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Nov. 13, 2010

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Purdue Head Coach Danny Hope

On the play of senior defensive end Ryan Kerrigan:
"He's played at an All-American level all year. I didn't realize the stats he was putting together today. He played a great game. He is close to becoming the top defensive player in the country and the closer he gets to that goal, the harder he plays. He was playing wide open this week in practice - really getting after it. What a great example for the young guys on this team. Sometimes that's better than any recruiting or coaching that the [coaching staff] can do. Not only is he a great example on the field but off the field as well."

On playing three different quarterbacks in today's game:
"All three were prepared but we had a heck of a package planned with Rob Henry and Justin Siller. Sean Robinson has had a limited number of reps and practices this season. Justin Siller and Rob Henry are guys who have won games for us, and we thought those two would give us the best chance at winning. We wanted to play them a lot together early and it just didn't work out."

On the play of the Purdue defense:
"There were a lot of positives to take out of today, especially on defense. We have a lot of young guys and a great defensive unit. You're seeing us get better and better every week. We have a young, talented secondary, we're pretty darn good up front, and we've got a pretty good linebacker group. You put all that together and we've got a complete defensive unit."

On judging this season's success on whether or not Purdue makes a bowl game:
"No, postseason play is a reward, but a lot of great things are happening with this program right now. Those things are very important to this program, too."

Purdue Players

Sean Robinson, freshman quarterback

On the strategy of having two quarterbacks in the game at all times:
"We were just trying to get the ball in the hands of our playmakers. You could see the type of plays Rob can make when he gets the ball in his hands, so we wanted to keep all our options open."

On the play of the Purdue defense, specifically Ryan Kerrigan:
"He played awesome. The offense struggled to put points on the board and it was our defense that kept us in the game. Our hats go off to them. We just have to start firing on all cylinders and win all phases of the game."

Rob Henry, redshirt-freshman quarterback

On Michigan's defense:
"Give credit to them, they made adjustments and stopped what we were doing."

On the weather conditions:
"The weather was the same for both teams. We both had to deal with it. We can't use that as an excuse."

On his role switching from quarterback to running back to wide receiver during the game:
"I'm just trying to help the team in any way I can. It was nothing different really for me. I just want to help this team win."

Ryan Kerrigan, senior defensive end

On the overall play of the defense:
"We knew they had a great offense and that we would have to force some turnovers. We were able to do that a few times. It put us in good position for the offense. The slippery conditions definitely helped."

On breaking the Big Ten and Purdue records for forced fumbles:
"It's tough to think about right now. It's something I probably won't think about until after the season. It was a tough loss to stomach since we were so close all game, especially at the end."

Ricardo Allen, freshman cornerback

On his interception return for a touchdown:
"It was a big play and a great achievement. But it means nothing with the loss today."

On the move that he put on Denard Robinson at the end of the interception return:
"Most quarterbacks on that type of play try to go for your legs. I jumped and had some blockers in front of me and after that all I saw was the endzone."

On the overall performance of the defense:
"I'm proud of the way we played. We practiced hard all week because Michigan's offense is one of the best in the country. And we were able to have some success."

On the weather conditions:
"It felt regular. It didn't affect me in any way. I would play anywhere, football is football."

Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez

On overall performance:
"We had a bunch of errors offensively: poor plays, penalties, turnovers. If you look at the end result, it's a win on the road. We're proud. It's a team win, and the offense at least came together at the end when we had the touchdown."

On the impact of the weather and Purdue's Ryan Kerrigan:
"The whole [Purdue] defense was disruptive. The weather conditions made it difficult for both teams to hold onto the ball. It looked like our guys were grasping or drying their hands the whole time. We haven't had a game like this all year with wet grass and wet balls. We have a lot to learn from this. Purdue has some good players. Kerrigan's a great player, and we had a hard time with containing him."

On Michigan's opening fumble-returned touchdown:
"That was the first one all year. Of course we gave one back up, but that was a huge lift. I think it gave our players a lot of confidence. I think they played the whole game with a lot of confidence."

On Michigan's game plan:
"Denard wanted to run the ball. He was running really sharp, but he let a few ones slip. I don't know if the ball was really slick. As far as execution is concerned, we know we can play better. They still competed. Denard and the offensive line competed, but you have to give Purdue some credit."

Michigan Players

Jordan Kovacs, redshirt-sophomore safety

On the weather conditions:
"As a defense, we love to play in these kinds of conditions. I don't know if the offense loves it, but we sure do."

On the impact of the defensive touchdown:
"That was a big play for us. Anytime your defense can score a touchdown you have a very good chance of winning."

Roy Roundtree, redshirt-sophomore wide receiver

On the play of the offense:
"We didn't play our best today. We just need to stay focused and execute better on the offensive end. Hats off to our defense, they played great today."

On his touchdown catch:
"It was a read route and luckily I got open. Denard did a great job of finding me and he made a great throw."

On the weather conditions:
"I have never played in a game like this. I thought every time we went out on offense it was going to rain. Thankfully our defense stepped up today and we got the win."

Kenny Demens, redshirt-sophomore linebacker

On the weather conditions:
"Oh my God, I love it. We all love it. It's fun to get out there and get dirty, to play hard and come downhill. It's really fun."

On the impact of Michigan's early defensive touchdown:
"It changes the game. Not just for the defense but the offense also."

On the defense's ability to pick up the offensive struggles:
"It was a good feeling. In the locker room after the game, the offense was patting us on our backs. We've been in a slump and the offense has picked us up, so it's about time that we helped them."

James Rogers, senior cornerback

On the defense's strong play today:
"It feels good. Compared to last week, we came out with a lot of enthusiasm. We just needed to go out and play and have fun."

On the numerous turnovers in the game:
"Whenever sudden change happens, we need to be prepared to take the field. It worked out well for us today and we were able to get off the field."




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