Boudia & Soldati Return To China For FINA World Championships

PURDUESPORTSDOTCOM David Boudia has medaled twice at previous FINA World Championships.
David Boudia has medaled twice at previous FINA World Championships.

July 12, 2011

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Former Purdue diver David Boudia and head diving coach Adam Soldati have returned to China for the 2011 FINA World Championships, which get underway July 16 and continue through July 24.

Boudia is set to compete individually in the 10-meter platform and team up with Duke’s Nick McCrory in the synchronized 10-meter platform. Soldati is serving as an official member of the USA Diving coaching staff, a group of experienced coaches led by Duke’s Drew Johansen this year.

Purdue recruit Mary Beth Dunnichay, who is set to enroll at Purdue in the fall, is also in Shanghai this month to compete in the women’s synchronized 10-meter platform with diving partner Anna James.

Shanghai’s time zone is 12 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone in the United States. Boudia’s competition schedule begins Sunday, July 17 with the 10-meter synchronized platform preliminaries. However, because of the time difference the 10 a.m. local start time in Shanghai would have that competition beginning Saturday night on the East Coast. The finals of the individual 10-meter platform are the last diving event of the World Championships and set for Sunday, July 24.

Dunnichay is scheduled to compete in the synchronized 10-meter platform on Monday, July 18.

Boudia’s ultimate goal is to earn a spot in the Olympic Games for the second time in his career. He also represented Team USA at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The World Championships are the first set of competitions that impact which divers will ultimately qualify for the 2012 Olympics in London. Divers will be aiming to finish in the top 12 individually and among the top four in synchronized events to aid their Olympic chances.

Boudia acknowledged to the Associated Press that the host Chinese remain the favorites in the majority of the diving events at the World Championships.

"Everyone around the world knows how dominant the Chinese have been, but with that said, we're really ready for this competition," Boudia told the AP. "The World Championships always paints a different picture -- you never know what's going to happen. If you look at our diving team now compared with four years ago going into Beijing, we've grown tremendously. It shows how much help we've had, studying video from the Chinese, asking Chinese coaches to come over and help mentor us."

Boudia competed in the 10-meter platform and synchronized platform (with Thomas Finchum) at the 2008 Olympics. Dunnichay also qualified for the 2008 Olympics in the synchronized platform (with Hayley Ishimatsu). Only 15-years-old during the summer of 2008, Dunnichay was the youngest U.S. athlete among all sports to qualify for the 2008 Olympics.

Boudia and Dunnichay both won silver medals (teaming with Finchum and Ishimatsu, respectively) in the synchronized 10-meter platform at the 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome. Individually, Boudia’s sixth-place finish in the 10-meter platform in Rome was the highest in that event by an American at the World Championships since 1998.

At the 2007 World Championships in Melbourne, Australia, Boudia won a bronze medal with Finchum in the synchronized 10-meter platform. He was also 23rd in the preliminaries of the 10-meter platform in his first World Championships.

Boudia swept the springboard titles and finished second to McCrory in the 10-meter platform at the NCAA Championships in March. Since closing out his college career as a six-time NCAA champion, he won a silver medal with Finchum in the synchronized 10-meter at a FINA World Series event in Mexico and a bronze medal individually in the 10-meter platform at another World Series stop in England.

David Boudia’s personal letter to his supporters and fans, July 3…

“I first wanted to thank everyone for the amazing support and push that each of you has shown me. I would never be where I am today without your care and belief in me! Thank you.

This morning I, along with the rest of Team USA, begin our journey to what is the start of the biggest competition of this year. The World Championships in Shanghai, China, has such a great importance as it is the first competition that has an impact on the Olympics in London 2012. In order to compete in the Olympic Games each country has to qualify/earn spots to enter the competition in 2012. From the World Championships, Team USA will need to place in the top 12 in each individual event as well as the top 4 spots in the synchronized events. For the Olympic Games a country may have a maximum of two individual spots and one synchronized spot, which is why this competition places so much importance.

I will be fighting for those spots and more importantly for the Gold in both individual and synchronized [platform] with my diving partner Nick McCrory.

I am very confident that Team USA will be going into Shanghai with sharp focus on the task at hand. Our team has an amazing support system with a great coaching staff and USA Diving staff. I know we will all come together with our goal and mission at World Championships. We cannot wait to represent you and the United States!!

I look forward to writing to you about this fun and amazing opportunity in the next few weeks!

God Bless, Boiler Up, AND GO TEAM USA!!!!”
-- David Boudia

USA Diving Roster
Women’s 1M: Kelci Bryant, Abby Johnston
Women’s 3M: Kelci Bryant, Christina Loukas
Women’s 10M: Jessica Parratto, Brittany Viola
Women’s Synchro 3M: Kassidy Cook, Christina Loukas
Women’s Synchro 10M: Anna James, Mary Beth Dunnichay
Men’s 1M: Chris Colwill, Aaron Fleshner
Men’s 3M: Troy Dumais, Kristian Ipsen
Men’s 10M: David Boudia, Nick McCrory
Men’s Synchro 3M: Troy Dumais, Kristian Ipsen
Men’s Synchro 10M: David Boudia, Nick McCrory

Diving Schedule at 2011 FINA World Championships
All times local to Shanghai site; 12-hour time difference between Shanghai & USA Eastern Time

Saturday, July 16
10 a.m. -- Women’s 3M Synchro Prelim
1 p.m. -- Men’s 1M Prelim
5:15 p.m. -- Women’s 3M Synchro Final

Sunday, July 17
10 a.m. -- Men’s 10M Synchro Prelim (Boudia & McCrory)
1 p.m. -- Women’s 1M Prelim
5:05 p.m. -- Men’s 10M Synchro Final (Boudia & McCrory)

Monday, July 18
10 a.m. -- Women’s 10M Synchro Prelim (Dunnichay & James)
2 p.m. -- Men’s 1M Final
5:15 p.m. -- Women’s 10M Synchro Final (Dunnichay & James)

Tuesday, July 19
10 a.m. -- Men’s 3M Synchro Prelim
2 p.m. -- Women’s 1M Final
5:05 p.m. -- Men’s 3M Synchro Final

Wednesday, July 20
10 a.m. -- Women’s 10M Prelim
2 p.m. -- Women’s 10M Semi

Thursday, July 21
9 a.m. -- Men’s 3M Prelim
2 p.m. -- Men’s 3M Semi
5:15 p.m. -- Women’s 10M Final

Friday, July 22
10 a.m. -- Women’s 3M Prelim
2 p.m. -- Women’s 3M Semi
5:05 p.m. -- Men’s 3M Final

Saturday, July 23
10 a.m. -- Men’s 10M Prelim (Boudia)
2 p.m. -- Men’s 10M Semi (Boudia)
5:15 p.m. -- Women’s 3M Final

Sunday, July 24
4:05 p.m. -- Men’s 10M Final (Boudia)