Emanuel Invited To NCAA Champion Forum
Defensive coordinator Gary Emanuel was one of seven football coaches invited to the Champion Forum.

June 23, 2011

By: Cassie Folck, Purdue Student Assistant

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Only seven football coaches from across the country were invited to the 2011 NCAA Champion Forum, and Purdue's Gary Emanuel was one of the honored participants.

The Champion Forum features a select group of football coaches who have been identified as potential candidates for head coaching positions at NCAA colleges or universities. The coaches, who were selected by athletics administrators, are generally ethnic minorities who have completed the NCAA Expert program.

"It was a tremendous honor to be invited to the Champion Forum and represent Purdue University," Emanuel said. "Being invited showed that Purdue has quality coaches and Purdue should be proud to have a representative when only seven coaches out of the entire country were invited."

Through the Forum, the football coaches had an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the search process and the steps taken by search firms and athletics directors when preparing to hire head football coaches to lead intercollegiate programs. In turn, the athletics directors and administrators had an opportunity to meet, interact and become better acquainted with the football coaches.

In addition, the coaches were able to go through simulated interviewing sessions, media training, keynote speaking and practice dealing with real-life situations that could occur under a head coach's tenure. This part of the Forum was the most helpful and useful part, Emanuel said.

"The most important thing that came of this was the tremendous positive feedback, and alternatively, the constructive criticism," he said. "The feedback was the biggest thing because we went through the entire interview process. We learned what an interview would be like with an athletics director, media, and to give an opening statement. It was a very positive thing and one of the better conferences or forums I've been a part of."



Currently, there are 18 ethnic minority coaches throughout the 120 Division I FBS schools; 10 ethnic minority coaches at the 101 Division I FCS schools; four ethnic minority coaches at the 133 Division II schools and nine ethnic minority coaches at the 229 Division III schools. The figures do not include Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


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