Postgame Quotes - Michigan at Purdue

Oct. 6, 2012

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Michigan at Purdue
Oct. 6, 2012 - Ross-Ade Stadium

Postgame Quotes

Purdue head coach Danny Hope

On what point the game was decided
"I don't think there was one specific time that decided the game. We weren't able to execute our game plan and (Michigan) was able. Robert Marve gave us a shot in the arm and gave us a chance at that point. It was consistent throughout the game that they played better and executed better than we did."

On Purdue's lack of execution on third down in today's game
"It's hard to judge it without looking at the film. What sticks out in my find is that we had some drops. Down and distance was a huge factor. It's easier to convert on third and shorts. We had some drops that hurt us some."

On redshirt Senior Robert Marve's performance
"We didn't know when the opportunity for Robert to play would be. We felt like coming into the ball game that he was number two. Caleb (TerBush) played well last week. This was Caleb's ballgame to play. Let Caleb get into the flow of the game. Had Caleb got injured or not played as well we would bring in Robert and that's what we did today. Robert showed great courage, great courage; played with a lot of grit. Before he injured his ACL he was the best in his position. He was getting the ball out quick but then the injury happened. We still went out there and did some things great. He played with a lot of courage."

Purdue Player Postgame Quotes

Caleb TerBush, senior, quarterback

On how the Purdue offense played today
"There were a lot of things we could've executed better. I thought that was what really hurt us today, our execution. I thought we would've been able to do a lot of things better. This was obviously a game we wanted to win, opening up the Big Ten season, especially against Michigan. We've just got to use this game going forward next week in to Wisconsin."

On how they use today's game to help them during the rest of the season
"It's kind of embarrassing losing like that in Ross-Ade, with a lot of people visiting and just getting blown out. It's a pride thing and we can't let it happen again. We need to work on our execution, that's the biggest thing. Hopefully, we'll put more points on the board and take it from there."

Kawann Short, senior, defensive tackle

On how the Purdue defense played today
"I don't think we played up to what we expected. We were expecting to get off to a better start and obviously it had an effect on the game."

On how they expected to play against the Michigan offense
"We didn't really expect (Robinson) to turn it over. We just expected to stop what they had coming our way and execute what the coaches called, but we just weren't able to do that today."

Robert Maci, senior, defensive end

On how the Purdue defense played today
"We were able to make some plays, but in other areas we were really lacking. Denard (Robinson) was able to hit some seams. We just weren't totally all there today."

On how they expected to create more turnovers in the game
"Yeah, we thought were really going to be able to get them to turn it over. We kept fighting, thinking they were going to screw up or we were going to make a big play, but it just never happened. We kept thinking it might happen all the way to the end, but it just didn't."

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke

General Statement
"We came back out to play football and did that in the first quarter. The offensive line did a nice job out there. Offense controlled the ball for 12 minutes and set the tempo for the start of the game. We had some bad penalties, three to be exact. One we were fortunate enough to get away from that was a personal foul."

Purdue's success on running game
"Digging out guys out in the back end was our goal. There were a lot of factors that helped but the main thing was the guys were playing together."

Confidence on the ball
"There was confidence on both sides of the ball, the offense and the defense."

Michigan's defense
"We aren't used to the four man rush, and the quarterback got out-contained. They knew we should have played better and we didn't so that's disturbing."

Forcing more turnovers
"It's a big part of how you win. For the most part, we did a really good job."

Pleased with more than the scoreboard
"Gibbons did a good job as well as the field goal team. Short for Purdue is good at blocking field goals. The ball possession overall was great. If defense tackled more and well, I would be more pleased with that."

Michigan Players

Kenny Demens, Senior, MLB

On preparation for the game
"We did a good job preparing, and we played well for the most part."

Statement on efforts
"We didn't want to sit back and wait for plays to come to us. We wanted to make the efforts and impacts on our side of the ball."

Playing on the road for first conference match up
"It's important to do well on the road and win a Big Ten Championship. That's our goal this year."

Defensive game improvement
"We have a lot of improvement in practice to make and we will. There's a lot to improve on and tomorrow we will go into film and that's the first step to take."

Defense's start to the season and progress since
"It's the small details that we look at and work on. The men are progressing and they succeed in fixing the small details."

Raymon Taylor, Sophomore, DB

On the feeling of the defense
"We had a great feeling. There were a lot of mistakes but we can fix them for next week."

On personal touchdown during the game
"It's a great feeling. I had never done that before and it's great. He missed a curl pass and I felt it in my hands, took it and ran with it. I didn't see anyone in front of me."

Jordan Kovacs, Senior, S

Success with Big Ten for Purdue
"We played well and they did well too. The defense is tough and they did a good job."

Emphasis on Big Ten game today
"The Big Ten is up for grabs. We are taking it one game at a time and looking at Illini next week."




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