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Sept. 23, 2006

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Joe Tiller, Head Coach

"It was a good football game, and both teams played hard. Our guys are tired, and I'm sure their guys are tired, too. If you leave it on the field, as a coach, you can't ask for more, and both teams did that."

... on Curtis Painter fumble and recovery.

"I didn't think much about it, I just saw it lying on the ground. It would be nice if our guy recovered it, and it's obviously something we need to spend more time on, but we did convert it; that's what matters."

...on the final fourth-down play of the game.

"I tried to ask the official to bring the chains out and measure it since they re-spotted it, and he told me `No, it's clearly not a first down.' So I tried to get off to the side and I saw that it was nearly a full yard. We had a sneak called again, so I asked the other coaches if they wanted to do the sneak again and there was dead silence, and that's the first time that's happened since I've been a head coach; that's when it got interesting. I called a toss-sweep, and I wanted (Kory) to stay inbounds; we took the ball to the perimeter because we knew their linebackers would jump over the top."

...on offense scoring a field goal instead of a touchdown off turnover the third quarter.

"No. Anytime you get a turnover, your goal in a sudden-change situation, first and foremost is to score, not necessarily a touchdown, but to just score. I felt as long as we came away with something on the scoreboard, it's going to serve us well later on."

...on where the team stands after four games.

"We improved today. We're better than we were last week, and we also played a better opponent. I'm really pleased with what I saw with our younger players, and I look forward to them being better next week than they were this week."



Curtis Painter, Quarterback

...on the second quarter blocked field goal's impact.

"That was the one single play that gave us our momentum. We were kind of stagnant in the first half, and that got everyone up and going."

...on the importance of the team's ability to carry out long drives.

"It is very important. (In today's game) we were backed up and we needed to score. Completing the long drives gives us momentum and gets the whole team, including the defense, excited."

...on his confidence level after the first four games of the season and today's Big Ten opener.

"With each game, I become more comfortable. We're utilizing more of the playbook, as well. As the offense grows and we use more plays, it helps me settle down that much more."

Dustin Keller, Tight End

...on his confidence level after his back-to-back big games.

"I gained a lot of confidence after the first game, and now to do it again against a Big Ten opponent just helps my confidence grow that much more."

...on importance of tight end's impacting the offense.

"Every one of our receivers are capable of making big plays. If the defense has to key on the tight end as well, it will make it that much harder for them."

George Hall, Linebacker

...on the big plays of the defense.

"The coaches stress that we have to make big plays to turn the game. We had a couple of big plays today: we had the field goal block and I picked the ball off. We came down to the wire, and we seemed to come through at the end. We always make big plays each week, and we have to keep that up."

...on the defense's season-best of holding opponent to 21 points.

"When you get into Big Ten play, it always steps your game up. You know you're playing Big Ten teams and it counts on the record. Every week we play a Big Ten team, everybody has to play hard and remember that we have to play together."

...on his individual performance since returning from his injury.

"Over this time, I've had a lot of adversity. Coming back from injury, a lot of people doubted that I could still play. I think I came out today with a lot of energy. All in all, I think I had a good showing today, and we'll try to get better each week."

...on playing on a very young defense.

"It's always good to be the older guy looking at the younger players, and seeing them progress and get better. They step up when they have to, and they will get better each year, game in and game out. They have been battle-tested, and next week, I think we'll keep on plugging through, and we'll be fine."

Alex Magee, Defensive Tackle

...on the blocked field goal.

"They called the block left. I just did what they taught me to do; come off the ball hard and stay low then rise up and get your hands up. It hit me in my head and hands; I just need to keep doing what the coaches say."

...on the last drive of the first half.

"We talked about coming together as one, playing as a unit and respecting our teammates. I know the other players on the line are going to do their part. We all had the same goal: to win the football game. The guy next to me is going to give 100 percent, so why shouldn't I? We all busted our tail on that drive relying on each other, and positive things happened."

...on the progress the team has made since week 1.

"Every week we strive to get better; from the first week until now, we've come a long way, both offensively and defensively. We need to continue to do that so that we remain successful."

Jaycen Taylor, Running Back

...on his two touchdowns.

"The first touchdown was the same play we had last week and didn't score. Everyone talked about me not scoring on that play, but this time it happened. The second touchdown was a pass, and I wasn't shocked that the ball came to me, but was a bit surprised when I caught it."

...on the offense's chemistry.

"We work really well as a team; we're coming together. We have trust in each other, and believe in one another a lot more. We just go out and do what we can as a team."

...on his transition from his junior college (Los Angeles Harbor College) to the Big Ten.

"It's a lot different; guys are a lot bigger and a lot faster. Everything is a step up, and you just play your hardest. In this first Big Ten game, I expected what I got."

Opponent Postgame Quotes

Glen Mason, Minnesota Head Coach

...on time management late in the first half.

"We had to burn our timeouts in the first half and didn't have them at the end of the half when we needed them. Turning the ball over right before the half and coming away with nothing really hurt us."

...on the decision to try for a 51-yard field goal that was blocked.

"I thought he (Giannini) kicked the ball well. He felt good about it but just hit it a little bit low."

...on the eight penalties that cost Minnesota 74 yards.

"When I look at the game, I think it was a result on our part of unforced penalties which really hurt us. We had a couple illegal motion and illegal formation calls and of course we're going to get called for some other stuff. We had a number of opportunities that came up short. We thought if we could get the ball back one more time we'd be okay but they broke the long run."

...on the pass interference call in front of the Minnesota sideline.

"Pass interference is one of those things that coaches complain about every year because there is little or no consistency. Typically if the guy is looking back for the ball he's going to blow the coverage. I thought the ball was over the receiver's head but the official thought otherwise."

...on Purdue's offense.

"Purdue has a sophisticated passing offense. You know what you're going to get with that. I'm sure a lot of those passes weren't designed for the tight end but maybe were designed for Bryant. Dorien Bryant is an exciting football player. I said coming in that he's undersized but he's one of those guys that every down he can take the ball the distance. For the most part we did a good job containing him."

...on Minnesota's unforced errors.

"Mistakes are going to happen in a game. In the Big Ten it's hard enough to beat anybody but especially when you're hurting yourself with errors, some of which are unforced."

Bryan Cupito, Quarterback

...on the goal-line offense before the end of the half.

"We could've run it but we tried to throw up a jump ball in the end zone to catch their secondary off-guard. Either way, it was a missed opportunity on our part."

...on the positives for Minnesota in this game.

"I think we're evenly matched teams but they made more plays than us. I felt coming into the game that I would have to outplay their quarterback, but he made more plays."

Amir Pinnix, Running Back

...on today's game.

"From a running back's standpoint it's great to do what we did, but this is a team sport and it doesn't matter because we lost."

...on missed opportunities.

"We had a couple breakdowns but we'll be alright. If we executed a couple more plays, I feel there would have been a different outcome."

...on the running game.

"Our offensive line is great and as long as we execute we'll win some games."


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