Montell Marion (Iowa) and on winning four Big Ten championships.


“We’re back in the team race and I really wanted to get bonus points there. On a side note, that was one of my goals again, to not give up any points in the tournament. Every time I’ve wrestled him I haven’t been able to get the turns so that was the difference in the match.” -Frank Molinaro (Penn State, 149) on his championship victory against Dylan Ness (Minnesota)


“It feels good, but not good to win like that. I guess a win is a win. I had to prove a point to get a seed at nationals. I just had to do the best job possible. It feels good to finally get one. It was a step in the right direction for seeding. You can’t lose your head out there because when you do you are done. If you are going to go then you go tough, hard, and stay stingy.” #6 Derek St. John, Iowa, 157- beat #1 Jason Welch of Northwestern for the championship


“The victory is kind of small right now, because the team picture is the biggest thing right now. It’s huge to get the major victory, because every little point matters right now. We started off well and we’ve been hammering guys at the end of the season. I think it’s good we had a little adversity and didn’t have such a good round because it was a little bit of a wake-up call.” -David Taylor (Penn State, 165) on his championship victory against Mike Evans (Iowa)




“I can’t really go off of last year because this year is a whole new year and I’m feeling different and wrestling different. I never expect to walk through anything. I just focus on doing the moves I’m supposed to be doing.” -Ed Ruth (Penn State, 174) on his championship victory against Logan Storley (Minnesota)


“It felt awesome after last year when I finished runner-up. You can’t feed off their momentum, so you’ve got to do the right things to get yourself mentally prepared and in the right mindset.” -Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota, 184) on his championship victory against Josh Ihnen (Nebraska)


“I’ve been wrestling well since yesterday, really the best I have all year. I try not to put pressure on myself and just lay it all out and have no regrets.” -Mario Gonzalez (Illinois, 197) on his championship victory against Matt Powless (Indiana)


“I’ve been working all week on forward pressure and knocking him off his balance. I finally broke him after about a minute and got him flat. I was surprised to see him in the championship, but he’s wrestled a great tournament and you’ve got to give him credit.” -Tony Nelson (Minnesota, 285) on his championship victory against Bobby Telford (Iowa)


Consolation Quotes

“I was up big, but I was unable to turn him. In the third period, I gave up a takedown when I shouldn’t have. It’s big to get into the third place matchup, we’re up in points right now and I’m just as important as everybody else.” -Nick Dardanes (Minnesota, 141) on the wrestleback win over Daryl Thomas (Illinois)


“I knew he was going to try and keep it close because he can’t keep up with my offense or my speed. You’re never excited about getting third, but it’s just a qualifier and I’ll be excited if I win nationals next week.” -Jesse Delgado (Illinois, 125) on his third place victory against Levi Mele (Northwestern) and what the third place finish meant to him.


 “Obviously it wasn’t the medal match I wanted to be in tonight, but I wrestled hard and did what I had to do. After the last match, it really showed what I was capable of doing. Sometimes it’s hard to know, but after that last match I knew no matter how bad it felt I had one more match to go and didn’t want to go out on a bad note.” -Eric Grajales (Michigan, 149) on his third place victory against Taylor Walsh (Indiana) and the difficulties of coming back after the lengthy match he had in the previous round.


“Coming off of a loss, I came out with a little bit of an attitude because I had something to prove. I wrestled okay, but it’s a good thing it wasn’t at nationals and now I’ve got time to work on some things and try and make the podium.” -James Green (Nebraska, 157) on his fifth place victory against Josh Demas (Ohio State) and how he’ll use the disappointment of the weekend to work towards nationals.


 “I just wanted to wrestle a smart match. Morgan is a great kid. He has a great future ahead of him. I wrestled him in a dual meet and it was close. I knew it would be a close match. With the title on the line, he was going to do everything to win. He has great coaches and great workouts, but so do I. It was a good match, but I didn’t come out where I wanted to be. Not a lot I can do about it. It still hurts.” #1 Sonny Yohn, University Minnesota, 197 - he beat #3 Morgan McIntosh from PSU to get him into the third place final match



“I actually wrestled him twice this tournament and both times they were dog fights. I expected a tight match. I just needed to come out and get some points for the overall race.”  #5 Cashe Quiroga, Purdue, 133 – beat #4 Chris Dardanes from Minnesota to get fifth place



“It was my fourth match. It was really big. It was a big match for seeding at the NCAA tournament. I went out there and faced a hard nose wrestler that goes at you nonstop. I kind of countered that with my play.”- #2 Hunter Stieber, Ohio State, 141- beat #4 Nick Dardanes from Minnesota to get third



“I had him in my first round here. I wrestled him again in the finals this year (at EMU Open). It was a grudge match. I went out there. I got some points and took the lead. It means a lot getting points for the team. Hopefully placing fifth,gives me a seed at nationals. I will try to ride that. And hopefully I will get All-American as well.” -#5 Cam Tessari, Ohio State, 149- beat #4 Ivan Lopouchanski from Purdue to place fifth


“The match was not high scoring. You have to have good defense in this kind of situation. I was trying for takedowns, but they were pretty hard. This match means a lot. I was going for a team title. It was a close race. I wish I could have done better.”  #2 Dylan Alton, Penn State, 157- beat #4 Anthony Jones of Michigan State for third


“It was the last one. Just had to go out there and play smart. I knew what his offense was. I had to get to my offense going to stop his. Just got out there and wrestled strong and smart. It is a great opportunity only being a freshman coming in here and placing third in Big Tens. We have a young team this year, but we have been doing well. We accomplished a lot this season. Hopefully, we build off this, and have a successful season next year.”  #3 Robert Kokesh, Nebraska, 165- beat #5 Conrad Polz to get third


“Early on, I wasn’t getting off enough attacks. That’s not how I wrestle. I got to turn that around and get ready for the next week. I am not happy with just placing. Winning the Big Ten Champions, makes the whole team happy. I can say that for the rest of my team because I know they all believe it. It is not good enough just to place.”- #3 Ethen Lofthouse, Iowa, 174- beat #9 Lee Munster from Northwestern for third


“It is what I expected. The kid was really athletic so I wanted to stay in good position. He battled. I just made sure that I got a win. I wanted to win the whole tournament, but it is what it is. It is going to hurt until next week. The week of Nationals is the only thing that will make this go away.” -#1 Sonny Yohn, Minnesota, 197- beat #6 Andrew Campolattano from Ohio State for 3rd place


“It was one of those hard fought victories. I got the takedown in the first period, but I just have to be able to bounce back and get the win. Third place never is what you are looking for. I lost a tough one yesterday. I battled back. My coach just talked about not giving up and doing it for the team and not just myself. I didn’t want to let my team down, and I got a little momentum going into Nationals.”- #2 Cameron Wade, Penn State, 285- beat #5 Mike McMullan of Northwestern for third




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