1998 Golf Schedule

1997-98 Special Releases

DATE(S)      TOURNAMENT                                    HOST SCHOOL/SITE   RESULTS
March 11-13  Golden Ocala Invitational eighth of 18 (894)
March 16     Golden Olcala Intercollegiate                                       8th Place   Recap
March 28-29  Dr. Pepper Invitational                       Pittsboro, Texas 12th Place   Recap- Day 2 | Final Recap
April 3-4    Wildcat Invitational                          Lexington, Ky.
April 18-19  The Kepler Invitational                       Columbus, Ohio        7th Place   Day 2 Recap  | Final Recap
April 20     Xavier Kroger Invitational                    Loveland, Ohio        2nd Place   Recap
April 25-26  Cobra / Kent Invitational                     Kent, Ohio                        Day 1 Recap
                                                                                             Day 2 Recap
May 2-3      Wolverine Invitational                        Ann Arbor, Mich.                  Recap
May 8-10     Big Ten Championships                         East Lansing, Mich.   9th Place   Day 1 Recap |  Day 2 Recap
                                                                                             Final Recap