Purdue vs. Ohio State - Quotes

Nov. 12, 2011

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Purdue Players

Kwann Short, junior defensive tackle
On his career day that saw him record three sacks: "I was just trying to be consistent in doing my role to the best of my ability. Whatever the team asks of me I'm going to do."

On trying to contain OSU quarterback Braxton Miller:
"It was tough. He's quick and shifty. A lot of times we didn't know if he was going to run it or throw it. We just did our best to keep him in the pocket."

On the blocked extra point late in regulation: "I was telling Bruce Gaston that they're just focusing on me, try and squeeze in there and make a play."

On the significance of the victory: "It's significant because we know any given Saturday we can come out and compete. We just have to keep practicing hard and be more consistent."

Gary Bush, sophomore wide receiver
On his big catch in overtime that setup the game-winning touchdown: "I ran an under route across the middle. I caught Marve's eye and went straight for the sideline. He made the throw and I just tried to get my feet down."

On the importance of the victory:
"It's comforting going into our last two games needing only one more win to be bowl eligible."

Robert Marve, senior quarterback
On the focus of the offense entering the game:
"I think our fast start today shows the heart of our team. It has been a long road for me and this team and today we are truly blessed."

On his mindset in overtime after throwing the interception at the end of regulation:
"It was frustrating because I thought I played a really good game. And then I threw one dumb pass and made one dumb decision. I feel really blessed that the coaches had faith in me to stick with me for the next series."

Ohio State Head Coach Luke Fickell

On today's game against Purdue:
"We didn't start the game off right. We didn't start out the game fast enough. We lost the field possession battle early in the game. It put us behind to start the game off. Since we started slow we knew the game was going to come down to turnovers or other things. The start backed us up and put us behind. This team isn't built to be a team that comes from behind. But we battled and kept our head up. I liked the way we fought back in the game."

On the key 4th and 1 play in overtime:
"We wanted to put points on the board, that's what it came down to. It was something we considered doing though (going for it). In our minds we wanted the points and that's what we did."

On changing up the defense and finding success:
"I think we settled down and that's what helped. We did start to do things different, we started playing sounder defense. We started to move guys in and out more. We also did a better job of containing the offense. Purdue did a good a job of winning the field possession battle. We had too many turnovers. It comes down to us finishing in the red zone. "

Ohio State Players

Tyler Moeller, senior defensive back
On what the feeling was like in the huddle after OSU's field goal in OT: "As a defense you want the game in your hands, you're excited for that, but we just didn't execute."

On the emotional rollercoaster late in the game:
"There's a rollercoaster of emotions but ultimately it's disappointing. We were excited and ready to go out there and win the game. But when you don't get what you want, you're disappointed, especially in a game like this. With the season nearing its end, it's a heartbreaker."

On Purdue's pass in OT that set up the game winning touchdown:
"We were in dime coverage. The goal was to get off the field, stop them and force a field goal. We didn't do that. He scrambled, made a good throw and the guy made a good catch."

Dan Herron, senior running back
On Purdue's defense:
"You know their defense played a great game. We just couldn't get a handle on them today. Now we just have to watch our form, learn from this game and get better from it."

On the loss and where to go from here:
"It's always tough to lose a game but we can't stop here, we have to keep playing. We have to go back to practice and get better and learn from this game."

Purdue Coach Danny Hope

On the play of Purdue quarterback Robert Marve in the fourth quarter and overtime:
"I'm really happy for Robert Marve. He made a great play there in overtime and then a great sneak to get in the endzone to win the game. It's a great story with a great ending today."

On play-calling strategy trailing three in overtime:
"[Offensive coordinator] Coach Nord had a great gameplan. We have our bread and butter plays that we put in the first day of camp. When you get in crunch time, you have to go back to your bread and butter. We had some special plays we could have used but we stuck with what he did best and it paid off."

On the play of Purdue defensive tackle Kawann Short:
"He's one heck of a football player and he's still getting better. He's still not close to what he can be. This time next year, we'll be talking about him as one of the best players in the nation at his position. He's only going to get better."

On the feeling on the sideline after the Ohio State touchdown in the fourth quarter:
"There was a lot of energy. If you look at college football these past couple weeks the scores have been unbelievable. It's a game of energy and emotion and we had both of those today. [Senior kicker] Carson [Wiggs] has a great leg and we knew we needed to get to the 40-yard line. I would have tried from longer with the wind at his back."

On Robert Marve's career:
"I'm really happy for him. Very few players have put in more and got less. Today was his day. I'm happy for our football team, happy for all of Boilermaker Nation and happy for Robert Marve."




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