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Nov. 19, 2011

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Purdue vs. Iowa Postgame Quotes
Nov. 19, 2011
Purdue Head Coach Danny Hope

On the overturned call on Purdue's last possession:
"I thought there were two options. It was either going to be a touchdown or out of bounds. I guess the review official saw something different."

On the play of Purdue's defense today:

"Iowa is always tough. They've got a good run and pass game. Many times, we were able to stop them. I don't think it was our best effort but that's a good Iowa team - they're going to make some hay. With Purdue being a good defensive team, we're going to stop them some. I thought the defense gave us a chance to compete today."

On the overall feel of the game:

"I thought we hung in there the whole game. I thought we had a touchdown and a chance to win the game. It was a touch and go game throughout. That's what you're going to get when you've got two good football teams."

On the fact that Iowa only scored off of one of Purdue's four turnovers:

"Iowa did a good job of manufacturing the run and pass game. I thought our defense did a good job with their backs against the wall. I'm proud we made some plays when we had to."

On the outlook going into the IU game:

"We can still have a successful season. We can still get the Bucket back in the trophy case where it belongs and qualify for postseason play and that's what we're here for."

Purdue vs. Iowa Postgame Quotes
Nov. 19, 2011
Purdue Players

Antavian Edison, junior wide receiver On today's game:

"There were some good things that happened today along with some mishaps. We just couldn't find a way to win. Our coaches came up with a great game plan that allowed us to position ourselves to make plays. We just had poor execution on a few drives today."

Kawann Short, junior defensive tackle

On the play of the defense:
"We knew they would be good with (Marcus Coker) and (Marvin McNutt). Our defensive line did well overall. We kept fighting, trying to keep our team in the game. We just came up short."

Ricardo Allen, sophomore cornerback

On the end of the game:

"The last call was frustrating, but if we played a little better it wouldn't have come down to that."

On the play of the defense:

"Iowa's offense started a little faster than we did as a defense and I think it affected the outcome."

Purdue vs. Iowa Postgame Quotes
Nov. 19, 2011
Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz

On the game:

" We were obviously thrilled to get the victory. It was a hard fought game. We certainly expected that from Purdue. They played a great game last week. We had a good week of practice and really competed today."

On the Iowa defense:

"I thought our defense played well overall. Obviously, we have veteran guys we're counting on. We had a good week of practice. We had good energy and I think everybody fed off of that."

On winning on the road:

"It takes a lot to win on the road in this conference. Today was no exception. It was good for our players."

On the balance of the Iowa offense today:

"That's always the intention. Purdue threw a lot at us. They have a multiple defense. They changed a lot up on us. On one hand it surprised us and on the other hand it didn't. I thought we handled it very well."

Purdue vs. Iowa Postgame Quotes
Nov. 19, 2011
Iowa Players

Tanner Miller, sophomore defensive back

On the play by the opponents and team:

"It was an overall good play by everybody."

On the opponent's offense:

"Marvin was definitely getting the kind of pressure needed for the type of play on the field."

On the captains from the team:

"Leadership is demonstrated as not quitting with us."

On the upcoming week for the team:

"The short week with break means we need to be more mentally prepared for the final game."

Marvin McNutt, Jr., senior wide receiver

On the end of the game:

"With everything going on, you have games like that and you get through them."

On road games:

"Anytime you are on the road, there are always tough starts and you need to continue to execute throughout the game."

On opponent Ricardo Allen:

"Allen is the best out there and it is hard to execute against him."

On first road game win:

"A win on the road sets the tone needed in November with the future of the program and upcoming game."

On the result of the game:

"Early in the week, regardless on the road, you have to play a good football game."

James Vandenberg, junior quarterback

On the overall game:

"It wasn't the prettiest of games but we ultimately wanted to make plays. Good teams are good on the road. We had to execute on key plays."

On first road game win:

"It was great. We are making emphasis now with one more road game."

On opponent's offense:

"Marve has good a offensive hand and makes key plays."

On play during game:

"We set the tempo with pass rushing and fighting all day."




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