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Oct. 16, 2010

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Purdue Head Coach Danny Hope

On Minnesota's fumbled interception return:
"That was some good fortune. Which if you've followed Purdue football, we're still way behind in good fortune. It all has to do with hustle. Football is a game of inches and that was a play of inches."

On the play of his team in front of the homecoming crowd:
"Well, we won, which is what they came here to see. Putting on those jerseys was like déjà vu. I told our players all week long that homecoming is about pride. Even though it was the 2001 jerseys [the game] was about the 2010 team. The players inside the jerseys had to win the game. This football team won this game today."

On where his team stands halfway through the season:
"We thought we'd be 6-0 and ranked high. That was our goal but I'm very excited about where we stand currently. There are only two or three undefeated teams in the Big Ten and the Purdue Boilermakers are one of them. Last year at this point we were 1-5. That's a 400 percent improvement, correct me if I'm wrong - you guys usually do. It doesn't change the way we practice and prepare. You have to take the field planning to win every game."

On the preparation for next weekend's game vs. Ohio State:
"It's a great opportunity. You only get so many opportunities like this in life. There are a lot of elements we will have to overcome but it really is a great opportunity. It's really exciting and I know our guys will be excited to take the challenge."

Purdue Players

Rob Henry, Redshirt-Freshman Quarterback

On the play of the offense:
"Minnesota is a talented team. I felt we had a solid game plan going into the game. We did a great job executing the game plan. The offensive line was great, Danny Dierking was great, and it was just a total team effort."

On the play of the defense:
"They were great. It takes a lot of pressure off the offense when our defense plays like that. It gives us plenty of time to get in the rhythm and get the offense going.

On the 2001 Rose Bowl uniforms:
"They are awesome. I would love to wear them for every game next year. I love them."

Dan Dierking, Senior Running Back

On his overall game:
"It was really great. The O-line especially was great. They're improving each week and opened up some great holes for me. I'm excited to see what they can do moving forward."

On 200 yards rushing for the team for a fifth straight game (first time since 1973):
"I have to credit coach Nord and the Purdue offensive coaches. They've come up with some great game plans. We have a lot of great personnel and talent on this team. They've done a great job utilizing all that."

On the momentum built with the last two wins:
"I've always believed that it's so huge in football. We've been building it the last two games. We had a set back against Toledo but I think that made us a better team because we don't want to experience that feeling again."

Kawann Short, Sophomore Defensive Tackle

On Purdue's defensive effort:
"We really just played Purdue defense today. We came together and executed as a line and as a team. We really have been working on coming together and we did a nice job of that today."

On Purdue's ability to stop the run:
"Last year we gave up a lot of yards on the ground. We knew we couldn't let that happen today. We knew we had to stop the run and we weren't going to let them come to our field and run all over the place."

On the defense's quarterback pressure and not letting Adam Webber get comfortable:
"To be honest, we really didn't do a very good job of it in the first quarter. We came off the field and talked about it and changed some things. We did a nice job of picking it up, especially in the second half. We came together as a unit and brought it every play."

Minnesota Head Coach Tim Brewster

On Minnesota's overall performance:
"We don't have excuses. This is a very disappointing loss. We were our own worst enemy today. We did not run the ball. We let [Purdue] throw the ball too much. The biggest thing I take from today is we are our own worst enemy."

On Gary Tinsley fumble into the endzone:
"He was trying to reach the ball out over the endzone. He felt the defender of Purdue closing in on him. He tried to cross the plane, reached the ball out, and it slipped out of his hand. It's just an amazing reversal of fortune. Down 14-0, we were given an opportunity to go 14-7, and it didn't happen."

On Minneosta's slow start:
"We didn't run the ball. We have to run it and be efficient running the ball, and we weren't. We didn't block nearly as well as I expected [the offensive line] to, and that was the biggest problem. I thought we protected the quarterback decently, but rushing 25 times for 65 yards is not good enough."

On Purdue's effective running:
"We had [ball carriers] tackled in the back field, and they end up with a 20- to 30-yard run. We had a number of those situations where we didn't make the play. We had opportunities to make a play for minimal gain, and it ended up being bigger plays with bigger runs."

On things to prepare for Minnesota's next game:
"We need to fix the self-inflicted wounds, and not being our own worst enemy. That's what we have to do. Life deals you tough hands at times. You have to be tough and stand up in the face of adversity and keep marching and working. That's exactly what we're going to do as a football team, and hopefully our fans will recognize that."

Minnesota Players

Senior Fullback Jon Hoese

On the team finishing with 65 yards rushing:
"We got behind early and had to throw the ball. Obviously, we would have liked to establish the run early but we had to pass to try and get back in the game."

On what Coach Brewster said after the game:
"He just said that we had our opportunities and we need to capitalize and make those plays. Once we do that we will be ok."

On the slow start by the offense:
"I'm not really sure where we went wrong. Once we see the film of the game we will figure it out and get it corrected."

Junior Wide Receiver Da'Jon McKnight

On his thoughts after the game:
"It hurts being 1-6, but we just have to keep fighting and we can't give up now. Our goal for the rest of the season is to win out."

On the struggles of the offense:
"Once again we just started off slow. The encouraging sign is that we finished better. We just need to continue to practice hard and straighten this thing out."

On all of the team's miscues:
"When you are trailing you can't make those kinds of mistakes like we did today. We will correct them, learn from them, and be a better team because of them."

Junior Linebacker Gary Tinsley

On his interception and subsequent fumble:
"I broke on the ball and was trying to make a play and reach for the pylon and the ball got knocked out. It feels like a lot of bad stuff is happening and it's unfortunate for that play not to come through. We can't stop though, we have to keep on pushing."

On whether Coach Brewster's status affected the team:
"We really try not to listen to that type of stuff; we just go out and play hard. That wasn't really something on our minds."

On Purdue's offense and containing quarterback Rob Henry:
"They did a good job of reading us on defense. We were big on trying to make sure we contained the dual-threat."




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