The Week That Was

Jose Fuenmayor

March 1, 2006

Hello there, stranger. Welcome to a week in the life of Purdue Boilermaker Jose Fuenmayor. It is with great honor that I make my diary debut.

Monday, Feb. 20
My week starts early with Statistics, a perfect stimulating class at 7:30 in the morning when my brain is very alert, especially for doing abstract calculations involving numbers, percentages and the like. So I get out of bed to eat a couple cereal bars and I'm off to take the trolley. Something I have to tell you about the trolley: It's not much of a bus ride, and it's more like a roller coaster. Anyways, I get to class at 7:30, sit down for an interesting 50-minute lecture, and then jet off to my next class which starts in 10 minutes and is exactly a 10-minute walk.

Macroeconomics is next, this class is in a big lecture room with slightly more comfortable seats, and my professor has a voice that strangely entices me to fall asleep. I fight the sleepiness and get through the class fine. When I'm done with Econ, I get to enjoy a 50-minute Philosophy recitation. This relaxes me a bit more and gets my mind on to a more relaxing topic after dealing with probability mass functions and the calculation of gross profit ratios for the first half of the morning. After philosophizing with my TA for a bit, next on my schedule was an appointment with Dr. Carr, our sports psychologist. He's a great guy, by the way. I got to his office at 10:30 sharp and had a half hour session with him. After that I was ready to head home and take a nap. (Having had a pretty intense morning, I had to take a break from it all.)

As soon as I was done with my nap, practice was next at 3:00 sharp. Today practice was light because we had two matches during the weekend, and Mondays are usually intended to be more of a mental practice than a physical one. We had a good team practice that lasted for about an hour and then concluded with a quick team stretch. After this, my day was officially over. The rest of the day I relaxed in my apartment and watched TV for about two hours. "Meet Joe Black" was on, so I watched that. After relaxing time was over I decided to actually get some work done, so I headed back to campus to catch up with some econ and managerial accounting material. On my way to campus I got a quick bite at Fazoli's and then went to study. After studying for two hours I decided to call it a day and went back home to rest.

Tuesday, Feb. 21
Today was our day off. A day to recover physically and mentally, and basically a de-intoxication from battle so that we can come back out on Wednesday and "take care of business," as Coach Madden likes to say. After two morning classes I began to play catch-up on some other things. I had lunch, then spent nearly all afternoon and all evening doing statistics homework, accounting problems and multiple macroeconomics readings. After using up all my mental stamina on these tasks, I enjoyed a nice dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends. Having enjoyed delicious wings at B-dubs, I went back to my apartment and concluded my day with a bit of chillin' and hanging out with the roomies.

Wednesday, Feb. 22
I wake up to the annoying sound of the alarm on my cell phone. It's 6:35, and I think to myself, "I'm going to sleep five minutes more." BAD MISTAKE. When I wake up again the clock reads 7:15 and I rush out of my house half asleep for my 7:30 class. Who knows what would've happened if I would've slept in, since I had to hand in a take-home quiz for this class. After that class ended, econ was next. At 9:30 I decided to go home and take a nap since. I woke up and grabbed a quick bite from Jimmy Johns before heading to practice. On Wednesdays, practice is usually from 3 to 7. But because I have an individual with Coach Madden today, I start at 1:30. Add it up and I spend roughly five hours on the court on Wednesdays ... and I love it! After training on court, practice concluded with a good team lift at the IAF. Pauly and I decided to get a little Panera action in the plans for the evening. By the way, Panera has excellent sandwiches and salads. You should try it. Very good healthy stuff. Anyways, my day concluded with some accounting homework and doing the largest load of laundry I have done this semester! After that I decided to hit the pillow hard and get some shut eye!

Thursday, Feb. 23
After a good night's sleep, I wake up looking forward to start a new day. The fact that the week is almost over makes it even better. My morning is not that tough - just two classes and then I will be off the hook with my academic schedule for the day. After finishing Philosophy at 12:30, team practice is next at 1. I run out of class on my way to Paul and Colin's house, where Cris James is picking us up, and I decide to order a Jimmy Johns on the way. This is one of those times in which the Jimmy Johns slogan "Sandwiches so fast you'll freak" kicks in. Sure enough, the Jimmy Johns guy shows up two minutes before the pick-up time and I get to enjoy a nice sandwich just before my ride is here.

Practice went well. We had a singles day today, but I got a lot of doubles work in. I think I'm on my way to becoming a doubles specialist. Practice concluded with a little on-court conditioning and a team discussion of goals and focus points for this weekend's matches. When I got home from practice I decided to clean up my room, finish some laundry that I had left from the day before, and just hang out with the roomies for a bit. Today was major cleanup day at my house, so I also spent a good portion of the evening carrying trash bags and having fun with the vacuum cleaner.

Friday, Feb. 24
Friday is here swiftly. I'm tired, and when I wake up I look at the clock and it reads 6:40. Debating between sleeping a bit more and getting up, I finally get some willpower and jump out of bed. I grab a couple cereal bars and then I'm off to chase the trolley for class. My day today consists of three morning classes and then team practice. My last class got done early at 12:15, so I decided to get a quick nap in. When I suddenly woke up from my nap, I realized it was already 2 and I hadn't eaten any lunch. Pick-up time was at 2:40, so once again Jimmy Johns saves the day. This time I timed them, and it took the guy like three and a half minutes to get to my house with my sandwich. They never cease to impress me!

Practice today was tough, but it went well. Today was a doubles day, so we got a couple of doubles drills in. Afterwards we had doubles match play. Overall, doubles felt right, and practice felt different in a good way. Our practice concluded with the suspenseful announcement of our line-up for the weekend. After that I got a ride from Colin and chilled for a little bit at my house. My roommates were planning a little get-together when I got home, so I helped them with that. Dinner took place at Potbellys, one of the best sandwich places in town. After that I enjoyed the company of friends and socialized for the rest of the night!

Saturday, Feb. 25
Today's morning schedule was looking a little different since we had a match scheduled for 1:00 p.m. I ended up waking up around 10, and then I walked over to Colin and Paul's place because we were getting picked up by Cris at 11:30. After arriving at the club, the team that was on our menu was the Penn State Nittany Lions. Although I wasn't playing, I wanted to beat Penn State so bad since it was our first conference match and I felt like our team needed a win. The match started promptly at 1. After hitting a few balls and getting a set in with Matt, I went to support my teammates playing doubles. We played tough, but in the end we lost the point. Down 1-0, singles was next, and we needed four wins to win the match. Turns out that is more easily said than done. Although Penn State was a good team, I knew deep down our team could win. A real battle took place today, but the Boilers went down 7-0. As much as I didn't want to accept this, there was nothing I could do. Our match ended with some words from Coach Madden which made us reflect and gather our thoughts on our purpose. This talk had only one objective: to make us extract knowledge from our defeat and take that knowledge into match play. In the end, our match ended with a fist in and I ended up riding back with Paul. As soon as I got to my apartment, the only thing I remember was sitting in my bed thinking about some stuff. After that it was lights off for Jose, and I fell into a deep sleep.

Sunday, Feb 26
Colin gave me the perfect wake-up call. By 8:15 I was up and walking to Mickey D's for a delicious egg, cheese and sausage bagel. After enjoying a quick breakfast, it was almost time to head out for our 11 a.m. match against Indiana. The schedule consisted of a quick team warm-up in the IAF before heading out to the club at 9:30. Apparently there was a scheduling mistake, and IU's coach was going to be half an hour late. That gave us a little extra leisure time to get ready for the match. I could notice today our team was hungry for victory. We had lost a tough match to Penn State yesterday and were looking to fix that any way possible. The match began with three energetic doubles matches. I spent the match filling out scouting reports for Coach. That is basically recording my teammates' matches and analyzing them critically, trying to identify mental patterns and routines that we need to improve. Today I scouted three matches in two hours. I was so into them that I felt as if I was playing every match I was scouting. Anyways, we got off to a good start by claiming the doubles point with wins from numbers 2 and 3. Singles matches were tough, but I could feel positive energy coming from every court in the form of cheers like, "Go Boilers!," and "Here we go, Purdue!" In the end, victory came boiling out of the singles matches. We ended up beating the Hoosiers 5-2. We had done it! We had pulled off the win! At the end of the day I can say we came out of the court with a feeling of pride, sure that we had given it our best effort and left everything on the court.