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Nov. 27, 2010

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Purdue vs. Indiana Postgame Quotes
Purdue Coach Danny Hope

On Purdue's 11 penalties:
"We're very disappointed we had so many penalties go against us today. There were a lot of tough calls against us - they were game changing. It's always tough."

On the lack of pressure put on Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell:
"There was not near enough, especially late in the game. IU did a good job of shortening their drop backs and Chappell always does a nice job of getting the ball out of his hand quickly. He was a real difference maker in the game. The penalties were the game changer but he was the difference maker in my mind."

On Rob Henry's 30 passing attempts:
"He threw the ball well early in the week and then actually didn't in pre-game. He does a better job throwing the ball vertically down the field than he does throwing out to the sidelines. He didn't throw it so well in the second half. He was having issues with the glove which we had to cut off, and his finger is still pretty banged up. We've had medical management issues all season."

On what he said to his team after the game:
"I expressed condolences to the seniors. They are a great group of guys, a small group, but a great group. I would have loved for them to be able to carry the bucket off the field. We've just got to move forward and maximize our resources. We have a plan that we'll stick to."

On the future of his team and the program:
"I'm really excited about our future and the whole football team. We've got a lot of really young talent. The future is bright. The young guys gained a lot of great experience this year. Most of the freshmen have gotten more reps in practices than anyone else on the team. We've played really well against some of the top teams in the country; we've just worn down here at the end of the season."

Purdue vs. Indiana Postgame Quotes
Purdue Players

Rob Henry, redshirt-freshman quarterback

On his thoughts of Purdue's possession in overtime:
"We felt we were in good shape after Kyle Adams got down to the six-yard line. He made a great play to put us in good position, but after that I should have been more conservative."

On the loss:
"It hurts a lot. This whole season hurts a lot. I hate to lose, especially in the Bucket Game. We are better than that and we can play better than that."

Ryan Kerrigan, senior defensive end

On the loss to Indiana:
"It hurts. It's really tough to watch Indiana celebrate on our field. We didn't have the performance that we wanted today."

On Indiana's offensive performance:
"Ben Chappell did a great job of getting the ball out of his hands quickly. That made it extremely tough for us, but give them a lot of credit."

On his career at Purdue:
"It's been a great four years for me. I want to thank everyone from the coaches, players, my family, the training staff and everyone for making it a great four years for me."

Purdue vs. Indiana Postgame Quotes
Indiana Head Coach Bill Lynch

On overall performance:
"Our players battled as hard as you could ever battle, and they were awarded with a big win in overtime, and that's a great way to finish. Chappell was unbelievable. No one will ever know how bad he's been hurting over the last five or six weeks and how bad he's hurting today, but you couldn't get him out of there. He made play after play, and Tyler Replogle is the same way. He's been beat up, and those two guys played well. The whole group made plays down the stretch, offensively and defensively. It was all about the kids and the effort they put into the game and getting the Bucket back to Bloomington. "

On overtime win:
"It was huge, especially after Purdue had the good first down play. We were sitting in the locker room during halftime, telling the team that we're going to get a turnover. It took us until overtime to get it, but it was a great play by Jeff [Thomas]. I give Purdue a lot of credit. Danny [Hope] and his staff have been battling a lot of injuries. They battled and battled, and it was a great college football game."

On coming back from previous turnovers:
"The biggest thing was that, even though we were behind, we just kept battling. We made plays when we needed to. I thought the defense really played well in the second half. We gave up the big pass that was right after a turnover. [Purdue] came out and struck on the first play, and after that, our defense really played well and forced field goals. They had their backs against the wall after Purdue's punting. We hung in the game and got the win in overtime."

Purdue vs. Indiana Postgame Quotes
Indiana Players

Mitch Ewald, redshirt-freshman kicker

On his thoughts following the game:
"This game was very important for our seniors. It is always great to beat Purdue and take the Bucket home with us."

On his thoughts following the game-winning kick:
"I'm not really sure, it was kind of all a blur. I was so focused on making sure the kick was good. It feels really good to be able to help my team out."

On the team's first Big Ten win of the season:
"This was our bowl game. It was just so important to win this game and I'm so happy I could help send the seniors out with a win."

Mitchell Evans, senior safety

On the team's response in the second half:
"We just kept fighting. I was really excited with how the team played and never gave up."

On what changed for the defense when down by 14 points:
"We knew we had to stop giving up the big plays. We had to get off the field on third down and get the offense the ball back."

On how important this win is for the seniors:
"It means so much to all of us. It has been such a long season for this team and to be able to end the season on a positive note and get the Bucket is huge."




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