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Oct. 28, 2006

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Joe Tiller, Head Coach

...on Curtis Painter's performance and the performance of the Penn State linebackers.
"(Curtis) Painter moved their linebacker a little bit. As his eyes moved, the linebacker followed; that is what a good linebacker does, and (Dan) Connor is a good linebacker. This was another illustration of Curtis misfiring the ball. Today we had an accuracy problem, and that's something we need to fix. Until we straighten it out, we'll continue to have a problem.

...on continual blitzing in today's game.
"It was the first time this season that we've had multiple busts on linebackers, with guys coming through the offensive line; hopefully this is just a one-game issue."

...on the missed field-goal opportunity.
"The offense is not a machine; we didn't just march down the field play after play. I thought we had the opportunity to pick up points from 37 yards; if it had been 47 yards, we wouldn't have tried the field goal. But we thought we had the ability to get points on the board.

...on Penn State tailback Tony Hunt.
"He did a good job today and it was a demonstration of what a physical back can bring to the field. I made the comment today that when it is third down and four, he'd get four yards and six inches; if it's fourth down and six yards, he'll get six yards and six inches. Hunt made a good individual effort today and broke a lot of tackles; our defense is young and therefore, not as physical, so when a guy like Hunt can break the line of scrimmage, he'll probably carry a few guys with him."

...on the remainder of Purdue's season.
"We still have four football games to play and a lot of great opportunities to make good plays. Sometimes you look at teams and make assumptions, but we're not a team in a position to make assumptions. We should just focus on getting the first down and trying to get good field position. But we definitely still have a lot of work ahead of us, no question."

Curtis Painter, Quarterback
...on the effect of Penn State's tight man-on-man coverage on Purdue's offense. "They played a lot tighter coverage than what we saw on film. It wasn't anything we should have not been able to handle, but when a team does play tight coverage, our passing windows close up a lot more quickly."

...on the effect of the wind on his passing game.
"It was windy, but it didn't bother me. I did see a couple of balls that their quarterback threw that hung up in the wind, but I can't say that it had an effect on my passes."

...on Purdue's choice to not throw the ball downfield more often.
"We knew coming in that they would give us a lot of underneath routes, and they did. The safeties were deep, so it was really tough to go downfield. We could've had success to throw underneath if we would've executed the plays."

Cliff Avril, Defensive End

...on the key to his defensive pressure today.
"I just need to beat the guy in front of me. I played hard and got off the ball quickly."

...on adjustments for the defense in next week's game at Michigan State.
"I don't know what the coaches will do, but I do know that the defensive line needs to keep getting off the ball fast and make plays."

Anthony Spencer, Defensive End

...on his health and why he went to the locker room during the game.
"I was just cramping up, but I'm fine now."

...on the team chemistry after losing back-to-back home games.
"We still have good chemistry, we just need to win some games. Losing games is not good for us; everyone is upset after a loss. It's all about practice; we need to come out, rededicate ourselves and be ready for Michigan State."

...on missed opportunities in today's game for the Purdue defense..
"We did have a lot of missed opportunities with a couple of dropped interceptions, so we just have to practice harder and make plays in order to win.




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