2012 Big Ten Championship Session 1 Quotes

March 3, 2012

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2012 Big Ten Championship Session 1 Quotes


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Purdue University - Mackey Arena

West Lafayette, Ind.

Attendance: 3,552


Session 1 Quotes

“It went pretty well. It was a good first match. It ended up being a major, which was good overall for the team.” -Cashè Quiroga (Purdue, 133) on first round win over Brandon Fifield of Michigan State University

“I just won a close win in overtime and it feels great. It was pretty exhausting, but it was definitely worth every second of it.” -Ryan Leblanc (Indiana, 174) discussing close, overtime victory against Nebraska’s Tyler Koehn in the first round

“It was a grind like I thought it was going to be; it’s a dog fight out here. But I ended up coming away with a win in the end.” -Cashè Quiroga (Purdue, 133) with the conclusion of his second round victory over Chris Dardanes

“The match was against a tough kid, who is a four-time state champ from Ohio. That’s no joke. And I’m just a one-timer from Florida. (The match) went great.”  -Ivan Lopouchanski (Purdue, 149) over victory against wrestler Cam Tessari of Ohio State

“It feels great you know? Hard work really does pay off in the end. Going on to the next round is good.” -Nick Heflin (Ohio State, 174) defeating fourth seeded Justin Zeerip in the second round advancing him onto the second session

“Wrestling against (Ortega), he beat me the last two matches. First match he caught me in the last ten seconds of the third period. Last one he caught me with a move in the very first period. It was just about keeping position and not rushing anything.” -Brandon Nelsen (Purdue, 141) on first round victory over Matt Ortega (Indiana)

“Kid is a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger, so I tried to win the position battle. I got to my positions, gave a stupid shot, but luckily I got that good throw. Good position, that’s how you beat those bigger, stronger guys.” -Steve Andrus (Michigan State, 285) on first round win over Adam Chalfant (Indiana)

“I got up on him pretty high; he battled back and put me into overtime. I need to quit thinking about score.” -Nick Dardanes (Minnesota, 141) on second round win over Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska)

“I came in did what I had to, wrestled the way I know how to wrestle.” -AJ Kissel (Purdue, 197) on second round upset over 1 seed, Sonny Yohn (Minnesota)

“It was a hard fought match. You just have to be able to wrestle all the way through overtime.” -Morgan McIntosh (Penn State, 197) on second round overtime defeat against Andrew Compolattano (Ohio State)




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