Warner's Words Of Wisdom

Scott Warner

Sept. 18, 2006

Welcome to the last diary that I will be writing as a Purdue Boilermaker. This being my last year I hope that I can once again give a bit of enjoyment as I take you through a week in my life as a Purdue Tennis player. Boiler Up!

Monday, September 11
Today I woke up feeling very nice due to the massive amounts of Taco Bell I consumed last evening at about 12:30 a.m.

I get up for my 8:30 class at about 8:10 giving myself a chance to throw on some sweats and stumble out the door, still looking half asleep. Thanks to some great scheduling I get to walk all the way across the campus to my next class which leaves me near cramping due to the massive amounts of creatine still pulsing through my body. Not Really!

Anyway, I get through class with enough time to go take a quick nap and lunch before a little practice. Due to some tornado-like conditions hitting was shortened to about five minutes, which didn't seem to bother Pauly (Paul Rose) too much. This pushed us indoors to the IAF to get the lifting out of the way and then we took a nice trip over to Mollenkopf for the best conditioning ever! Ultimate Frisbee. After the old guys win the most important game of the session, the last one, and I completely contain Coach Madden we end practice and head our separate ways.

This path leads me to my Beverage Management where yes, I get to drink alcohol in the classroom. After a bit of Scotch tasting I head back to the best apartment ever and watch the Minnesota Vikings take down the Redskins, might I add Mallory and my roommate Cam and Eric (Eric Hodgman) are way out of line in their vicious attacks against my favorite team, all I gotta say is that the Packers have some work to do! After this, my favorite Columbian Jose (Fuenmayor) comes and gives me the gift of his company and we sat around shootin' the breeze.

Anyway, this could have been the longest day of my college career and I'm sorry that I rambled on a bit, but that's just what I do, until tomorrow, good night and sleep tight! By the way, Kurt still owes me ten dollars from last week.

Tuesday, September 12
This was a great day for a few reasons. First of all, I HAD NO CLASS TODAY and I got to sleep in! Second of all, I HAD NO CLASS! So I got up around 10:30 today and made myself a nice big breakfast of eggs, cereal, toast, and a little orange juice. After breakfast I sat on the couch and watched a bit of SportsCenter with my roommate Eric. I watched him indulge on one of his daily snacks, a yogurt cup! I try to tell him to by some more masculine snacking foods, but he just loves those low fat, low-carb indulgences. Anyway, just so I didn't feel like a total waste of space I did a little reading for my online class before I eased my way into lunchtime.

Because of rain, and today being the last day before official practice started, I opted to not hit any tennis balls and just meet for conditioning. After a bit of conditioning and Frisbee, my grueling day was almost over. I hitched a ride with Eric, Jose, and our favorite little tagalong Annie Mastandrea from the volleyball team to get the usual Tuesday evening meal, Dick's Bodacious Bar-B-Q! Following this, I did a bit of homework, and spent some time with Malibu Barbie (aka my girlfriend, Mallory). Good end to a great day! By the way, Kurt still owes me ten dollars!

Wednesday, September 13
Today class once again starts promptly at 8:30 after which I make my grueling excursion across campus to my 10:30. I do stop and eat a second breakfast in between because I am fat! But after class I stop back at the apartment to eat again and I run into my non-athlete roomies, who seem to do very little on a daily basis. Keep up the good work guys!

After some quick lunch it's time to head out to the courts for the first day of official practice, and even though it's sprinkling, Coach is determined to get outside and hit. It was a good day of practice and the team looks good as we come into the first part of our fall season.

After practice, my roommates completely redeem themselves and cook up a feast, waiting for us as we get home, a little Chicken Parmigianino hits the spot before I run out the door and head off to a meeting to get myself more involved in school. After this meeting I come back home and do a bit of homework and of course, I get to see my favorite gal pal Mal and a little interlude with Jose Felipe Fuenmayor. For some reason all Jose wants to talk about is lions, he's a weird kid sometimes, but that's why we love him. Anyway, another day is done and the week is already half over. Wow, Kurt STILL owes me ten dollars!

Thursday, September 14
Another great day begins at about 10:30 when I roll out of bed. Why am I getting up so late? BECAUSE I DON"T HAVE CLASS UNTIL 6:00 PM! So Great! I make my usual big breakfast and wash it down with some SportsCenter, followed by a bit of online reading. Lunch comes next and I enjoy watching Eric once again indulging in his yogurt. Another day of practice starts with a bit of singles drilling, followed by some intense sprint intervals and on court quickness. I have to skip weights on these days to go to my night class with my fellow HTM students, who by the way always find a way to have fun, even in class. After class I go to Chipotle and get my usual Thursday night burrito, and it is sooo good! With my stomach fully satisfied, I take a trip over to the study tables to help out my favorite Serbian, Branko (Kuzmanovic). After I teach him all I know, its time to head back to my house and unwind. After a long week of conditioning and training, I am tired and so I am going to bed early with only one thing on my mind ... Kurt still owes me ten dollars!

Friday, September 15
Today begins a bit awkwardly as I wake up to the voice of Jose. I forgot to set my alarm last night and Jose woke me up just in time to throw the usual sweatpants and a t-shirt on and scurry to class. Class is easy to get through on Friday's because I know that I get a little break after they're done.

So after class I went back to my apartment and got a bite to eat with my roommates and got ready for practice ... doubles day. After some quick repetition drills and some serve and return work we get to the match play. I was once again lucky enough to play with my froshie Branko, against Hodgie and Jose. Branko and I barely squeezed one out, and I don't think I've ever laughed that much in a doubles pro-set.

After a little Frisbee and some introductions to some new recruits I headed back to my apartment to hang out a bit before dinner. Now tonight is usually the night I would get to go out on a recruit dinner, but since that obviously didn't happen, I hit up the dorms with my other favorite freshman, Paul Foley.

Now usually, on a Friday night after dinner we would start getting the evening planned a bit, but because we have to run a triathlon tomorrow morning the night will be pretty mellow. So Paul and I head back to my place and watch "The Longest Yard" while we wait for the rest of the guys to get back from dinner. After the movie I headed over to the tennis house to see the recruits and talk to the boys a bit, but it turns out I was exhausted and so I just decided to end the night early and go to bed, but not before a bit of hydration and brainstorming on how I'm going to get that ten from Kurt.

Saturday, September 16
Today started out with a quick bite before heading out to the courts to hit some tennis balls before the triathlon. We only hit for about 45 minutes, but it was still a good productive practice. Anyway, after practice we all got our bikes, swimming suits and running shoes ready for a bit of Tim Madden Triathlon action.

After about an hour of pain, the event was over and I came away with another triathlon victory ... what my teammates don't know is that I gave myself a blood transfusion the night before so I felt pretty good. Doping really does work!

Anyway, with the triathlon out of the way, we had a little football game to go to. So we once again mooched off of the freshman and got a bit of food at the dorms before heading over to Ross-Ade for the game. I was happy that we won the football game, but I was a bit uneasy about only beating Ball State by ten points, especially after seeing a Ball State fan's t-shirt reading, "Ball State Football, We'll Let You Win." But at the end of the day, we are still 3-0 and that's good for now.

After the game, I went back to the apartment to watch some more college football, and then went to dinner at Bruno's with the Coach's, recruits, Griffin, Kel, and Kurt. After dinner we all congregated at my place and showed the recruits the social side of Purdue before they went home.

Sunday, September 17, 2006
Today was just the average Sunday, a little church, a little football, and a little homework. Well I hope that you enjoyed a little look into my life as a Boiler, and if you see Kurt, just let him know I'm looking for him because he owes me something. Anyway, still proud to be a Boiler!