Purdue Postgame Quotes

Sept. 16, 2006

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Joe Tiller, Head Coach

"I didn't like the way we started because of all of the penalties. I felt we did a few things to shoot ourselves in the foot, but we came back and made some plays. I liked the drive right before halftime, and I thought it was really impressive. The players did a good job of executing. In the fourth quarter, I didn't like the way we gave up the easy scores, particularly the second to last Ball State score. I thought we let up on the throttle a bit at the end of the game, but you learn when you're a young team, and we took another step today and be even better next week."

...on Curtis Painter's performance.

"I think Curtis is still learning. We did some things we thought would help him, in terms of taking some plays out the offense. Curtis didn't think it was necessary, but we thought that it would be to his advantage to do so. I thought there were really two mistakes he made in today's game; one was the pitch on third down and 18 inches to go. He'll learn that you need to keep the ball in that situation. The other thing is that he also stared at the receiver in another situation. In his defense, (Andre) Chattams stopped early where he wasn't supposed to be."

...on Selwyn Lymon and Dustin Keller's performances.

"They're playmakers and big targets, especially Lymon. It's good they had big games today, because Dorien Bryant didn't have a big game. Other guys stepped up and demonstrated their play-making, and Greg Orton did well on the outside."

...on the secondary.

"Terrell is a guy that brings experience to the field. He understands his position, and his experience showed up today. Overall, the secondary played better this week, and he certainly aided it."



...on getting into Big Ten conference play next week.

"I like to create a greater sense of urgency; every game is important. I always treat it as a one-game season, and it's like a season-long playoff; every conference game is significant."

Curtis Painter, Quarterback

...on his performance in today's game.

"I had a little more patience today, and I tried to take what the defense gave us. I was able to spread the ball out a little more today, but I was not happy with my turnovers."

...on multiple receivers with multiple catches.

"It was really just taking what the defense gave us. Everyone was making plays, and they could not focus on just one guy. I think the biggest factor was that I had a lot more patience today."

...on Dustin Keller's performance in today's game.

"All you have to do is look at his big play along the sidelines; it was a six-yard pass, and he broke around six tackles for a 60- or 70-yard gain. To have someone with his athletic ability is a tremendous help to our offense."

Dustin Keller, Tight End

...on his touchdown catch.

"(The touchdown) was big, my first of the season. It felt good to get into the swing of things, and it felt amazing to get into the endzone and put points on the board for the team."

...on evaluating the offense's performance in today's game.

"The offense did well; we drove the ball deep down the field multiple times. Of course, there are a lot of things we can get better at, but all in all, we did alright."

Terrell Vinson, Cornerback

...on his interception in Ball State's endzone.

"We checked into a different call, I saw the wide receiver curl up, and I just stepped in front of the ball. The quarterback was looking at him the whole time, so it was a pretty easy read."

...on evaluating the defense's performance in today's game.

"I think we played great, although we had a few calls that didn't go our way. They only had a little over 200 yards of offense late in the fourth quarter. We think we played great although we gave up a few plays; we played great for about 50-55 minutes."

Kory Sheets, Running Back

...on today's game.

"I felt pretty good with how I caught the ball today. I'm kind of disappointed with how I ran the ball, but other than that, it was a good game."

...on his receiving performance.

"Coming into the game, the coaches said that we were going to take what (Ball State) gave us. Fortunately today, they jumped down, and that got me the ball."

...on the team's plan for the rest of the season.

"We just have to keep improving week to week and come out and make big plays; we have to keep our intensity up."

Selwyn Lymon, Wide Receiver

...on today's game.

"I think the team did really good. We came around and look better than last week; our offense clicked, and I'm really satisfied with our game play."

...on his contribution to today's game.

"We worked a lot in practice to get our timing down, but nothing really changed from last week to this week. Painter is getting better as a quarterback and seeing the field more, and I'm getting better as a receiver and I'm starting to get open more."

...on his role outside of catching passes.

"Downfield blocking is key for our offense. Last week and the week before, I had a couple of good blocks, that sprung big plays for us, in particular for Kory Sheets and Dorien Bryant."

Ball State Postgame Quotes

Brady Hoke, Ball State Head Coach

...on this being a moral victory...

"I think our effort was great, but the whole goal is to win and we didn't. There is no such thing as a moral victory."

...on the pieces being in place for success...

"We're definitely moving forward, there's no question about that. We have to do a lot better job in being more confident in our play. We're a work in progress and have a long way to go."

...on inconsistent play.

"I was disappointed in the third quarter. I didn't like the demeanor on the sidelines. There just wasn't any energy. We need to go back to the drawing board and work on the basic techniques as far as tackling goes. We didn't tackle, limit yards after catches or get to their quarterback.

Final thoughts...

"The game wasn't over until the end; it was a 10 point game."

Joey Lynch, Quarterback

...on playing Purdue.

"When you come into a tough environment like this on the road, you can't afford to make mistakes like turnovers and penalties. You have to play detail-oriented football if you want a chance to win."

...on the remainder of the season.

"We play North Dakota State next week at home so we have to go back to work and focus on the little things, all the details that coach talked about. If we do all the little things right we have the chance to be successful. Today we just didn't do them right."

...on Coach Brady Hoke.

"I'm really excited. Coach Hoke is one heck-of-a coach. He's got things going in the right direction. Hopefully we can keep it going because he deserves it."

Larry Bostic, Running Back

...on the team's trouble running the ball.

"It wasn't really a struggle. We go with what works. Obviously we ran the ball and got a couple yards here and there but the passing game was working. Screen plays were getting us out of the backfield. We go with what works."

...on the offensive line.

"They are doing a great job. Every game is different; one game the running game is on track and the next the passing game is working. If we see a weakness we're going to go after it."

...on Ball State's turnovers.

"Obviously Purdue is a very good team and we can't make turnovers in crucial times. The interception down in the red zone was a real key and when I fumbled the ball in their territory it was huge. When we have good field position it is our job to put it in the end zone. We didn't capitalize on our opportunities and they did."

...on coming out flat today.

"I think we lacked focus a little bit. We showed signs of good things at times. I think we have to go back to the fundamentals. The details weren't there all the time and our focus needs to better."


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