Purdue vs. Penn State Game Quotes

Nov. 3, 2012

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Purdue Head Coach Danny Hope

On senior quarterback Robert Marve

"We had dialogue with him and he was uncomfortable at the time. He had taken some hits, he hasn't played enough games right now to be in great game shape. Going into the game we knew he may not be able to finish the game. He doesn't have the stamina to play 80, 80-plus games. We planned on playing Rob (Henry) and take some snaps to rest Robert (Marve). He is part of the equation and we took Robert (Marve) out after he had been hit enough in the game."

On the battle in the trenches

"We knew going into the game that they had three strong players that were going to cause problems for us. We will look at the film and see where the line of dominance was at and see how we did. Early in the ball game we knew the offensive line was going to have trouble with their line. We were able to get some guys back. Kawaan Short was able to return and play most of the game even though he didn't at all, all week. He showed courage coming out and playing with a twisted ankle. We were able to get more out of Ryan Russell than we had been of late."

On the team's confidence

"It's tough to tell their confidence level. I thought we took the field very fired up. We had sideline energy and game energy. We came in thinking we could win this game. We came out with a lot of energy and were fired up to play. We just weren't able to execute and play well and that's been typical of big ball games lately."

Purdue Player Quotes

Bruce Gaston, senior, defensive tackle

On the problems the Penn State offense gave Purdue

"We just didn't come out and play Boilermaker football. We didn't come out and play the way we should in the first half. We were still there in the first half, but we didn't play the way we know how to play. We thought we had a good game plan."

On the rest of the season

"We now have a one-game season and have to win against Iowa. We are disappointed at where we are, but we can still finish strong."

Josh Johnson, senior, cornerback

On Penn State's offensive balance

"They did a really good job using their play-action fakes and all their receivers do a great job off coming back to the ball."

On the rest of season

"We just have to take the rest of the season game by game. We have to come together as one and keep competing."

Rob Henry, junior, quarterback

On Penn State's defense

"They are a good team that's known for their defense, and their front seven does a great job forcing pressure. They are one of the best defenses that we have faced this year."

On the rest of the season

"We just have to dig deep and get it done, it's that simple. The only way we can get to a bowl is if we win out and we just have to go out and do it."

Penn State Head Coach Bill O'Brien Postgame Quotes

On the defense's performance after Jordan Hill's injury

"We will hear tomorrow and know how he is doing condition wise. The defense came into practice Monday OK and then Tuesday they had the best practice of the year. Wednesday through the rest of the week was the better part of the year. The players love to play for Penn State and for each other. And I love to coach them."

On the series of plays against Purdue's defense

"I give a lot of credit to Purdue for pressuring us. After a while the guys became faster and predicted more on the field. Our offense played well, but I still give credit to Purdue for playing well today, too."

On the team's performance after last week's loss versus Ohio State

"We see teams come off a big game and let it linger on them. You have to bury those loses and that's what we did. The kids came in today and didn't let others slack off during practice. They are a fun team to coach and they love to play."

On posting their sixth win of the year to assure at least a .500 season

"We go into every game wanting to win. The staff is full of winners and the roster is full of winners. Penn State wants to win and that's what we are going to try to do in every game and every year."

Penn State Player Postgame Quotes

Miles Dieffenbach, sophomore, center

On the offensive line wearing them down...

"We were all seeing the same format, and all of us on the O-line knew what to do and where to pick them up."

On rebounding from last week...

"Purdue is a good team, and OSU is too. It felt really good coming as one and turning it around to get a win."

On winning six games...

"It feels really good, and we knew we had a good team to start with. It feels good to get six wins in the Big Ten."

Matt McGloin, senior, quarterback

On both teams' offenses...

"Purdue has a bunch of great players on their team, but we have a bunch of good players too. I gave my guys the opportunity to make great plays."

On the change from the first to the second quarter...

"We knew Purdue would apply pressure. We just had great communication between all of us players and the coaches and we really came together."

On taking hits in the second half...

"As a quarterback, you have to be ready to take shots. You have to know they're coming and just keep moving forward."




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